GreedFall Delayed to 2019 and E3 2018 Trailer Released

GreedFall Delayed to 2019 and E3 2018 Trailer Released

Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer at E3 2018 for Greedfall, an action RPG set in the 17th century. Developed by Spider Games, the title has been delayed and now will release in 2019.

GreedFall Delayed to 2019 and E3 2018 Trailer

GreedFall a 17th century RPG had an original release window of this year 2018 but has recently been announced to be pushed back to a 2019 release. The game is inspired by European Baroque art and uses a warm palette similar to that of a painting from this era.

The story follows the settlers, mercenaries and treasure hunters as they flee their continent due to pollution and plaguing disease. They discover a remote island that is said to be full of magic, unearthed treasures and forgotten mysteries. Join a world where tension arises, as warring sides of invading settlers and native inhabitants fight it out on the battlefield. But not all is what it seems, the locals are protected by island magic which conjures supernatural beings.

Greedfall strongly identifies as an RPG, combining detailed worlds filled with mystery and expansive character interactions. The game sets to give players choices when it comes to play-style as quests and objectives can be settled through combat, diplomacy, deception or even stealth. In this evolving world, your actions will have dire consequences when it comes to shaping political relationships between establishing factions.

At E3 2018, a new trailer was shared, you can check it out below:

Greedfall is now set to release next year in 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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