Horizon Zero Dawn’s Dramatic Story Trailer Shows New Enemies and Tribes

Sony and Guerrilla Games have released a brand new story trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, the PS4 exclusive Action RPG coming February 28t, 2017. Check out the video above!

In the video we get a new look at some of the enemies and tribes that main character Aloy will encounter in the game. Following a massacre, Aloy sets out into the wide world of beautiful landscapes. She meets new allies against an enemy who threatens to raise an army of machines for take control of the land. We get to see a glimpse of the corruption of the machines and the cinematic trailer ends with an imposing look at a massive robotic boss.


This is the most extensive story look thus far and it’s quite the dramatic scene. It’s clear the game is going to have a large cast of characters and a story that will push the action forward. We’ll keep bringing updates so be sure to check back with us and check out our piece exploring the game’s potential as an RPG.

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