Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide: Icy Legoros Level 1 Guardian Raid Boss
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Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide: Icy Legoros Level 1 Guardian Raid Boss

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide: Icy Legoros Level 1 Guardian Raid Boss. In this Lost Ark Boss Guide, I’m going to discuss the mechanics for Icy Legoros, the third Guardian Raid boss you’ll encounter in the game after reaching Item Level 380. If you’re searching for ways to defeat this boss efficiently, then this guide is for you!

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide: Icy Legoros Level 1 Guardian Raid Boss

After honing your gear sufficiently, you’ll reach Item Level 380, which will allow you to fight the third Guardian Raid boss in Lost Ark. Defeating Icy Legoros will reward you with Epic Accessories as well as an Epic Ability Stone.

Icy Legoros Ark Boss Guide Icy Legoros Level 1 Guardian Raid Boss

For these types of activities, it’s important to allocate the correct Tripods for your Skills. Since this Guardian is weak against lightning damage, you’ll want to select Tripods that ought to change the element of your damage. Doing so will significantly improve the amount of harm you inflict. Next, you’re going to want to equip HP Potions or those that restore a percent of your HP back since they’re the only ones allowed in Guardian Raids. And finally, given the size of Icy Legoros’ map and the lack of shortcuts, you ought to bring Flares in order to immediately identify his location so you can save some time.

Compared to Lumerus, Icy Legoros is much more mobile so he’s tougher to pin down, which means that it’s vital for you to be on the move as well. Let’s first talk about Icy Legoros’ basic attack patterns.

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Basic Attack Patterns

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Charge

As with the other two Bosses, Icy Legoros has a counterable charge phase where he glows blue in preparation to rush toward whoever is in front of him. Notice how he prepares for this by scratching the ground twice. Before he lunges, be sure to dodge to the side, otherwise, you’ll be thrown into the air twice and eventually knocked down. Icy Legoros can then use this moment to attack you further with his other crowd control abilities.

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide Charge Skill

If you manage to combat this move with a Counter Skill, he will be staggered, which would allow you and your allies to hit him hard.

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Swipe

Icy Legoros also performs actions similar to Ur’nil and Lumerus such as the single and double swipes, both of which will stagger you. As long as you position yourself in front of him, you’ll be susceptible to these attacks so you’ll have to dodge beforehand. Remember that when Icy Legoros does the single swipe, he’s stationary but when he transitions over to the double swipe, he’ll be able to move forward, albeit slowly. Moreover, this can even escalate to another set of double swipes.

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide Swipe Skill

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Retreat

Just like Lumerus, Icy Legoros has the ability to retreat or evade your attacks and he does it in the same backward jump manner. There are also no tells as to when he plans to do this so when you’re in front of him, avoid using Holding or Casting Skills since there’s a high probability that you’ll just end up wasting them. Instead, be prepared for the next series of attacks.

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Special Attack Patterns

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Triple Hop

One of this Guardian’s special attack patterns includes performing triple hops. To prepare for this, remember that he scratches the ground once with his left paw followed by a mini slam. He will then hop two consecutive times towards your direction and then pounce once more before doing the final hop. What’s good about these series of attacks is they’re easy to predict because of how small and slow the leaps are so you can easily avoid them by dashing and running in opposite directions.

Icy Legoros Triple Hop Skill

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Explosive Jump

In addition to hopping, Icy Legoros performs jumps that can debilitate you for several seconds if you get caught in the impact. But before he does this, he’ll do a quick roar and then soar directly upward. At this point, you’ll notice where he’ll land because of the mark he leaves on the ground. Be careful with this, however, since his landing will emit an aftershock, which can momentarily stun and leave you vulnerable if you’re nearby. What you and your teammates have to do is to run around the area so that none of you will get hit.

Icy Legoros Explosive Jump Skill

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Ice Breath

Another special attack pattern to watch out for when facing this Guardian is his ice breath. Icy Legoros will perform a quick 360-degree backward leap, similar to his retreat skill, and then follow it up by blasting the area with his breath. As long as you dash sideways, you’ll be safe from getting damaged since this attack doesn’t have a very wide AoE.

Icy Legoros Ice Breath Skill

Icy Legoros Lost Ark Boss Guide – Ice Blast

If you counter Icy Legoros’ charge or break him, he’ll eventually lay down, which will enable you to use heavy-hitting skills. But be aware that when he recovers from this stagger state by turning his head right and left followed by a quick pounce, he’s preparing to conjure spikes that’ll come from underneath the sheet of ice you’re all standing on. Remember to maintain some distance so as to avoid getting hit by the explosive damage it causes, otherwise, you’ll be hurled backward and knocked down.

Icy Legoros Ice Blast Skill

Final Tips

Icy Legoros will teach you how to make good use of your mobility skills to go toe-to-toe against him. Unlike the previous two Guardian Raid bosses, he doesn’t have an enraged phase where his attacks become stronger but his agile nature makes up for it. For this encounter, remember to run towards his side to evade his attacks. Getting caught in the earthquake brought about by his explosive jump can be deadly for you if he decides to follow it up with a charge, triple hop, or ice breath.

Icy Legoros Combat

If you’re playing an Advanced Class that utilizes several powerful Holding and Casting Skills, try to wait for Icy Legoros to execute any of his abilities first before attacking, otherwise, you might miss due to his high mobility. Doing so will give you a window of opportunity where he won’t move around to perform additional attacks. Alternatively, you can switch to equipping mostly Normal and Point Skills to improve the chances of instantly and successfully hitting Icy Legoros.

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