Here’s some interesting looking games currently on Kickstarter

Here’s some interesting looking games currently on Kickstarter

In this article, I will take a look at some great looking games whose fund raising campaigns are currently being run on Kickstarter. I’ll explain what I like about each one of these games.

Here’s some great games currently on Kickstarter. Will you back them?

Kickstarter has brought us some amazing games such as Wasteland 2, Kingdom Come Deliverance and Divinity: Original Sin. It gives us the power to say yes, we really would like that kind of a game instead of it being up to publishers to just run with what they consider to be safe bets. As a regular backer of Kickstarter projects, I thought I’d draw your attention to some of the most interesting titles that currently have Kickstarter campaigns running for them.

kingdom come deliverance blacksmith's tale

Kingdom Come: Deliverance wouldn’t have existed without the support of its many backers on Kickstarter. Will you back the next great RPG?

First up, The Seashore by Boomerang Studios.

1) The Seashore by Boomerang Studios.

The Seashore by Boomerang Studios is a Metroidvania-like platform game with RPG elements. It’s also one where you have to play cooperatively, as it’s designed from the ground up with multiplayer in mind. Currently it’s being planned to be released on the Switch and for PCs. However, there are also Stretch goals for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, so there’s still all to play for. The project is currently sitting at $2719 pledged with a $3000 goal, with 23 days to go. Check out the trailer below.

2) The Tenth Hell: Stygian, by Deimos Studio

And now for something completely different. The Tenth Hell: Stygian is an ambitious project by Deimos Studio; a 3D action RPG set in the Stygian city. The developers are putting a great emphasis on your decisions shaping the story. An open world game of this scale was a big project for Deimos Studio to take on. Currently it’s sitting at $13463 pledged with a goal of $40000, so with 17 days left to go it’s going to be tight. I hope you like the trailer.

3) Alder’s Blood, by Shockwork Games

If you’re a fan of X-COM or the Banner Saga then you may want to check out this game. It’s a turn-based tactical strategy game that is being described by its maker as “the Child of X-COM and Bloodborne that was raised by Darkest Dungeon.” Lead a group of legendary monster hunters into battle in the Victorian era. Can you survive? This project is currently £3646 pledged with a goal of £42760 and 24 days to go. I hope you check out the Alder’s Blood Kickstarter campaign.

4) Once Upon a Coma, by Thomas Brush

Once Upon a Coma is the next game by Thomas Brush, who raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter for his previous game, Pinstripe. It’s a creepy looking platformer with a beautiful soundtrack.  After Pete wakes from a strange coma, he discovers things aren’t exactly as he remembers. His home-town is overrun with naughty children, and the grown-ups have vanished. Pete quickly learns of massive insects, child-eating zombie-parents, other-worldly puzzles, and intricate maze-like forts woven together throughout a large late-summer dreamscape. The same forts Pete and his gang built a year earlier are suddenly larger, stranger, and more dangerous than ever. It’s currently sitting at $43,000 pledged with a fund raising goal of $28,000, so a PC version will definitely be happening. However, the stretch goal for a Nintendo Switch version is $60,000 and there’s just 25 days left to go.

5) The End, by Mata

The End is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world, which reminds me a little of the Deus Ex games. However, one huge difference is that in this game the main character is a fox. It draws on Asian mythology about foxes. You need to protect your cub, as you are followed around the city by a sinister looking cyborg. It’s currently sitting at £1846 pledged with a goal of £4424. There are only 8 days left to go for this project, so back it now if you like the look of it. You can find a trailer for the game on its Kickstarter page.

the end kickstarter

There are many myths about foxes in Asian mythology. The Naruto anime similarly drew upon the myth of the nine-tailed fox.

6) Perfect Tides, by Meredith Gran

Perfect Tides is a classic point-and-click adventure game. It’s set in the year 2000 and focuses on the fun, alienation, stupidity and agony of being a teen. The game is set on a large island. The art style is so nice. It’s due to be released on PC. Currently, the campaign is doing really well. $34,000 has been pledged with a goal of $30,000. You can secure yourself a copy of the game with a $25 pledge.

7) Bevontule, by Multithreaded Games

Here’s another graphically impressive game. Bevontule is an eclectic fusion of Western, Japanese, and strategy RPGs, with 3D visuals and challenging tactical combat. It reminds me of the Final Fantasy games (7 – 10 period). A demo of the game is available on Steam, so you have a chance to check it out before pledging. The campaign is currently sitting at $20,876 pledged of a $50,000 goal. It’s due to be released on PC and will be distributed by Steam.

8) Vulpine, by Clockwork Giant Games

I don’t know. You wait ages for a game starring a fox to come along and then two arrive at once. Vulpine features a large procedurally generated world to explore. It also features weapon-wielding animals, including a fox with a sword. Not interested in foxes? If so, don’t worry – there’s a lot of different animals that you can control. The campaign is currently sitting at $25,242 pledged with a $22,000 goal and only 33 hours to go. You can secure a copy of the game for $15. Check out the trailer below.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope that you liked the look of some of these games. If so, how about taking the next step and becoming a backer? If you do, please comment below and let us know.

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