I Might Feel a Little Bad For Microsoft.

I Might Feel a Little Bad For Microsoft.

Last updated on August 7th, 2015

I think the late nights and occasional early mornings are starting to get to me, because I’m actually starting to feel a little bit bad for Microsoft. Note, when I say a little bad, I only actually mean a tiny bit bad and nothing more. Allow me to explain:

As we all know, when the Xbox One was first announced it was host to all sorts of controversial features, like the inability to play used games and a requirement to always be connected to a broadband source. When I went to E3 last year I was so disgruntled with Microsoft that I didn’t even enter their booth. It seems they’ve really shot themselves in the foot, and any attempts since the initial announcement to repair their image has received a lukewarm response, typically full of trepidation.

Microsoft’s initial anti-consumerist policies smacked of greediness, and regardless of any attempt at rectification it seems that they’ve doomed themselves to critical backlash and crushing scrutiny, no matter what they do.

Had Microsoft stuck to their guns they might have been accused of being the anti-consumerist ‘bad guys,’ but instead they buckled, showing a deficit of integrity and a lack of faith in the products and policies they touted as being the future.


Yet, I somehow feel sympathy for Microsoft. If someone jumped into piranha infested waters with sirloin steaks strapped to their bodies they would be attacked, and would have nobody to blame but themselves for the carnivorous frenzy that ensued. However, it’s hard not to feel bad once you see Microsoft swim back to shore, promising the piranhas a nicer lake full of freedom and all-you-can-eat steaks, only to watch them continue to be eaten to the bone.

Of course, Microsoft should have to deal with the consequences since their initial agenda wasn’t met with universal praise, because it certainly wasn’t. And they never should have egregiously underestimated gamers as unquestioning, brain-dead automatons, which they did.

I’m not going to argue that they shouldn’t have to lie in the bed they have made for themselves. The assertion I’m trying to make is that, as gamers, maybe we could afford to back off a tiny bit and give the company a chance to redeem itself, as unlikely as you think that redemption might be.

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