Horizon Zero Dawn was going to have two player co-op originally.

Horizon Zero Dawn was going to have two player co-op originally.

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s director Mathijs De Jonge of Guerrilla Games has revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn was originally conceived as a two player co-op game.

Horizon Zero Dawn was going to have two player co-op

The team had gone so far as to get the two-player co-op up and running in a playable form. However, Mathijs De Jonge decided against including two player co-op after talking with the programmers about it. They explained that if they were going to keep the two player co-op, the rest of the features in the game would need to be drastically scaled back. Check out the video below for an extended interview with Mathjis De Jonge regarding developing Horizon Zero Dawn.

So, what are your thoughts regarding the decision to remove two-player co-op? Would you have been prepared to take the hit in other areas of the game if it meant being able to play it with your friends?

horizon zero dawn two-player co-op

“Okay, I’ll get its attention, you sneak up behind it and take it out. What? Two-player co-op has been cut?!”

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5 comments on “Horizon Zero Dawn was going to have two player co-op originally.”

  1. Avatar Daos_Strange says:

    I would have probably purchased the game by now if it was co-op. Single player games can be played later on when the price is cheaper and GOTY editions are released. Who knows though? Co-op may have changed the game too much for it to be the success that it was.

  2. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Yeah, HZD worked much better from a story and gameplay standpoint by being single player only.

    Aloy is a lone huntress.

  3. Avatar announakis says:

    the final versoin of the game including the frozen wild was only 30 bucks on PSN the other day so I finally grabed and played this game.
    It is a master piece.
    I should have played this a while ago.
    the level of control of the character makes it a top tier game right off the bat. I was not really excited by the cybernetic animal stuff and held off because of this (and the price) but once you start playing aloy you get hooked in no time.

  4. Avatar Lich180 says:

    It’s definitely one of the best PS4 games out there. The story, world and gameplay are just incredibly well done. I still have to run through it on ultra hard, but I keep getting busy with other stuff.

  5. Avatar ElvesRule says:

    <sigh>. Still haven’t played my Day 1 digital. Backlogs are from the 😈

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