GreedFall Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

GreedFall Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Spiders has released a gameplay walkthrough video that spans 14 minutes, showing off the action-RPG GreedFall.

GreedFall Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

So far we have seen a few different videos from GreedFall developer Spiders, who shared a gameplay overview previewing some of the in-game choices, character customisation and even combat styles. But now they release 14 minutes of gameplay, giving fans a more in-depth look into what they can expect from the mystical RPG.

The video highlights some of environments including the wilderness, where a host of strange creatures lurk, and come out at night. There will be a fair few ways to tackle them whether it be through magic, alchemy, firearms or another skill. There is quite a bit of flexibility in playstyle from what is shown.

You can also set up camp, with a workbench to help craft customisable equipment upgrades, switching out parts to help improve your gear’s stats and fashion. Spending time at a campsite will also grant opportunities to get to know your companions a little better, as this RPG will require you to put your life in their hands as part of your party.

You check out the gameplay trailer below:

GreedFall releases on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 10th. Don’t miss out on pre-order bonuses by reading about them here.

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