Indie Classic To the Moon will become an Animation Feature Film

Indie Classic To the Moon will become an Animation Feature Film

The hit indie classic To the Moon was a hit when it was first released in 2011, it even received a sequel, mobile version and now will be made into a feature film.

Indie Classic To the Moon will become an Animation Feature Film

Kan Gao the developer of To the Moon has confirmed the indie RPG title will be made in a movie and has a “pretty substantial” budget to go with it. It’s been a long journey for the original RPG Maker game to reach a feature film status. It’s apparent that To the Moon has become a cult classic that has had a lasting impression in order to be made into a movie.

While the exact cast or production team has not been shared, there are some details that have been detailed about the film:

  • It will be a collaboration project between Japan who will be the main production team on the project and China who will be the main ones funding it.
  • The partnership with Beijing’s Ultron Event Horizon has made this project possible. CEO Danyang Zhao was the one who brought the animated film Your Name to China.
  • A high tiered Japanese animation production company is a part of the project but specifics of which company is yet to be announced.
  • A large budget has been outlined, it has been compared to the budget of Your Name and is considerably higher for To the Moon.
  • Kan Gao will be a part of the creative process in script editing and advising the project.
  • Freebird Games will be continue to produce narrative-driven games with Kan fully committed. The next project for Freebird Games has already commenced and is suppose to be “quite bonkers”.

To the Moon was released back in 2011 on PC which was followed by a release on Mac and Linux port in January 2014. The mobile port of the game followed in January 2017. No specifics in terms of release date has been shared about the film as of yet. We’ll keep you posted with news about the upcoming adaptation.

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