Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Update Launches June 7th Adding Silver Wolf and Luocha Plus Events
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Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Update Launches June 7th Adding Silver Wolf and Luocha Plus Events

Developer HoYaVerse have announced the next major update for Honkai Star Rail will be coming June 7th 2023.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Update Launches June 7th

The first major update for the turn-based RPG Honkai Star Rail “Galactic Roaming” will be released on June 7th 2023. According to developer HoYaVerse, players can expect three new characters, more events, new playable area and new features.

Galactic Roaming will bring a new area, new characters, events and more to Honkai Star Rail.

What Coming in Version 1.1

New Playable Characters

Joining the growing roster of characters this patch are Silver Wolf (5 star), Luocha (5 star) and Yukong (4 star).

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf has already been introduced to the game through the main prologue quest. She is a member of Stellaron Hunters. Silver’s main strength is being able to inflict Weakness upon enemies and can reduce enemy defences using her hacking skills. This hacking skill will debuff an enemy at random.

Silver Wolf

The other 5-star character joining in 1.1 is Luocha. Falling under the Imaginary type, Path of Abundance. Also introduced already to the game appearing as an NPC in the main story for Xianzhou Luofu. This is the second 5-star healer for the game, joining Bailu. Using his skills to restore large amounts of HP for characters in his party. If his allies are under 50% health, his skill will instantly recover them. His ultimate ability is called Abyss Flower, which restores health to allies whenever they attack enemies in its AOE.


Last but not least, Yukong is the 4-star character joining Honkai Star Rail’s update. Yukong will join the banner for Luocha. Yukong is a Foxian, serving under Xianzhoi Luofu’s Commission leader. Her buff can help ally attack power, crit rate and crit damage. Her abilities target the whole group rather than single-target.


New Playable Area – Belobog History and Culture Museum

Adding to areas to explore in Jarilo-VI, the update will bring the Belobog History and Culture Museum. This new area will be a permanent feature of Star Rail. It will have a special event which puts players in the shoes of the curators of the museum. Their job is to ready the place for its reopening.

Belobog History and Culture Museum in Honkai Star Rail

New Events

New events include Starhunt Game which focuses on Silver Wolf and Lab Assistants in Position which follows the Animatter Legion dealing with research. Then there is the combat simulator event called Stellar Flare. Lastly, the Garden of Plenty is a mini-event providing lucrative double rewards from Calyxes which boosts farming income.

New companion missions will be available for the character Silver Wolf, Baili, Yanqing and Luocha. “Lost Trotter” battles will be found on some maps which will provide extra rewards for taking them down.

The update also brings new improvements to the game such as in-game chat system. If you’re familiar with HoYaverse’s online Action-RPG Genshin Impact, this feature will act similarly. Another improvement comes with the Enemy Navigation system which will mean pinpointing enemies will be much easier, letting you teleport to their exact location. This should make material farming much more convenient.

Honkai Star Rail is currently available for PC, iOS and Android. If you’re planning a trip upon the Star Rail be sure to check out our latest guides in Honkai Star Rail Tier List – Defensive Supports and Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Build Guide.

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