Housing Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online Next Year

Housing Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online Next Year

Speaking tonight with Live with YouTube Gaming, Elder Scrolls Online director Matt Firor revealed that housing is coming in 2017 for players of the popular MMO. While details on pricing are not available we do have some knowledge into how they will be implemented. Check out the interview below and read on for some highlights.

Housing Information

  • There are 3 house sizes: small, medium, large and are themed after each of the 10 races for a total of 30 houses
  • Players can earn a free apartment through a quest at launch. If only my first place was that cheap.
  • You can upgrade to bigger houses with in-game gold and players can own multiple houses.
  • Houses are account wide for all characters
  • There will be a new furniture crafting system for decorating the houses as well as selling to other players.
  • Players can host other players and guilds in their homes.
  • There will be hundreds of items to use as decoration

Fans of MMOs know that housing is a big deal. We all need digital digs to hang out with our peeps. With the release of One Tamriel on PC, it’s been a pretty big week for the Elder Scrolls Online. Coming up next week is the fall themed Witches Festival and the week after will see the release of One Tamriel for consoles.

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    We knew the code was in all along (as is the one to craft jewellery) so really happy that it’s now official!

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