Couple Gaming: How to Get Your Girl to Game

Couple Gaming: How to Get Your Girl to Game

Last updated on July 24th, 2017

Many guys over the age of 30 find themselves wanting to try the wonders of couple gaming. Unfortunately for us, many girls our age were taught games are childish, and will shun the hobby and in some cases even ask you to quit! If you want to play that game you’re hooked on right now, but your girl wants to spend time –  I’m going to tell you how to get your girl to play with you, so you can have the best of both worlds.


Couple Gaming Step 1: Selecting the right game.

This is a tough one.  Odds are part of the reason your girl doesn’t want to play is you are playing something that doesn’t interest her.  Women love to game too, but you’ve probably put her off by screaming profanity at your television while tea bagging your opponent in Call of Duty.  You may want to pick something more cooperative and something a little more laid back to begin with.  Or maybe you get a game for her to play while you watch.  Take your girl browsing in the game section often and chances are sooner or later she’ll see something that peaks her interest.  That’s your cue.

If you need some pointers, some easy-access but incredibly addictive co-op games are: Pixel Junk: Monsters; Diablo 3, Salt and Sanctuary, Divinity: Original Sin.

Couple Gaming Step 2: Make it fun.

Have her sit in your lap while you play or watch her play. Snuggle and show affection often. It doesn’t have to be all about the gaming.  Let her see that you care about her while you game. Chances are you’ve been ignoring the shit out of her whilst you game for years.  You need to change that.

Couple Gaming Step 3:  Make sure you have time.

This is important, because odds are she isn’t going to get into the game right away.  You need to allow time so that she can get past the basics and really start having some fun.  Make an evening of it.  Order pizza and get some beer or wine and take your time so you can run through the basics and let her enjoy the first steps.

Couple Gaming Step 4:  Be patient.

Although there are some amazing female gamers out there (Fex cough cough), chances are she hasn’t played many video games. Society for some stupid reason frowned upon women gaming and left us one short in our duo party.  Anyway, she’s probably not all that great at it because of this, and you weren’t either when you started. You’ll have to be patient and not get upset if she makes noob mistakes repeatedly. Hopefully she’s a quick learner or this might just be the hardest part for you.

Couple Gaming Step 5: Compromise.

Be willing to do something that she likes to do in exchange. This is essential because until she really finds a few games she likes and sees the joys of gaming, she’ll probably be doing it just for you.  Which means, you have to do the same for her. So be prepared to have a few beers, get comfy and snuggle and watch some Twilight.  Joy!

Couple Gaming Step 6: Don’t push too hard.

It’s entirely possible to push her so hard to play that she just refuses because she’s annoyed.  You want to avoid this.  Don’t nag and bug her about it constantly.  Try and keep it light and fun.  Bribe her with massages while she plays (I like to give my girl a foot rub whilst she plays, but then…I don’t have a choice).

Couple Gaming Step 7: Reconsider.

If you’ve done the above things and she still doesn’t want to play…well…time to trade her in for a girl who will.  I mean seriously, who doesn’t like gaming??  If gaming is a big part of your life, like it is for me, then you won’t be happy with a girl who won’t play, and that’s the cold hard truth…period. If gaming isn’t a big part of your life, then look for another mutual hobby because those wonderful hours together will keep you going for years.


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7 comments on “Couple Gaming: How to Get Your Girl to Game”

  1. PierreSBK71 says:

    I guess I’m the minority, but I consider myself lucky, as my lovely lass is a gamer as well. Lately she discovered the joys of playing DkS.

    I’m so proud of her.

  2. Rant says:

    crap, i guess i gotta get a divorce.

  3. Duskman1 says:

    I just watched the Fex and Cas v The Executioner’s Chariot then read this. Damn, it’s made me pine to meet some female gamers. In the circles I move in, there is real stigma attached to women that game – I’m clearly moving in the wrong circles!

    1. Cas says:

      some of us are just really lucky 😛

    2. Fex says:

      There’s plenty of us and you’ll find quite a few on the Souls series alone! I’m more of an RPG gamer than anything else and seem to find quite a few girls around them, not sure how other genres are but maybe it’s time to bring them all together so you guys can be saved by us more often.

      *looks at Cas almost getting owned by Black Phantom*

  4. Ahhotep1 says:

    *Bam* 😛

    So true….


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