Hellpoint Development Update

Hellpoint Development Update

Last updated on July 3rd, 2017

Upcoming sci-fi Dark Souls inspired Hellpoint hit their Kickstarter goal early last month and since then have been focusing on the game’s development. Since then the team has made numerous improvements to the game beyond the demo build players have been able to play. In a dev stream and campaign update post, developer Cradle Games has laid out some of the major features they’ve been adding and tweaking.

Hellpoint Development Update

Player feedback has been vital in devising their plan of attack, so much so that they’ve tabbed their efforts, “War Against Clunkyness” and to that end, much of the development has been around smoothing out the game’s feel. What follows is a list of what they’ve been working on over the past months:

  • A big focus has been working on smoothing out the animation clunkyness. With that in mind, the following has been adjusted:
    • Transitions have been added between movements
    • Many of the game’s physics have been fixed and improved
    • They have added turning mechanics and animations to make the turning motion more fluid for the character and enemies
    • Removed the jerking physics effect
    • Over 40 animations have been added to compensate for missing transitions. There is no combat move that just ends abruptly, there is always a transition. The attacks all flow into one another much more fluidly
    • Removed the idle frame between dodge and attack
  • The alpha demo will have a whole new location, the Arcology which is a space colony full of skyscrapers and elegant buildings. It is a big city that is the main map of the game and will form a nexus where all the events of the story converge.
  • Weapon movesets have been tweaked for speed and fluidity and they’ve added a new mystery weapon, which is presently the fastest in the game.
  • A pretty badass sprinting jump attack has been added. Go watch it in action in the devstream.
  • The enemy AI is being revised to build on top of the tension that the game creates. It’s becoming smarter and more intimidating, and the enemies are being designed to come at you even faster from hiding.
  • Because of player feedback regarding energy (mana) being tied to so many things, they have added a new healing system, which is separate from energy. This will be a new currency so now when you collect energy you can either put it towards your healing reserves or your energy bar.
  • Speaking of energy, we’ve gotten a look at some the early spells/energy projectiles that will be part of the arsenal and the animations are coming along nicely. The casting system is still being revised but the ranged possibilities are encouraging.

Cradle Games is planning to update the public demo with all of these changes in improvements, and they have said they hope to make this update in a month or two, which would be wonderful as many of these changes look like they’re exactly in the right direction from our experiences with the demo. You can check out the demo for yourself now on Steam.

Things seem to be coming along nicely with Hellpoint, we’re looking forward to seeing much more. Thoughts on the update? Let us know in the comments!

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One comment on “Hellpoint Development Update”

  1. Avatar TSMP says:

    I’m impressed by their drive. They really want this to work, huh? That’s a good sign.

    I think what’s most interesting is how much focus they’re putting on the animations when it’s still in alpha. They’re trying to address gameplay concerns now instead of holding off on the polish until after they already have most of the game done? I wonder if making sure the game is smooth and enjoyable ahead of time (as opposed to smoothing it out afterwards) will help the end product? Establish a good direction before it’s too late to change, maybe.

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