Horizon: Forbidden West Announced

Horizon: Forbidden West Announced

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn was announced today called Horizon: Forbidden West which will be coming to PS5.

Horizon: Forbidden West Announced

Set to pick up where the last game left off, Horizon: Forbidden West will follow Aloy heading out…well west into the post-apocalyptic ruins of America. It will continue to investigate the mysteries that caused her world to be destroyed.

It’s the follow up to the 2018 Action-RPG Horizon Zero Dawn, under the developer Guerrilla Games. In the trailer it features some new elements being added with this sequel including underwater exploration and the introduction of new robot type creatures to fight in the dangerous frontier.

This confirms the previous rumours that Guerrilla Games was working on a sequel, which were sparked by job postings concerning a “new open-world game”.

You can check out the announcement trailer below:

No release date was given but it has been confirmed to be coming to Playstation 5 as an exclusive according to the trailer.

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