Immortal Unchained Patch Brings New Weapons and More

Immortal Unchained Patch Brings New Weapons and More

A recent patch for the action-RPG Immortal Unchained brings a bunch of new weapons, major balancing changes and more variations to weapon ranges.

Immortal Unchained Patch Brings New Weapons and More

In the latest patch notes Immortal Unchained gets some updates which includes eight new weapons. Players will now be able to enjoy a greater variation when it comes to the range of weapon archetypes. For example sniper rifles can shoot a lot further than other weapons, with assault rifles now being the second furthest in terms of range. Toadman also have add some balance adjustments to damage and ammunition to help keep things even.

There also are some changes to builds, weapons requirements are more varied according to player stats and there is an increase to stat requirements. This adds more weight when it comes to making builds in-game. There is also now a chance to respec characters if you aren’t happy with your current build after the Invasion. The respec is a consumable that will appear in your inventory if you have already completed the Invasion.

Loot has also had a switch up, Toadman explains that low rarity weapons were often found too late on in the game, so now they have reorganised these to help players have a “sense of getting stronger in the game”. The last big change to the game is that you can now attack Arlen with melee weapons.

You can find the list of 8 new weapons added to Immortal Unchained:

  •  Legion Suppressor (Assault rifle)
  • Gold Star (Assault rifle)
  • Lone Guard (sniper rifle)
  • Wolf Fang (SMG)
  • High Guard Infiltrator (Assault rifle)
  • Legion Corpse Reaver (shotgun)
  • Alabaster Punisher (shotgun)
  • Annihilator (pistol)

Immortal Unchained is currently available to play on on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to know what we thought be sure to read our Immortal Unchained Review: The Future Is Dark.

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