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Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build Guide

In this Honkai Star Rail Bailu Build Guide we’re going to be covering the healer Bailu Build, which is very good at keeping allies alive. This build focuses on increasing survivability, adding reactive healing, and revive.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build Guide

Bailu is a standard banner Five Star character who has no rate up banner. You get Bailu from either the 50 wishes on the departure banner, reaching pity on standard banner, or losing the 50:50 chance on a rate up banner. So acquiring Bailu is a random chance, and not everybody will have her. Yet, if you are one of the lucky few, she’s a very strong healer support.

She’s a Lightning healer from the Abundance Path, which only has one other character at launch, Natasha. The comparison between Bailu and Natasha is an obvious point of debate, because they compete over a team slot. Natasha is a guaranteed f2p character, and Bailu is rare gacha character.

In terms of base stats, Bailu has a higher base HP, and higher healing modifiers on her abilities. While Natasha has additional utility in cleanse, Bailu also has a one-time revive. Natasha can heal over time, and Bailu has reactive healing each time an ally is hit. So overall, Bailu heals more, heals more targets, and doesn’t waste a lot of over-healing, but she lacks a cleanse.

Aside from that, Bailu can buff the maximum HP of allies. This is a very useful buff for certain characters who scale their damage with the HP stat, such as Blade. At Ascension 6, Bailu also adds damage reduction to allies, which is a rare buff outside of Preservation characters. So in some cases, you might be able to get away with Bailu as the only defensive support, so you can use the three other slots for more offensive power.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - Bailu

Bailu Build Guide – Active Skills

Skill leveling Priority: Talent = Ultimate > Skill >> Basic Attack.

Diagnostic Kick – Normal attack

Bailu does a lightning normal attack, with standard shield break, and no special properties. You will use her normal attack most of the time with, since her Ultimate is enough to sustain your team. Damage on normal attacks is irrelevant, so we don’t prioritize leveling it.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - Bailu Combat

Singing Among Clouds – Skill

Her skill heals one primary target, then heals two random targets with reduced healing. The targeting is truly random on this skill, so she can heal the same target again, or heal a target who is already at full health. The scaling on the skill is pretty strong on the main target, and reduced by only 15% on secondary targets, so it’s very good emergency healing when reactive healing from Invigoration is not enough to sustain team. Otherwise, we don’t use her skill often, and rely on her ultimate and Invigoration to top up the team’s HP.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - Healing

Gourdful of Elixir – Talent

Her talent adds two features to Bailu’s kit, reactive healing, and a one time revive. Both are tied with Invigoration that comes from her ultimate, so you need high energy generation to use ultimate often. The reactive healing can trigger two times on each ally.

The revive also work only if an ally has Invigoration, and triggers once for one ally per battle. At the game’s launch, Bailu is the only character who can revive, so she have immense value.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - Stats

Felicitous Thunderleap – Ultimate

At the cost of 100 energy, Bailu heals the entire team, and apply Invigoration for two turns. If an ally already has Invigoration, she then extends the duration one additional turn. So Bailu can sustain a team without using Skill Points, which is a huge advantage to save SP for DPS characters.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - AoE Heal

Saunter in the Rain – Technique

The technique of Bailu is very convenient, starting battle with Invigoration on all allies for for 2 turns. So even before charging Bailu’s ultimate, she can start healing from round one. Against bosses, this is very useful Technique to use before battle.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - Technique

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu – Traces

Traces are passive skills that characters unlock after leveling, and reaching certain ascension levels. For this Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build, you need to farm and spend resources to unlock Traces, but they give a huge advantage to Bailu. For a healer such as Bailu, you want to prioritize all major Traces. And for minor Traces, she gets very strong HP ones.

Qihuang Analects – Ascension 2

Increases Max HP by 10% for two turns, whenever Bailu overheals an ally. This buff is a good way to increase survivability even further, but it’s also a very strong offensive buff for characters who scale their damage with HP. Blade is such a character that scales with HP, but also there’s one niche use of Natasha as a DPS at E6. Overall, a very nice Trace that you should prioritize. It’s easy to trigger, and easy to benefit from.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - Traces

Vidyadhara Ichor Lines – Ascension 4

Increases the number of times Invigoration can trigger by one, resulting in a total of three triggers. That’s a very convenient buff to Bailu’s reactive healing, which saves her more SP. Another priority to get as soon as possible.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - Traces 2

Aquatic Benediction – Ascension 6

Adds 10% damage resistance to her Invigoration buff, so allies will take less damage, require less healing, and get more overhealing, which helps you survive tougher content, especially if you pair it with another damage reduction buff from Preservation Light Cones on supports.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build - Traces 3

Minor Traces

Bailu gets ten minor stats increases, distributed as the following:

  • HP (Five nodes)
  • Def (Three Nodes)
  • Effect Res (Two Nodes)

It’s obvious how minor Traces help Bailu, she gets more healing and tankiness, so always take them if you need more survivability.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build – Light Cone

For this Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build, gear is a crucial part, and usually requires some testing with various teams and setups to get the highest performance. In this section, I’ll go through the recommended Light Cone for Bailu, to fulfill her healer role.

Light Cones are similar to weapons in other games, and while you can equip any Light Cone on any character, only Cones matching the character’s Path can provide full benefits. Bailu is of the “Abundance” Path, which focuses on healing allies, and generating energy to use her Ultimate more often, so Bailu finds herself with several strong options, from both the free and gacha pool of Light Cones.

Cornucopia – Three Stars

All three stars Light Cones have an equal base HP stat. However, the most impactful one for healing is “Cornucopia”, which increases healing effectiveness. It’s a straight up improvement to healing, impacting both skill and ultimate healing.

On Bailu, it will not affect healing from Invigoration, because that healing comes from a Talent, not skill nor ultimate, but that’s minor inconvenience compared to other three star Light Cones. It’s also better than some four star Light Cones such as “Perfect Timing”. There are better four stars though, and ones you can get for free, so don’t over invest in “Cornucopia”.

Post-Op Conversation -Four Star

A gacha four star that you can randomly get from Warp. It has a higher HP base stat, energy generation, and healing effectiveness on ultimate, so it’s the best four star to use on Bailu, and its buffs have good synergy with each other’s. If you get it, it’s the first choice to go for.

Shared Feeling – Four Star

It has a smaller base HP, and smaller healing effectiveness compared to “Post-Op Conversation”. However, it makes up for this by generating energy for entire team. The energy generation is only 2 energy per skill use, and we don’t use her skill very often, so it’s not as overpowered as it seem from first glance.

This Light Cone is also gacha, with a random chance to get from Warps. It’s a good fail safe to fall back to, if you don’t get “Post-Op Conversation”.

Time Waits for No One – Five Star

Bailu’s signature, and Five Star Light Cone you cna buy from the Starlight Exchange. You can’t target this Light Cone with summons, but you can save 600 Undying Starlight currency to get it, at the opportunity cost of not buying a five star DPS Light Cone. It’s the strongest option for her, because it has the highest base HP, adds an HP buff, and does a joint attack with healed characters. The joint attack scales only on the amount of healing done, and shares Bailu’s element, which is Lightning.

If you get “Time Waits for No One” you’ve got a very solid healer that can top up your entire team with ease, and adds more shield breaking and damage through the additional joint attack.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build – Relics

In this Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build we’ll cover all four Relics slots: Head, Gloves, Body, and Feet. As well as the two accessories slots, Sphere and Rope. Head always comes with a Flat HP main stat, and Gloves comes with Flat Attack main stat. Then Body, Feet, Sphere, and Rope come with random stats. So gearing the Head and gloves will lean more towards finding the best sub stats, while other four have to also roll a good main stat.

For Bailu, we prioritize good main stats, because they are more impactful to healing. We need Outgoing Healing on Body, Speed on Feet, and HP on Sphere and Rope. Note that we can go for full HP on four pieces if we lack the proper stat in early game, but by endgame, Speed and Outgoing Healing is much better.

The sub stats we desire are always Speed and HP, so gearing Bailu is much less strict, and we can get decent pieces faster than DPS characters.

Passerby of Wandering Cloud – Relic Set

The four pieces set bonus gives an extra skill point once at the start of battle, while two pieces bonus is an outgoing healing increase. This set is the standard go-to option for all healers, especially Bailu with “Time Waits for No One” Light Cone to boost both healing and joint attack. In long fights against bosses, the extra skill point is less impactful, so there are other good options as well.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat – Relic Set

We don’t care about attack, nor normal attack damage, but this set also give 6% increased Speed at four pieces. This bonus is very good as it gives Bailu more turns in long fights, and helps her trigger the bonus from her accessories set. I’d go with set if Bailu is well invested, and can sustain a team without an issue.

Hybrid 2x Passerby of Wandering + 2x Thief of Shooting Meteor – Relic Set

Hybrid is usually cheaper, and requires less farming as you pick best two pieces from each set. The two sets I choose come with a healing bonus, and a shield break bonus. They might be less powerful than Speed, but a hybrid setup allows for better main stats and sub stats, and you will acquire them faster.

Fleet of the Ageless – Accessories Set

The two pieces accessories, Sphere and Rope, have a unique conditional bonus. “Fleet of the Ageless” gives an attack buff to the entire team if the wearer can reach 120 in their Speed stat. Bailu has 98 base Speed, so you need 22 Speed from gear to proc this bonus. You can get 25 Speed from the main stat on a five star Feet Relic, which solves this issue easily.

Otherwise, if you use a four star relic, it grants 16 Speed. And 6 more from four pieces “Musketeer of Wild Wheat” relic set. In this case, you don’t need Speed from sub stats. Once you reach 120 Speed, your entire team gets a solid attack buff. On top of that, the set gives a permanent 12% Max HP to increase Bailu’s healing.

Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build – Team Composition

Teams consists of four characters in Honkai Star Rail, where you usually seek to fill several roles, such as single target DPS, AOE DPS, shield breakers, and both defensive and offensive supports. The combat system prevents you from using one character to break all shields, since shields break only if you attack it with the elements it’s weak against. Therefore, the game still encourages players to build a very diverse team, with four different elements, or at the very least three elements.

In this section, I’ll go through some of the recommended team members for this Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build. Note that Bailu is a pure healer that doesn’t double as another role. Healers always find a place in any team, but need diverse characters with multiple roles to create a balanced team.

Main DPS from any path

You need one of the usual picks for single target dps, such as Seele, Yanqing, Dan Heng, Clara, Hook, or Jing Yuan, and others. Bailu doesn’t mind who she’s healing, unless you play main DPS that gets a damage bonus from staying at low HP, such as some Destruction characters like Arlan. In that case, Bailu’s excessive healing might halt some damage bonus they get.

The best DPS that benefits from Bailu’s HP buff is Blade, but he’s not available at Honkai: Star Rail’s launch, so we can pick any other DPS of our choice.

Debuffer from Nihility Path

Pela can apply debuffs on enemies, and remove buffs from them at same time. She also has the Ice element, and can apply it in an AOE. She’s an overall very good offensive and defensive support if you don’t use other Ice characters. Pela uses skill points to use her buff removal, and uses 110 energy for her ultimate to apply debuffs. So she’s not a positive SP character, and pairing her with Bailu is good idea to balance out SP.

A better version of Pela is five star Welt who break enemies shields, and delays their turns. He also gets high value from using his skill, so Bailu is a good pair with him. Both Welt and Pela double as partially defensive support, so they make up for not using a shielder with Bailu. However against extremely aggressive content, you have to use a more specialized shielder such as Gepard or Fire Trailblazer to be able to survive.

AOE shield breaker from Erudition or Harmony path

To cover the AOE aspect, we can use Asta, who doubles as Speed and Attack buffer, or any of Himeko, Herta, or Serval, who double as DPS. Fire and Lightning elements are very good elements for toughness breaks, because they add a DoT, and hit several times per turn. However, when future Erudition or Harmony characters with Imaginary element get released, they will be meta shield breakers.

Shield breakers usually apply DoTs to all enemies, then fall back to normal attacks, so they cost SP at the start of battle, then start generating SP. Then DoTs run out, and they need more SP. This cycle averages to a neutral SP character, or slightly positive character, so your main DPS character is left with enough SP to spam their skill.

Final Tips

The fact that Bailu is a very potent healer doesn’t mean she’s always replacing Natasha. Some game modes require two full teams, where a character can’t be used in more than one team, so you need two healers on your account to sustain two teams. People without Bailu are stuck with a team with one healer, and a team with two Preservation characters to make up for the lack of a second healer, so Bailu opens up the account for more flexible team building, while Natasha still has high value.

If Bailu allows your team to survive without a shielder, then you have the flexibility to build a more offensive team, or at least use a debuffer to reduce enemy damage while increasing your team damage. That’s why Pela and Welt are very useful picks with Bailu.

Finally, always level Bailu, her Light Cone, her Talents, and Traces. She gets a lot of power from levels, and one ultimate or talent level might be the difference between life and death.

Stay tuned for more Honkai: Star Rail Character Guides and be sure to drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. For more Honkai: Star Rail content, check Serval Build GuideQingque Build GuideDan Heng Build GuideArlan Build Buide, Sushang Build Guide, Tingyun Build Guide, Pela Build Guide, Hook Build Guide, Bronya Build Guide, Asta Build Guide, Natasha Build Guide, March 7th Build Guide, Welt Build Guide, Seele Build Guide, Sampo Build Guide, Yanqing Build Guide, Gepard Build Guide.

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