Hyakki Castle Real-Time Dungeon-RPG Out Now!

Hyakki Castle Real-Time Dungeon-RPG Out Now!

Developed by Asakusa Studios and published by Happinet, the real-time dungeon-crawler RPG, Hyakki Castle,  launches today for PC via Steam.

Hyakki Castle – Out Today!

Hyakki Castle  is a horror-themed JRPG that utilizes the iconic “ukiyo-e” art style of Japan’s ‘Edo period’ (1615-1868). The game puts players in control of a party that must venture into the mysterious Hyakki Castle  with the task of subduing its crazed lord.


Though the indie title seems to play much like your good ol’ dungeon-crawler; e.g. the Legend of Grimrock,  Hyakki Castle  sets itself apart with its own unique “2 Party System“, a mechanic not seen before in this genre. This system allows players to split up their party and tackle obstacles, and to gain a strategic advantage over their enemies.

To celebrate its release, the game is currently 20% off at $19.99 up until November 22nd. And to learn more, you can check out our preview on Hyakki Castle.

Hyakki Castle  is now available on PC via Steam.

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