Grime The Unforgiving Action-RPG Gets Gameplay Trailer

Grime The Unforgiving Action-RPG Gets Gameplay Trailer

Last updated on October 23rd, 2020

Developer Clover Bite has shared a new gameplay trailer featuring the upcoming Action-RPG which previews combat mechanics, progression systems and more.

Grime The Unforgiving Action-RPG Gets Gameplay Trailer

The latest trailer has been released for the side-scroller Action-RPG Grime, a challenging title which puts you against foes using living weapons, that possess mutated forms and functions to destroy them with. The video gives an overview of the game’s combat mechanics, progression systems and how to transverse the world.

Grime has a challenging combat system which is all about timing, dodging and parrying at the right moments. Influenced by souls-like combat mechanics and Metroidvania world design. Grime is also as its name suggests, a dark, and bizarre fantasy world, full of strange looking creatures and mutations.

Players can use a humanoid black hole, which is capable of absorbing enemies it comes in contact with, gaining their powers in the process and enabling the player to use them as an attack, each enemy has a different effect. This black hole is not only a unique combat mechanic, but also grants players with useful tools to help them transverse the alien like world, gaining access to new areas in true metroidvania style.

The game offers other features such as some challenging platforming, exploration and let’s you uncover a number of secrets. You may also discover more about the alien world’s lore. Check out the gameplay overview video below narrated by director Yarden Weissbrot of Grime :

Grime is expected to release some time in 2021 on PC via Steam.

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