Harry Potter Open-World RPG by Avalanche Software Aimed for PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021

Harry Potter Open-World RPG by Avalanche Software Aimed for PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021

You may remember over a year ago there were rumours of a Harry Potter title leak along with some footage of the game. A report states that this game is in the works under Avalance Software and slated for 2021 release.

Harry Potter Open-World RPG by Avalanche Software Aimed for 2021

According to a report on Bloomberg by Jason Schrier, the rumoured Harry Potter RPG is currently under development by Avalanche Software. It also mentions its slated fro a 2021 release for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. According to the article it was supposed to be announce during the E3 press conference, however due to COVID-19 which ended up cancelling the event, the plans for the reveal also changed. Schrier also shares that the RPG will be announced some time after DC FanDome which takes place in August.

But leaks have been turning up surrounding the game, lately revealing you will create a character as a 5th-year transfer student attending Hogwarts. After being sorted into a house, you will take on quests dependent on your house. The leak also suggests the game will be a much darker rendition compared to the books and movies.

A Reddit user by the name of notexpectedbut who claims to work on the Warner Bros. marketing team shares that the title for game is in fact Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy and no Potter in the title at all. But of course details revealed in this post by that user needs to be taken with a giant grain of salt as there is no way to confirm their position or why they’d be leaking such info. The post goes onto to share a number of gameplay details including skill trees with five different branches to focus on in terms of magical abilities, four different hubs to explore and yes there will be Quidditch.

How dark? Is what I’m wondering. While Harry Potter may be aimed at children, there were definitely some very dark parts and it will be amazing to see an RPG version with a more sinister feel. Hopefully we get to do some wizard duelling and to cast some Unforgivable Curses…you know at the bad guys of course. I for one am all for an open world Hogwarts game, complete with casting spells and discovering more mysteries of the wizarding world.

It was back in 2018 when some alleged leaked footage for the game ended up on Reddit, featuring character creation, potion making, spells and a character running around in third-person view. A lot of the scenes looked straight out of Hogwarts, featuring the Great Hall and the underground area seen in the Chamber of Secrets. There were also job postings under Avalanche during that time that were looking for positions for a “large-scale console game project” and “AAA” was used to describe the project. This seems to fit everything that is being shared by the Bloomberg article and recent leaks.

Screenshot taken from the leaked footage possibly showing a mysterious creature in the Forbidden Forest.

So far there haven’t been any confirmations from Avalanche themselves or from publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, so we will have to wait until after DC FanDome which takes place digitally on August 22nd.

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