Hogwarts Legacy Build Guide: Harry Potter Build

Take on Hogwarts Legacy with a build inspired by the boy who survive, Harry Potter. Everything you need to know including Spells, Talents and Traits.

Hogwarts Legacy Build Guide: Harry Potter Build

In this¬†Hogwarts Legacy¬†build video I’m going to be showing you my Harry Potter build for all of you Harry Potter fans out there. If you’ve been trying to figure out a way to make a build that sort of resembles Harry Potter in this game, read on to find out.

The Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter Build

You can make a character in this game that looks just like Harry Potter very easily with the Character Creator. I didn’t actually try and do that when I made my character it kind of came out that way anyway which is kind of why this inspired this build actually.

But you don’t need to be a character that looks like Harry Potter to play this build. If you just want to do the role-playing aspect or try and put a build that he might use in this game, you’d obviously go for the Gryffindor House. I am Ravenclaw here. Ideally, you would be Gryffindor if you’re playing Harry but again it’s not 100% necessary.

Harry Potter’s Spells

Obviously, in putting this together since this is a theme build, I had to take a look at what spells¬†are available and which ones I think Harry Potter would use. The ones that I’ve added to this build are Expelliarmus I feel like this is one who would absolutely use this a lot. We have¬†Arresto Momentum that can stop enemies in their tracks. We also have Disillusionment which allows them to go into stealth very easily and can perform stealth kills with Petrificus Totalus. What build will be complete for Harry Potter without Accio since he uses this all the time? Lastly, we have Incendio, it is kind of probably like a flex pick here, but I think it works really well with Accio.

Spell Setup

I like to set up my spell bar in a way that I have one force spell, one damage spell, and one control spell. This is a red, yellow, and purple spell, respectively, on my bar. You need at least one of each to deal with damage shields. You can also use objects in this game to deal with damage shields so this setup is not 100% necessary, but it does make things easier.

Keep in mind that you can also swap to other spell bars if you’ve taken particular talents. In the thick of combat, sometimes things can get a little hectic, especially on the harder difficulties so having these readily available will make things easier.

First, let’s take a look at the Accio spell. This is a spell that pulls an enemy towards you lifts them into the air allows you to attack them for extra damage while they’re suspended in the air. We have this upgraded with the Accio Mastery talent to pull multiple enemies at the same time. What’s really great about this is when you pair it with Incendio, then you hit multiple foes all at the same time. If you have Incendio Mastery, then you hit them for even more damage. this is a really nasty combo – this usually either kills them outright or gets them very very close to death.

It’s also particularly good against the Undead as these need to take fire damage first in order to be killed at all. So if you are having trouble with them you can group them up, pull them in with Accio and then use this to set them on fire. You can then deal more damage to them with your other attacks if you don’t outright kill them

Arresto Momentum is here for two reasons. First, it’s very good at breaking yellow damage shields. Secondly, I also like it because it slows down enemies. It’s particularly effective against tough-to-kill enemies like trolls or maybe some enemy that’s like in a group encampment and you’re widely outnumbered and you don’t have to kill them right away. It can take some targets out of the fight for a little bit.

And then we come to¬†Expelliarmus. This is a decent damaging spell. It’s effective even against enemies that don’t have a weapon in their hand just for some small bits of damage. But obviously, this really shines against enemies that have weapons like defensive Guardians or other Wizards. You can disarm them which makes it a lot easier to defeat them.

If you have the talent that makes it so that you can throw a weapon back at the wielder, you can actually disarm them and deal some damage. You can actually get traits later on that boost the damage of your throw even more.

Expelliarmus is also really good at dealing with red damage shields. Sometimes, Incendio doesn’t quite have a very good range compared to Expelliarmus so if you’re trying to get rid of a red shield and don’t have any objects to throw, this is a good way to do so.

Harry Potter Build Guide: Talents

So I’m going to talk a bit about some of the¬†talents. I’m going to talk about a few others that work really well for this build.

We have¬†Stunning Curse; this makes it so that when you use Stupefy you actually curse the enemy, making them take increased damage for a period of time. I feel like Stupefy would be a huge part of a Harry Potter build in my opinion. Obviously, you do this by holding triangle when you get attacked by a yellow attack and then you’ll Stupefy a target with it so this will not only stun them but it’ll also increase the damage they take for a certain duration, which is great

Disarming Curse makes it so that when you use Expelliarmus you also curse targets, increasing the damage they take. So this is great; you use it on them you lift the weapon out of their hand then you throw it at them for increased damage because they’re cursed.

We also have¬†Slowing Curse¬†here. This makes it so Arresto Momentum curses a target again. If you use this on someone to lift them into the air or break a yellow shield, then they’re going to take extra damage after that.

Enduring Curse

Enduring Curse

Enduring Curse¬†just increases the duration of your cursed status effect on enemies, meaning they’ll take extra damage for longer so it’s just a nice one to have.

Lastly, we have Curse Sapper which makes it so that when you kill a cursed enemy, you restore some health. This is really nice in combat as it basically gives you some healing.

Core Talents

When it comes to the Core Talents we have the Wiggenweld Potency ones. This makes it so your Wiggenweld Potions are extremely effective. Without these, Wiggenweld Potions are almost useless.

Ancient Magic Throw Expertise¬†here is the one that allows you to throw enemies’ disarmed weapons right back at them, so you’re going to want that.

Basic Cast Mastery simply reduces the cooldown of your spells as you attack enemies. This is a no-brainer and should be part of every build.

Basic Cast Airborne Absorption makes it so that when enemies are flying in the air, and you deal damage to them, you build up your Ancient Magic Meter. This is great because both Accio and Arresto Momentum launch enemies into the air.

We also have Stupefy Mastery here. This makes it when you stun a target with Stupefy they remain stunned for longer.

Stealth Talents

When it comes to the¬†Stealth Talents, we really have all of them here and that’s because what would Harry Potter be without a little bit of stealth? This is something that he uses throughout the series and it’s really really deadly in this game. You can absolutely take out enemies in one shot most of the time, except for the very very hardest enemies. You can wipe out entire encampments of enemies with these talents. It will make it so it’s easier to sneak up on enemies.

One of the talents¬†also makes it so you can Sprint while you’re in stealth, allowing you to get from point A to B faster.

Petrificus Totalus Mastery¬†makes it so that you can AOE Targets with the Petrificus Totalus spell. This is fantastic, as you won’t get spotted by doing that on one target while the other guy is standing right next to them.

Room of Requirement Talents

And lastly, I just have one point spent in the Room of Requirement Рfor Invisibility Potion Potency. This makes it so that your invisibility potions last a lot longer as the base duration is around 5 seconds. You can use these potions in combat to go back into stealth and then use Petrificus Totalus on enemies.

Harry Potter Traits

So moving along to¬†Traits, you’re not going to be able to add these to your armor until about 20 or so hours into the game so you don’t need to worry about them early on. You are going to want to look out for legendary armor because these will allow you to use tier 3 traits which are the most potent available.

Acquiring and Unlocking Traits

As soon as you unlock traits, you can use two or three traits as long as you have the materials. Be sure you have yourself a lot of¬†Kneazle fur. if you’re looking for a Kneazle Den, there is a bunch of¬†Kneazles¬†due East of Irondale.

If you need traits obviously you need to go get them from collection chests and Bandit camps, however, these are random. You can save scum before opening these chests and reload the game if you don’t get the exact traits that you want, ideally tier 3.

Once you actually get a trait you want, you can craft as many copies of it as you need so. You don’t need to get multiple copies of Concentration III, just get one and you can craft as many times as you want.

Specific Traits to Watch Out For

Speaking of Concentration, this is one of the traits that you should be looking for in this Harry Potter Build.¬†Concentration¬†makes it so that all of your spell damage is increased. It’s not as effective as picking a trait that gives you specific damage to a specific spell, but it is good for increasing damage all across the board. If you prefer a more specialized approach, you can get spell-specific traits instead.

Another good choice here is Control. This trait makes it so that when you throw objects at enemies, you deal more damage. This kind of has a double use in this build because when you disarm enemies and you throw their weapon back at them this will increase the damage that their weapon does as well.

Disarming obviously increases your Expelliarmus damage while Scorching increases your Incendio damage. These are both excellent choices, particularly Scorching because it adds more damage. The spell seems to have more base damage in general because of its short range.

And then finally¬†Binding¬†increases the damage of Petrificus Totalus. When in stealth, you will naturally one-shot most enemies even without Binding. However, this Trait makes it so that Petrificus is more effective on tougher targets that can’t be instantly killed.

So when you’re in stealth and you’re going for that one shot you’ll get more damage typically you can one-shot just about anything in one hit without this so this would make it more effective on targets that don’t die in one hit.

Traits Stack Up

These are traits that I think you should use or at least some combination of these. Keep in mind that traits stack, so you can stack up Concentration to the moon and just get tons of damage on all your spells, or you can stack up Scorching to the moon to deal crazy Incendio damage.

This is something you can experiment with if you want, but I tend to spread it around a little bit because I like to have a more balanced build and I feel like Harry Potter would have more of a balance than a super Focus.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Build – Wrapping Up

So that wraps up our Harry Potter build. I hope you found this useful why would be curious to see what builds you guys are doing.

We have more builds planned. We have a Dumbledore build coming that’s more of a defensive build. we have a Severus Snape build coming that’s more like an alchemist-type character. And of course, we have a Death Eater build coming that’s going to showcase some of the unforgivable curses.

If you’re looking for more Hogwarts Legacy guides be sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy 10 Things You Should Know Before You Play and our Hogwarts Legacy Talents Guide. You can also drop by our Hogwarts Legacy wiki for Spells, Potions, Map, Bosses, and more.


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