Hellpoint New Trailer Released for PAX East 2019

Hellpoint New Trailer Released for PAX East 2019

The sci-fi theme RPG Hellpoint by publisher tinyBuild and developer Cradle Games have released a new trailer for PAX East 2019.

Hellpoint New Trailer Released for PAX East 2019

The challenging action RPG Hellpoint has a new trailer that shows more of the combat from this dark sci-fi game. The title is set in the aftermath of a great quantum cataclysm. Players will be faced with numerous enemies, testing their wit and combat skills.

Features of this game include a space colony set environment, a dynamic storyline, intense action combat against deep space monsters, the ability to craft weapons as well as develop special skills and multiplayer. Combat is punishing which is expected from any souls-like, where players will need to decide whether to risk more battles to gain more rewards or the possibility of losing it all.

Originally Hellpoint was set for an earlier release but Cradle explained in a project update that they agreed with their publisher to hold off so that they could launch “on all platforms simultaneously”.

In their latest project update on Kickstarter posted earlier this month, they share some new features added including “new coop revive mechanic” which means the host of the game can now revive coop players. They have also added new boss weapons, describing them as “so gruesome and bizarre”. Other new additions include a host of weapons, adding “weirder catalysts” as well as more hi-tech guns and canons. While melee weapons come with a range of upgrades, guns are pre-built with a variety of elemental damages.

You can check out the new trailer and screenshots below:

Hellpoint will be launching in July 2019 on all platforms which includes PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

If you want more Hellpoint be sure to check out our preview Hellpoint Preview: Sci-Fi Souls With A Horror Twist. You can also check out some Boss Gamplay footage to have a preview of what horrors will be faced in this galactic souls.


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  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    I was kinda hoping the graphic and animations would have improved more since the demo, but eh, I’m still looking forward to it.

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