Hogwarts Legacy Talents Guide – Which Are The Best For Your Gameplay?

Everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy’s Talent system including Dark Arts, Core Talents and more. Learn to choose the right ones to become a masterful wizard.

Hogwarts Legacy Talents Guide – Which Are the Best for Your Gameplay?

In this Hogwarts Legacy Talents guide, I want to talk about the Talents¬†of the game. These are things that you’ll get to choose as you make your character throughout the game. There are some good ones, there are some bad ones. I want to give you my recommendations so that you can get off to the best possible start.

Hogwarts Legacy Talents – Spells Talents

We’ll start with the¬†Spells Talents¬†first and the first one is¬†Incendio Mastery. this Talent affects the¬†Incendio¬†spell making you have an AOE fire around you when you cast this spell this is a very short-range spell so it’s not one that I typically use because I like to range things down from afar. But if you are playing sort of a close-range character and you like this spell this is a very good one because you tend to use it on packs of enemies because it’s kind of a cone and getting that extra AOE damage will deal more damage to those enemies and also help you hit them all because sometimes you can’t always hit them with that cone.

Next up we have¬†Accio Mastery¬†and this spell is better earlier on in the game rather than later on. What it does is it pulls all the targets around your target to you. It’s useful is because sometimes when enemies are close together it’s hard to single out the exact one that you want. Maybe it’s got a purple damage shield on it you’re trying to dispel it with¬†Accio but you can’t quite target the right one because they’re close together. This will make sure that you get that effect off even if you target the wrong enemy because you’ll pull all of them at the same time. But later on in the game when enemies are resistant to this spell it’s not as useful.

Levioso Mastery¬†is very similar. It raises everything near your target instead of just the target and it’s useful for the same reason that Accio Mastery is. Sometimes, you’re trying to single out a target to remove the yellow damage shield with¬†Levioso and you can’t hit them because they’re grouped together and the targeting is a little wonky. This allows you to get them by clipping another target with them. But again, later in the game, you don’t tend to use Levioso as much although it is used more than Accio so of the two I would recommend this one over the other.

Confringo Mastery¬†sends up fiery bolts that seek nearby enemies when you hit a target with¬†Confringo. This is actually really good. I use this spell pretty regularly as when I’m out like fighting enemies on the landscape because it has very good range has decent damage. A lot of enemies are weak to Fire and the fact that this automatically seeks out other enemies and hits them is fantastic. I highly recommend this one.

Depulso Mastery modifies Depulso to send out a blast directly around you, kind of in a cone, knocking everything in front of you backward. Again, this is much better in a close-range build. So if you’re using something like Incendio and Depulso, this would work really well together because you’re going to have to be in close range in order to get the best benefit from this.

Diffindo Mastery¬†modifies¬†Diffindo¬†to make the slice go through the target and then into targets behind it. It’s somewhat useful though it’s not all the time that enemies are lined up perfectly to do this, but more often than not you’re trying to keep all the enemies in front of you so you will be able to get this off more often than you think and it’s not a bad one to pick up.

Bombarda Mastery¬†modifies¬†Bombarda and creates an explosive blast where you hit the target. So this is really good if you hit it into a pack of enemies, particularly Undead or something like that. It’s a very good modification to the spell, I highly recommend it.

Descendo Mastery makes it so that when you slam a Target to the ground it creates a shockwave around you that can like knock enemies backward at something like that. I don’t really recommend this spell. You’re usually using Descendo at range and you’re not trying to keep enemies close to you when using this. It could be useful if your spacing is bad, but obviously, you’re not trying to have bad spacing so I don’t recommend this one.

Glacius Mastery¬†is not a bad one this allows you to if you freeze an enemy with¬†Glacius and then attack them. It’ll kind of explode shooting shards outward to nearby enemies. Again, anything AOE is really good in this game. Typically later on in the game, you’re fighting lots of enemies at once and that can make this very useful in that situation/

And lastly, Transformation Mastery¬†makes it so that you¬†transform your target instead of a regular object into an explosive object. So when you fling that object or that enemy that becomes an object add another enemy they’ll explode, dealing extra damage. This one is really really good in my opinion because exploding things deal tons of damage and again they AOE. so it’s definitely a good one to pick up

Hogwarts Legacy Talents – Dark Arts Talents

Moving on to the¬†Dark Arts talents, the first one is¬†Stunning Curse this makes sit so that when you use¬†Stupefy¬†on an enemy it also curses them increasing the damage they take for a while. This one is really good. It’s not hard to get Stupefy off after a little bit of practice, and dealing increased damage to targets after you do this will just make fights go faster, particularly longer harder fights. I highly recommend this one.

Blood Curse¬†is an interesting one because it allows you to deal damage to all cursed targets while you’re dealing damage to one cursed target. It really depends on how long your curse duration is if you have increased curse duration then that’s actually not bad and also whether you have your spells modified to become curses from taking other talents in this tree. So it’s really going to depend on your setup but if you’re kind of going the curse route this one’s not a bad choice to take.

Knockback Curse¬†essentially modifies¬†Flippendo¬†in order to provide the curse effect on an enemy when you cast it on them. so if you like this spell and you’re using this spell. This is a good one to pick up because it’s going to increase the damage you deal to that enemy after using Flippendo.

Disarming Curse¬†is pretty much the same effect, except when you’re using¬†Expelliarmus. So if you like that spell, this is a good one to pick up.

Enduring Curse¬†is pretty much a must if you’re going the curse route if you want to use Blood Curse effectively, then you’re going to need Enduring Curse. If you modify any of your spells to become curses, then you absolutely want this one, giving you as much time to deal as much damage as possible

Imperio Mastery¬†effectively makes the Target that you’ve cast¬†Imperio on cursed targets that it strikes with its attacks increasing damage against them. This is a good one to pick up if you plan to kind of be like the Death Eater type Mage and go with the unforgivable curses.

Slowing Curse is very similar to a couple of the ones just mentioned it makes Arresto Momentum give the curse effect on enemies, so if you like that spell definitely pick up this one.

Crucio Mastery¬†essentially makes it so if you attack an enemy that you’ve cast Crucio on it releases projectiles that curse other nearby enemies. This is a good way to apply curse over a broad area very very quickly and pairs very well with some of the other talents in this tree.

Avada Kedavra Mastery¬†obviously makes it so if you’re killing an enemy with it then you kill all cursed enemies. So if you can Crucio and on enemy projectiles went out if you had Crucio Mastery and cursed all these targets and then you have¬†Avada Kedavra‘d something, it would kill them all. It’s a really deadly combo if that’s the way you want to play

And then last but not least you have Curse Sapper this makes it so when you kill cursed enemies you restore health so if you have this one and you did that exact scenario you would heal yourself for each one of those enemies you killed.

So next up let’s take a look at¬†Spell Knowledge I¬†and¬†Spell Knowledge II. These effectively give you more bars that you can slot spells on that you can kind of switch between.

Highly recommend at least getting one or two of these because otherwise, you’re gonna keep swapping spells all the time and it can get frustrating. You can have yourself a fighting setup on your main bar, then maybe exploration on another bar. Or have your exploration on your main bar and your fighting setup on a backup bar, that way you can just swap bars when you get into combat. Then swap when you want to get back to exploration so you’re not constantly having to juggle spells back and forth on one bar.

Wiggenweld Potency I¬†and¬†Wiggenweld Potency II are really good because healing potions really don’t heal you for that much health. Getting the most out of them would be taking the two talents for both of these because then you’ll actually be able to heal for a significant amount. You don’t have a ton of potions and it can be a pain in the butt to go make more. So it’s better to get the most out of them and not have to just keep chugging potions because they barely heal you. So I highly recommend both of these.

Swift is an interesting one that I don’t think you really need it if you’re good at dodging, but again if you’re trying to play a build that favours close-range spells such as Incendio or Repulso. This is a good one to have as it’ll allow you to get close to enemies very quickly allowing you to hit them with those spells more easily.

Protego Absorption is a great talent because it essentially allows you to when block enemies with Protego, it builds your ancient magic meter and there are a lot of enemies in this game that have such high health pools. The most effective way to deal damage to them or one of the most effective ways is through using ancient magic and it can take a long time to build it up, if you don’t have things like this. So I highly recommend taking anything essentially that helps build your ancient magic meter faster because it’ll make those fights easier.

Ancient Magic Throwing Expertise allows you to grab enemy weapons that you’ve disarmed and throw them back them. So if you’re using Expelliarmus this would be a good one to take because it’ll allow you to take their wand after you take it out of their hand or whatever weapon. It’s like an axe or something and flings it back at them for additional damage.

Basic Cast Mastery is pretty much a staple I think for any mage it reduces the spell cooldown of your spells just from basic attacking. This is really helpful because this gets your spells back quicker allowing you to cast them more often.

Stupefy Mastery essentially makes it so that when you Stupefy enemies they remain stunned longer after you Stupefy them. I don’t think this is super necessary for most enemies particularly later on in the game, as you don’t necessarily want to Stupefy them. Sometimes you do it just out of habit but there are better ways to deal damage to them than Stupefying them so I don’t recommend taking this one.

Evasion Absorption allows it so that when you successfully Dodge an enemy attack you gain some of your Ancient Magic meter. Anything that builds your Ancient Magic meter faster is good. So definitely take this one.

Protego Expertise¬†essentially makes it when you pull off a perfect Protego which is like when you block at the very last second, it’ll send two projectiles back at enemies dealing damage to them. If you’re good at timing your blocks or parries in this case I highly recommend getting this one but if you’re not then don’t worry about it.

Revelio Mastery¬†just increases the range of¬†Revelio. You use this all the time in the game I’m not sure it’s absolutely necessary because usually you know when to use Revelio and as you go further into the game you become less reliant on it and know what to look for. But if you just want a generally easier gameplay experience, it’s not a bad one to pick up.

Basic Cast Airborne Absorption make sit so that when you like Levioso an enemy or knock an enemy up into the air then you hit them with basic attacks that increase more of your Ancient Magic meter. Highly recommend this one, you do this all the time when you’re fighting even when you’re not even trying to do it you do this so get this one to help build your Ancient Magic meter faster.

Protego Mastery¬†makes it so that you release a damaging blast that breaks enemy Shields when you do a perfect¬†Protego¬†again this is when you like Parry at the very last second or block the very last segment for Protego. If you’re not very good at this I wouldn’t recommend doing it. But if you get it down and you find that you’re doing it pretty much perfectly all the time, highly recommend this one.

Stupefy Expertise is not a bad one to pick up because I use Stupefy all the time. I’m not a perfect Protego expert, but I often pull off Stupefies and this is a good way to increase and damage you do when doing Stupefy, so it’s not a bad one to take.

Stealth Talents

Moving along to the¬†Stealth Talents¬†you have¬†Sense of Secrecy I¬†and¬†Sense of Secrecy II, these essentially make it harder for enemies to see you. Stealth is extremely deadly in this game you can clear entire camps Assassin’s Creed style without anyone ever seeing you without ever having to fire a shot. The downside to that is you know you don’t get dueling challenges as often. You end up missing out on those because you’re just killing things with stealth. But once you have those unlocked it’s not super important. But it’s a great way to leave some of the difficulty of this game like in terms of combat or sometimes the somewhat tedious nature of like how long fights can take with the number of enemies, you can absolutely bypass a lot of the difficulty just by using stealth. If you’re someone who likes to use stealth then absolutely get these.

Human Demiguise is really good if you are also someone playing stealth a lot. This allows you to move faster while you’re sprinting or while you’re using Disillusionment. You use this not only in combat but also when you’re going around the castle and areas you’re not supposed to be in, like restricted areas to move faster. So it’s a good one to take just in general

And lastly, Petrificus Totalus Mastery makes it so that when you use your stealth attack on an enemy it’ll also AOE. A lot of times enemies are together, so this is really really useful because maybe you’ll walk up and get one but then the other one will see you because you’re right next to it but if you have this you’ll just get them both and then you don’t have to worry about it. It makes stealth encounters much easier and if you’re gonna play like a stealthy character definitely take this one.

Room of Requirement Talents

And lastly, we come to the Room of Requirement Talents. The first one is¬†Edurus Potion Potency. This makes you invulnerable and deflect projectile attacks back at enemies when you’re using this potion. This is really strong in my opinion. If you have Edurus potion and you’re using it, this makes you like invincible so I don’t know why you wouldn’t take this one if you are someone who likes to use potions. This might even make you use this potion just because this is a very strong fact.

The Invisibility Potion Potency makes Invisibility potions last longer. They have a very short duration by default, so if you want to use invisibility potions at all in this game ever, definitely take this talent.

The¬†Fertiliser Talent¬†makes it if you’re using the Chinese Chomping Cabbage tool in the game which can deal damage to enemies, it’ll make it so that you summon two instead of one, for each one you throw out. It basically doubles its efficacy so if you’re someone who’s using that, this is a no-brainer absolutely take this one if you’re not then don’t worry about it.

The¬†Headache Talent makes the damage and duration of incapacitated effects from Mandrakes increased. Again if you’re someone who likes to use Mandrakes in combat as your tool, they can be very deadly against a wide range of enemies because of the AOE that it does. But if you don’t have this it’s not going to be nearly as effective, so if you’re going to use Mandrakes take this if you’re not then don’t.

The¬†Maxima Potion Potency¬†makes it so that your attacks have additional increased damage and break enemy shields when attacking. This can make you particularly deadly in combat if you’re using Maxima Potion, so if you’re somebody who’s using potions a lot in this game this is a good one to pick up.

Thunderbrew Potency¬†increases the range in damage of the Thunderbrew potion. This potion basically stuns enemies that are near you and deals damage to them. This increases of how far out it’ll hit them and increases the damage it does this is really good. If you’re going to use this potion highly recommend getting this one because that can make that potion really really deadly.

The¬†Focus Potion Potency increases the duration of this potion’s effect. This reduces the cooldown of your spells, so your cooldown will remain lower for a longer period of time so if you’re somebody who likes to fling a lot of spells a lot or if you’re at a part of the game where you’re having like a lot of combat this is effective.

And lastly, you have Noxious. This makes the Venomous Tentacula attacks deal more damage and break shields. The fact that this can break shields is really strong in my opinion because that allowed me to deal damage to enemies a lot of times. If your spells are on cooldown you can’t damage a particular enemy because of their shield, this can go a long way to alleviating that problem if you’re using this tool.

Hogwarts Legacy Talents: Final Thoughts

So that sort of wraps up our video on talents I hope you found some useful information here. You do have quite a bit of talent points in this game, but there are some that are much better than others, and the ones I have recommended here that you take I think will make things a lot easier for you.

If you have further questions about talents, please leave them in the comments below. What do you guys think of the talent system in this game so far? Which talents are you really enjoying using? are you enjoying the game? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re looking for more Hogwarts Legacy guides be sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy 10 Things You Should Know Before You Play. You can also drop by our Hogwarts Legacy wiki for Spells, Potions, Map, Bosses and more.


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