Hollow Knight’s Attack Comes to Dead Cells with Free Update 26

Hollow Knight’s Attack Comes to Dead Cells with Free Update 26

Developer Motion Twin have been teasing some additions that are coming to Dead Cells with the latest free update which includes Hollow Knight’s signature “pogo” jump.

Hollow Knight’s Attack Comes to Dead Cells with Free Update 26

A new free update comes to Dead Cells which brings the previously teased Hollow Knight crossover content to the game. A mechanic from Hollow Knight, the pogo jump will be available in Dead Cells on Monday 22nd November 2021.

From the latest tweet it previews the main character from Dead Cells jumping on enemies with Hollow Knight’s weapon, giving more options in the way you attack your foes.

Motion Twin has been teasing a number of crossovers with titles such as Blasphemous, Skul: The Hero Slayer, Curse of the Dead Gods, and even Guacamelee! In a video that was shared on the Motion Twin Twitter account, it shows a book that “tell the tales of heroes from other worlds. Some of its cryptic sentences seem to be providing clues”. If the crossover content for Hollow Knight is the use of the Hollow Knight‘s iconic move, it looks like we’ll be seeing similar from the other crossovers teased.

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In case you missed the other friends teased by Motion Twin can be checked out  in the tweets below:

It’s great to see so many crossovers coming, you can get the latest free update on Monday.

Dead Cells is currently available to play on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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