Hellpoint Announces Beta Goes Live October 26th

Hellpoint Announces Beta Goes Live October 26th

Cradle Games the developer has teamed up with publisher tinyBuild to bring their dark sci-fi souls-inspired RPG Hellpoint to beta this Friday October 26th.

Hellpoint Beta Goes Live October 26th

Things have been a little quiet in terms of news for Hellpoint but it’s all with good reason, as Cradle Games have joined forces with indie developer and publisher tinyBuild. tinyBuild are known for such games as Graveyard Keeper, Party Hard, Street of Rogue, Undungeon, Hello Neighbour, and more. With this change also comes the announcement of their beta release date. The beta will be launching this Friday 26th October. Those who backed the game on Kickstarter will be receiving Steam keys via email, and will be able to participate in the beta so keep a look out for that email.

The release date has also been announced, being pushed back to July 2019. Cradle explains in their latest project update that they have agreed with tinyBuild to release the title later on so that they can launch it “on all platforms simultaneously”. Further news about online multiplayer has also been shared, Cradle have announced that online multiplayer support will be coming to all platforms.

The developers have listed some content additions:

  • New boss: We started animating the third big boss of the game, which I believe is by far our most bizarre creature yet. We’re about halfway through our “big bosses” roster!
  • New enemies: We’ve added new enemies and are creating 2 more then we should be done with the enemy roster. We’ll be around 15 enemy types in the end, with numerous variants, not counting all the Invaders. Not bad at all!
  • Punchy punches: You can now attack while unarmed.
  • Special “two-hands” attacks: If you got no off-hand equipped, you can use that input (Left Bumper) to trigger a special attack with every weapon. It also adds extra combos’ finisher that can utilize both hands.
  • Complete UI: We’ve finally revamped all the UI of the game. No more programmer art! 😊 It’s all quite new so let us know if there are bugs
  • Level art: Almost half of the team is now dedicated to level art since we really want to complete that big game world. I have only one map left to complete in level design (it’s about halfway there), the rest is done and level artists are dressing all of them up. After that I’ll be concentrating on narration, balancing and quest system.
  • Crafting system: It’s in! You’ll now find crafting materials and blueprints as well as Tech and Occult crafting stations. Try it out and let’s tweak it together via Discord.
  • Gun revamp: After multiple internal discussions we’ve chosen to push the “spell editor” feature into one of the main features of our next IP. I’m sure you understand our “less is more” developer mentality, the feature didn’t appear very popular anyway. We’re testing a new “ammunition” system for the guns and spells. Grenade and mines time!
  • Narration system: We’ve integrated the first iteration of our narration system. You’ll receive more and more cryptic messages from beyond, there will be a few animated cut-scenes for the most important moments in the game.
  • Mystery features and enemies: We’ve added a particularly bizarre world feature and terrifying enemies to go with it, but we can’t spoil it. You’ll have to discover it on your own.
  • A metric ton of improvements, details and love.

Crafting system has now been added allowing players to craft items from blueprints at Tech and Occult crafting stations

If you need to refresher on Hellpoint check out the trailer below:

Hellpoint will be launching it’s beta for Steam this Friday October 26th which will be available for those who backed with a beta key on Kickstarter. The title will launch in July 2019 on all platforms which include PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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    it shows promise.

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