Half-Life comes to Final Fantasy XV for a limited time.

Half-Life comes to Final Fantasy XV for a limited time.

There have been some strange crossover events over the years and this is one of the strangest. Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC soon. For a limited time, PC players will be able to claim some Half-Life items.

Half-Life meets Final Fantasy: An unholy union, like curry donuts?

Players who buy Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition through Steam by the end of April will get the Half-Life Pack. You can pick it up via the Steam Workshop. It lets you to dress up as Gordon Freeman. There are three different parts to this: the HEV suit, Gordon Freeman’s glasses, and his signature crowbar.

Half-Life Final Fantasy

Here’s a look at what Noctis looks like when cosplaying as Gordon Freeman. Aw, bless! He couldn’t even grow any stubble – let alone a beard. Maybe they should have given him a fake one?

These items can be equipped in both the single-player campaign. It will be nice introducing the monsters of Final Fantasy XV to the power of the crowbar. It might take a bit of getting used to, seeing Noctis looking like Gordon Freeman though. The items can also be equipped in Comrades – the game’s multiplayer mode.

Half-Life Final Fantasy

Can you spot the difference? Which one is Gordon Freeman and which one is Noctis? If you need a clue, you probably need better glasses. Either that, or you haven’t even played the Half-Life games yet.

It’s an odd event but this may be the closest we’ll get to Half-Life 3 for a long while, so enjoy! Do you think we’ll get to play Final Fantasy XXXI first or Half-Life 3? Please comment below and let us know!

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  1. ckmishn says:

    This just feels like "rubbing it in" rather than a promotion. How about bringing some "Half-life" to the world of "Half-life" instead?

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