Greedfall: A look at Spiders’ new 17th century inspired RPG

Greedfall: A look at Spiders’ new 17th century inspired RPG

Spiders‘ latest game, Greedfall, is due to be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles later this year. It’s a fresh new RPG, set in the 17th Century.

Greedfall looks like Dragon Age meets Hamilton

Set in the 17th Century, the game sees the protagonist inhabit an island paradise that’s been occupied by colonial forces from various distinct nations from fictional lands. Check out the reveal trailer below.

If you enjoyed Spiders‘ other games (such as Bound By Flame and Technomancer), you’ll know what to expect. They’re rough around the edges. I still found a lot to like and look forward to playing this one too.


It’s an interesting 17th century-inspired setting…but Greedfall features more monsters and magic than featured in the average history book.

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2 comments on “Greedfall: A look at Spiders’ new 17th century inspired RPG”

  1. Avatar TSMP says:

    What an awkward title for a game.

  2. Avatar qeter says:

    i think it works well enough with the colonialism themes and such. that being said this game has a lot to prove after the poor reception of technomancer.

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