Immortal Unchained Releases September 7th; Pre-Order Bonuses

Immortal Unchained Releases September 7th; Pre-Order Bonuses

It’s not long until the release of action-RPG from Toadman Interactive Immortal Unchained. As we get closer to the launch, the developers release a trailer titled “Are you prepared?”

Immortal Unchained Releases September 7th

Toadman Interactive are days away from their launch of hardcore sci-fi action-RPG Immortal Unchained. In the latest trailer titled “Are you prepared?” we get a few scenes of the action yet to come. Featuring some of rising dead in the Nine Worlds of the Immortal Unchained universe, in a dramatic teaser trailer.

Check out the trailer below:

Pre-Order Bonuses

There is still time to get your pre-order which includes a 10% discount and the Immortal Unchained Prime Pack featuring 6 pre-order bonuses:

Immortal Unchained will be launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 7th. Pre-orders are available from Amazon as well as digitally through Xbox One, PS4 and Steam stores.

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