HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide: 10 Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide: 10 Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide: 10 Best Tips and Tricks for New Players – In this Harvestella Beginner Guide, I’m going to share the best tips and tricks that new players need to know when it comes to utilizing their character’s stamina, thriving in combat, and farming in-game money. If you have recently bought this life sim RPG and you want to efficiently plan out your activities, then this guide is for you!

Harvestella was developed and published by Square Enix for PC and Nintendo Switch. It was released just this November 4, 2022.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide: 10 Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

Harvestella has a lot of tricks up its sleeve because you not only have to manage your farm and livestock to accumulate money but you also have to incorporate quests in the picture while building rapport with NPCs. What makes the game quite challenging is the fact that you do not have much time during the day to do all of these activities. And so, we will zero in on the things you should prioritize starting with managing your stamina wisely.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide – Manage Stamina Effectively

There are two stats to take note of in Harvestella, namely HP and stamina. Between the two, however, stamina should be prioritized because it dictates whether or not you can perform activities inside and outside combat. For instance, if this resource has been completely depleted, you will not be able to gather any materials, engage in fishing, plow the land to plant seeds, and harvest them after that.

Manage Stamina Effectively

One of the biggest ways to quickly whittle it down is by sprinting when you are exploring towns or dungeons so unless you have an abundant supply of cooked food with you, it would be best to simply run around. You may have noticed that I mentioned “cooked food” in the previous statement because this is the only way to effectively restore a decent amount of stamina over time as opposed to eating raw food or wasting your day by sleeping.

Moreover, you spend stamina when you activate skills to deal significant damage as well as execute normal attacks, the latter of which consumes less of this resource. Crafting materials and cooking food will not lower it, meaning, you can keep performing both actions without hesitation.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide – Farm Grilla by Fishing and Cooking

In the game, the main currency is known as Grilla, which can be earned by shipping vegetables, fruits, and other materials acquired through exploration and quests. But the best sources of income would be from fishing and cooking. Remember though that these activities are not immediately accessible to players so, at the start, they will have to sell harvested items. Rather than purchasing the Backpack 2 or seeds from the General Store, you ought to save up for the Fishing Knowledge book, which costs 800 Grilla.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide - Fishing Knowledge Book

The price may seem steep but it is a worthy investment for long-term gain. You do not even have to craft a fishing rod since the book is sufficient. In the meantime, remember to keep most items in your storage box, except for food, before going on an adventure to make room for loot. Fishing is much more lucrative than selling fruits and vegetables because you are able to earn daily instead of relying on specific days when you can only collect your harvest. Although it takes a bit of time, it is possible to gather 15-20 fish a day.

Another good business is cooking food and delivering it to select NPCs in towns to improve their menu. The more food you deliver, the higher the reward. In fact, you can earn as much as 2,000 Grilla, provided that you have the ingredients and the Kitchen Counter. This can be bought from The Renovator for 2,000 Grilla and it only takes a day to construct.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide - Food Delivery

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide – Craft Food Processors and Farms Next

Next to the Kitchen Counter, you will want to save up on food processors like the Fermenting Barrel and Flour Mill as well as animal farms to produce juice, feed, and eggs, respectively. Berry and Vegetable Juice are essential items to bring in addition to cooked food as they specifically restore a large chunk of your HP. They, together with eggs, are also ingredients of difficult dishes that restaurant owners are asking for. Additionally, there is the feed, which serves as the main food source of your farm animals so rather than purchasing them from Conellu, you will now have the option to process them yourself.

Crafting Fermenting Barrel

These processor recipes are obtained as rewards from Faerie Orders by finishing objectives like harvesting certain vegetables or even cooking several dishes. So before exploring the other places that Harvestella has to offer, make it a habit to first check whether or not you have completed bounties over here.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide – Stock Up on Important Items

On top of bringing food and beverages, you must stock up on  Return Bells, Repair Kits, and Bombs before exploring dungeons and neighboring towns. Even if you can teleport directly back home via Motus Monolites, you are still better off using Return Bells as the latter instantly sends you back from wherever you are without having to travel to specific points of interest. Doing so will save you a ton of time, especially if you are nearing the 12 MN curfew. Reserve Bells are crafted using Monolite Fragments.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide - Reserve Bell Crafting

Next are Repair Kits that let you fix ladders and bridges on the fly. Although it usually takes away an hour of repair time each, these passageways eventually serve as shortcuts, which you need to quickly and fully explore dungeons. The only necessary materials to craft these kits are Lumber and Hard Stone. And finally are the Bombs. You will gain access to its recipe as you progress further in Chapter 3. Similar to Repair Kits, they clear the way for you to discover shortcuts in a game where managing your time is of prime importance to finish quests and effectively perform life sim activities.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide – Engage in Efficient Farming

Every season in Harvestella lasts for 30 days, and while a season is ongoing, you can only harvest specific produce unless otherwise stated. Some like the Cucumble are much more flexible in that even if they can only blossom during the Spring Season, they can be constantly harvested without having to replant them. If you do not have an abundant supply of this vegetable, then I recommend purchasing it from the General Store in Lethe Village.

Seeds from the Mayor

However, for the other seeds, you are better off obtaining them from side quests, chests, drops through exploration and combat, and the Mayor. Similar to Stardew Valley, he will randomly send seeds via your mailbox. Additionally, it is worth remembering that when the Quietus appears on the 31st day, all crops that have not been retrieved beforehand will die. As such, you need to stop planting them on the 27th or 28th day in accordance with their harvest dates, otherwise, you will end up wasting seeds.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide – Plan Out Your Day

Each day in the game starts at 6 AM. If you die in combat or do not sleep before 12 MN, you will become unconscious like in Stardew Valley. The following morning, you will not only have to pay the doctor, Cres, 175 Grilla for saving you but also wake up at 12 NN, wasting 6 precious hours. To make the most out of what you have, I highly recommend engaging in the following activities in this order: tending to your plants and farm, cooking, fishing, questing and exploration, and then crafting.

Plan Out Your Day by Harvesting First

During the morning, you can focus on plowing the land, watering the plants, harvesting fruits and vegetables, looking after your livestock, and preparing meals. This will take roughly 3 hours or less depending on how big your farm is. You can then visit Lethe Village or Shatolla to fish for unique sea creatures until 12 NN. Alternatively, you have the option of starting quests, exploring dungeons, and engaging in combat until nighttime while you are not yet tired, otherwise, you will be at a disadvantage, especially when fighting against higher-leveled monsters. The debuff is automatically incurred by 10 PM when you start feeling sleepy.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide - Cooking

Additionally, this is the time when most stores close so if you need to buy anything, allot at least 30 minutes.

In case you become overwhelmed by the number of active quests and need a breather, you ought to stand still and press Esc to figure out where to go next because this is the only way to pause time. Now if you have acquired seeds through exploration, it is better to plant and water them before going to bed. Doing so will allow you to harvest them faster. You can also engage in crafting but just be mindful of the time it takes to finish an item to avoid passing out.

Befriend NPCs

Not all NPCs are worth befriending simply because they do not offer much in the way of conversation or rewards. They are usually the ones who walk in town as opposed to those who ask you for favors via side quests. In the first few hours of the game, and to save time, you should focus on improving your rapport with Cres and the Mayor who usually sends their requests through the mailbox as well as your companions like Aria. Not only do they reward you with Grilla and useful materials but also, their performance in combat becomes improved.

Befriend NPCs by Completing Side Quests

For teammates, make sure to take a break once per day by the Motus Monolite in dungeons and select food to open newer lines of dialogue. This is, however, sporadic so experiment with different cuisines to properly interact with them. You should also upgrade their corresponding weapons via The Smithy except for Dianthus since he soon leaves the party so you can reserve the materials for someone else.

How to Survive in Combat

Combat in Harvestella works differently in that you cannot block or parry enemy attacks, nor outright dodge by pressing a button. Instead, you will have to constantly move around after 1-2 hits to survive, especially against tougher creatures. Getting as far away from their radar as possible will protect you from taking damage. Luring them one by one will give you a distinct advantage of putting them down quickly. Furthermore, it is ideal to use your companion as a decoy to receive the damage on your behalf because should you die, the day will immediately end.

FEAR Fights - How to Survive in Combat

When it comes to boss or FEAR fights, you will need to constantly attack them using elements they are weak against to fill their Break Gauge. As such, you have to become aggressive rather than zipping in and out of combat. Doing so will not only amplify the damage you deal but also prevent them from unleashing deadly heavy attacks against you and your teammates. It is also much more beneficial to stock up on juices as they are better at restoring a considerable amount of HP compared to food, unless you need the extra stamina boost and status abnormality resistances, of course.

Take Advantage of Job Swapping

There are several classes to consider in this RPG but you can only equip three at a time, and swap them accordingly. To lower the swapping cooldown rate, remember to invest in the Shorten Job Change Cooldown passive. Here are the noteworthy skills to take for the following beginner jobs:

  • Assault Savant – This class specializes in utilizing science to manipulate reality and harness energy. Out of the active abilities, Circuit Ignition is the best one to invest in because it lets you potentially stun multiple targets within the AoE. As such, you can easily move around in combat to attack them from any angle.
  • Mage – This class is a must-have because it lets you specialize in several elements such as Frost and Electricity. Due to the long cast times, you can open with Assault Savant’s Circuit Ignition, which is a dash move, and then cast spells depending on the enemy’s weaknesses.
  • Fighter – The Fighter is a class that deals excellent AoE damage thanks to Crescent Slash and Flame Tongue with the latter inflicting damage over time. Rather than allocating points to Blaze II, I recommend improving Crescent Slash and Flame Tongue instead since Blaze is not a powerful ability, to begin with.

HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide - Fighter Job Skill Tree

Level Up Wisely

Taking care of your crops and farm animals together with fishing will only take you as far as accumulating a hefty amount of Grilla but doing these activities alone won’t level up your character. It is for this reason that you must also engage in combat. The more creatures slaughtered and quests finished, the more experience gained for that particular day.

Level Up Wisely

Given your low level at the start, you will want to avoid big bosses known as FEAR. Regardless of whether or not they are awake, you can lure its minions by moving closer without alerting the boss. If they follow you around, you only need to sprint to reach a certain distance to escape from their presence. You should only instigate combat against FEAR creatures when your level is near or above them since by then, your skills will become more effective. As such, you won’t waste time, which can be used for other activities.

What did you think of this HARVESTELLA Beginner Guide? Will you be playing the Life Sim Sandbox RPG soon? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. For other content, check out God Of War Ragnarok Review: Game Of The Year? and Undecember Gameplay Overview: New Hack & Slash ARPG.


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