Guild Wars 2 Expansion Path of Fire Announced For September Release

Guild Wars 2 Expansion Path of Fire Announced For September Release

Last updated on August 2nd, 2017

NCsoft and developer ArenaNet have revealed the second expansion for Guild Wars 2, called Path of Fire, and it will release on September 22nd for the acclaimed MMORPG. The expansion will be a standalone experience so you don’t need to own the prior expansion Heart of Thorns or the base game to play it, and it will get a free preview event next weekend.

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Expansion

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ is the second expansion for the award-winning game, Guild Wars 2. As the balance of magic comes undone, lead your allies in the hunt for the rogue god Balthazar, whose scorched-earth campaign threatens the very existence of Tyria.

The Path of Fire expansion contains the following:

  • 9 new specializations, one for each profession
    • Firebrand – Guardian
    • Scourge – Necromancer
    • Deadeye – Thief
    • Mirage – Mesmer
    • Weaver – Elementalist
    • Soulbeast – Ranger
    • Renegade – Revenant
    • Hollowsmith – Engineer
    • Spellbreaker – Warrior
  • 5 new open zones, the largest ever made
  • Mounts – brand new feature, these animals let you traverse the new zones, ride in combat, solve puzzles and jump, hover and reach new areas. The new mounts are the Raptor, Springer, Skimmer and Jackal
  • The expansion is cheaper than Heart of Thorns, costing 30€, with additional (more and more expensive) tiers for bonus (mostly cosmetic) stuff.
  • You don’t have to purchase the game to play in the trial, you only have to register for a free account and download the client.

You will discover and earn treasures as you journey through the Crystal Desert. and outfit your character with new armor sets, skins, and weapons inspired by Elonian culture and the heritage of the desert. There will also be challenging boss bounties to tackle with others. You can also claim a new home for your guild, but you must own Heart of Thorns to claim it.

Check out some lovely screens from the expansion:

There are 3 different buying options beginning at 29.99 USD and going up to 79.99 USD for an ultimate edition that features several bonuses. You can sort through the options here.

guild wars 2 path of fire

Always have to love good standalone DLC like this month’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. They are often great ways to get an idea if you want to take a plunge into a larger world.

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