Horizon Zero Dawn Launch: Leveling Up Guide, Collectibles Guide & More

Horizon Zero Dawn Launch: Leveling Up Guide, Collectibles Guide & More

Sony and Guerrilla Games’ PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn releases today in NA. The action RPG from the Killzone developer fuses exploration with hunting combat in a world far into the future, where nature has reclaimed civilization and the only thing that remains of technology are massive animal like machines. To mark the release we have some launch day video guides ready to go!

Horizon Zero Dawn Leveling Up Guide

Check out this video guide for a way to level up quickly and efficiently if you want to focus on killing monster quickly:

Horizon Zero Dawn Collectibles Guide

As you play you will encounter Special Items such as Metal Flowers, Ancient Vessels, Banuk figures and Vantages locations. This guide will help you gather them all!

Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki Links

The wiki is full of launch day resources for you to make your way through the world. Bookmark the following pages and keep them handy:

  • New Player Help: valuable starting out tips and a glossary of terms!
  • Skills: all of the skills main character Aloy can use in her beast hunting quest.
  • Weapons: the variety of tools Aloy can use and fashion .
  • Resources & Crafting: everything you need to improve your equipment.
  • Enemies: the stars of the show, learn how to bring each one down and what you can harvest from them.

There’s of course so much more in there so be sure to browse around for everything you need!

Playing Horizon today? Thoughts on the massive open world and it’s dynamic combat? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Visit the Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki

More on Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki



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    Arby’s has a great social media team…

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155159869836812&id=51500251811” rel=”nofollow

  2. Avatar dn1nd says:

    Wish it had an X Invert for the camera. At Least my wife and kids will enjoy the game.

  3. Avatar Emergence says:

    It’s a fun game lol

    It’s probably leaning in the RPG elements, but it does have more progression than say a game like God of War. It’s somewhere in the middle. It’s definitely not Witcher but it’s also not totally bereft.

  4. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Is Horizon: Zero Dawn an Action-RPG, or an Action-Adventure with RPG elements. I’ve read statements for both and I want to know which one you think it is.

  5. Avatar Fexelea says:

    You guys on the ball with this, we got sneaky power leveling off the get go! Awesome stuff.

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