Graveyard Keeper New Trailer Could Be a Creepy Stardew Valley

Graveyard Keeper New Trailer Could Be a Creepy Stardew Valley

Publisher tinyBuild share new gameplay trailer of their upcoming project Graveyard Keeper, a simulator graveyard management game set to release sometime 2018.

Graveyard Keeper New Trailer

This could be a very morbid version of simulator games similar to Stardew Valley. Instead of managing a farm, your job is to manage a graveyard and not in the most ethical way. In this medieval graveyard, you work to build your business by selling bodies to make alliances or choosing other methods to keep your graveyard business afloat.

Features you should look out for in this trailer are probably the most unusual aspects when it comes to simulation game, witches being burned, extracting flesh from dead bodies and even sermons are preached, welcome to the medieval times. It also shows some of the more well known sim features, planting and crafting.

This looks like a unique twist on the sim game genre, if you like dark humor this could be the game for your. Graveyard is set to release sometime 2018 on PC and Xbox one.

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