How to Access the Destiny 2 Beta

How to Access the Destiny 2 Beta

The Destiny 2 Beta begins tomorrow, July 18th for the PS4 pre-orders and July 19th for Xbox One pre-orders. If you haven’t pre-ordered, everyone on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to play the beta beginning July 21st. PC players will have to wait until sometime in August. With the different consoles, pre-orders and versions all with their own twist, exactly how to download and access the beta is a bit confusing. Luckily we’ve put this guide together to help you get launched into the beta.

Destiny 2 Beta Start Times

First of all, the beta runs from July 18th-23rd. Here are the start times per platform:

  • PS4 start times

    • Pre-order early access: 10:00am PT July 18
    • General access: 10:00am PT July 21
  • Xbox One start times

    • Pre-order early access: 10:00am PT July 19
    • General access: 10:00am PT July 21
  • PC

    • Pre-order early access: “late August”
    • General access: “late August”

How to Access the Destiny 2 Beta

If you pre-ordered Destiny 2 on PS4 or Xbox One, how you access the beta to pre-load/download and play depends on who you purchase the pre-order through. Players who have pre-ordered from a participating retailer will receive a 9-digit Early Access code on their receipts, which you must redeem on If you pre-ordered but don’t have an access code, contact your retailer right away.

To get your Destiny 2 Beta Client download code, you will then take the following steps:

  • Head to and make or sign into a account with your PS4 or Xbox Live ID.
  • Enter the Destiny 2 Early Access Beta Code you got from your retailer for pre-ordering on
  • Head to the redeemed codes page on and select your console of choice to get the Destiny 2 Beta Client download code
  • Log in to your PS4 or Xbox Live account on your console and head to your respective console store and redeem the code for the Destiny 2 Beta Client. You will then be able to pre-load or download the client.

If you pre-ordered digitally on the Playstation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace, you will be able to download the Destiny 2 Beta Client without any of those additional code redemption steps. For those players who pre-order digitally on the console stores, the Destiny 2 Beta Client is now available for download in the console stores. Just sign in to the console with the account you made the pre-order and head to the Playstation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace and search for the Destiny 2 Beta Client. If you have already pre-ordered the game digitally through them, you can pre-load or download it. If you pre-load you won’t be able to do anything in-game until the servers are available.

Once you’re inside and the servers are live, here is what the beta is going to contain for players:

  • Homecoming: The opening mission and cinematics from Destiny 2’s Campaign.
  • Countdown: Enter the Crucible to battle other Guardians in a brand new mode. Attack or Defend the base on a new map custom-built to support this new game type.
  • Control: The original standard for Crucible combat is back, with some impactful changes. Control the zones on another new map built with this objective in mind.
  • The Inverted Spire: Strike at the heart of a Vex stronghold. Bring two willing allies, or let Matchmaking introduce you to a Fireteam of Guardians.
  • New Subclasses: The new fighting style for each Class will be at the ready. Choose from the Dawnblade WarlockArcstrider Hunter, or Sentinel Titan.
  • The Farm: For one hour, on Sunday, July 23, we’re inviting you to tour the new social space in Destiny 2. Starting at 10AM Pacific, you’re welcome to kick the ball into the net or befriend a chicken. Most vendors and services will be offline. Our goals are to see how many of you it can accommodate at once.
  • The Homecoming story mission is open to all players, while the Crucible and Strike will require a subscription to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, depending on your platform.

So there you have it. Whether you pre-ordered through a retailer or digitally through one of the consoles, or if you’re waiting for general access, you now know where to go and how to download the beta client. Excited for the beta to begin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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