Infected Shelter: Boss Guide

Infected Shelter: Boss Guide

Last updated on May 17th, 2019

Dark Blue Games’ Infected Shelter is a randomly generated rogue-lite set in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game is an action-RPG shooter and dungeon brawler. In this boss guide we will explore the 3 available bosses and provide several tips on how to defeat them.

Infected Shelter: Boss Guide

The 3 bosses of the game as of Early Access are: Attack Copter, Walker Droid, and Mutant Bison. Each boss possesses 3 HP bars and after a bar is depleted, they are invulnerable for a short period of time. Some of them will even call in reinforcements of several lesser mobs. Read on to learn each of these fights and how to tackle them!

General tips to avoid getting easily hit is to walk vertically more than horizontal as the enemies start attacking when they are on the same line as you. If players have the “Shield” skill it will help them lessen the damage taken.

Attack Copter

Attack Copter is the easiest boss of the 3, as it’s attack are fairly straightforward. Stick to the latter half of the copter as both its Gatling guns and missiles are near the front.

Attack Copter will display a number of attacks, these include:

  • Gun Fire
  • Missile Fire
  • Gatling Fire while flying (invulnerable) after a Health Bar is depleted
  • Summons lesser mobs after a Health Bar is depleted

Walker Droid

Walker Droid is a wildcard boss as he can be annoying to deal with or super easy based on its RNG of attacks. It will use its Drone Fire regularly and this can be avoided by rolling away from it.

Avoid being in it’s line of sight when it uses its laser as you will suffer damage greatly. If you are far from him, simply roll downwards and if you’re close to him roll towards the back of him. When the Droid starts moo-ing like a cow, he will start dropping land mines that will explode once the player walks over them. This method of attack can be quickly negated by rolling over the land mines which will set them off and the player will remain safe. This attack by the Walker Droid is more of a zoning technique.

Another zoning technique is the Walker Droid may call down several Time Bombs strapped to wooden poles. Players can easily destroy the poles that houses these time bombs making them null and void. The most damaging attack that the Walker Droid possesses is the thunderclouds of doom. It will summon several thunderclouds and will strike the player. The problem of this is if you get hit with the first lightning strike, you’ll also get hit with the second. You can roll through the attack if you are quick to notice the purple rings on the ground. The lightning strike will also deal damage over time so be careful if you do get hit.

Walker Droid will display a number of attacks, these include:

  • Missile Fire
  • Drone Fire
  • Laser Beam
  • Land Mines Deployment
  • Time Bombs strapped to wooden poles
  • 360 Degrees Fire-like projectiles that deal damage over time. (invulnerable)
  • Summons thunderclouds to have lightning strike (deals damage over time)

Mutant Bison

Mutant Bison falls somewhere in the middle of difficulty as most of his attacks are pretty straightforward. Mutant Bison has a short charge attack that can be guarded or roll through. He often uses to rolling attack and rolls throughout the enclosed area. This can be avoided by getting near a wall and rolling through the attack, if he decides to roll your way.

The Gas attack of Mutant Bison is a linear attack that takes a few seconds to activate and will cause your character to cough and drop their weapon. The leg stomp attack tends to come out quick and sends tons of spikes rising from the ground. Players can roll through it if they are early and close to the boss, or they may jump over the spikes instead.

The body stomp has a big tell as he rises up on his hind legs and proceeds to come crashing down; this attack will knock the player on the ground if they are hit by it. The spike missiles emerge from the boss’ back and can be easily avoided by rolling as the red rings show where they will land.

Mutant Bison will display a number of attacks, these include:

  • Gas Attack
  • Rolling Attack
  • Leg Stomp that creates spikes over the ground away from the boss.
  • Body Stomp that causes damage and knockdown
  • Short Charge into a headbutt
  • Spike Missiles
  • Summons lesser mobs after a Health Bar is depleted while being invulnerable

To see this guide in action you can watch it here:

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