Gunfire Games Releases A Developer Let’s Play For Remnant From The Ashes Featuring Yaesha

Gunfire Games Releases A Developer Let’s Play For Remnant From The Ashes Featuring Yaesha

The latest video in Gunfire Games’ Let’s Play series dives into the mysterious area of Yaesha.

Gunfire Games Releases Let’s Play Remnant From The Ashes Featuring Yaesha

The latest “Let’s Play” from developer Gunfire Games delves into the location of Yaesha with Principal Designer Ben Cureton and Principal Environment Artist Shaun Brahmsteadt. An area with forests, treetop villages and ancient structures. Lurking in these leafy green areas are dangerous wild inhabitants.

The video also introduces some different features of Remnant From the Ashes. Making builds will depend on choosing Weapon Mods that you choose for your basic weapons, trinkets such as Rings or Amulets, and traits. Traits can be picked up throughout playing the game and will act as a sort of stat buff which affect things such as Stamina or Health. Trinkets add permanent buffs which include increased critical damage or increased healing.

Mods add increasing effects such as Blink tokens, which allow players to quickly manoeuvre in a flash, making them invulnerable to attacks as they do so.

You can also use your surroundings as cover, in Yaesha these include ruins or temples. The devs talk about how they designed cover according to the locations, making them artistically pleasing as well as practical.

The Kin Caller can summon more enemies to back him up.

We also get introduced to the boss Kin Caller, who can summon more enemies, which can make some challenging gameplay for players. Remnant uses procedurally generated content, so each playthrough is different.

Remnant: From the Ashes comes to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 20th for $39.99, with VIP early access available to those who pre-order.

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