Granblue Fantasy Relink Gets Details on Multiplayer, Storyline, PC Version and More

Granblue Fantasy Relink Gets Details on Multiplayer, Storyline, PC Version and More

Last updated on February 8th, 2019

It was earlier this year when director Tetsuya Fukuhara of the mobile game Granblue Fantasy revealed news about the upcoming console title Granblue Fantasy Relink. He now shares more about the action-RPG which includes multiplayer, backstory, PC version and more.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Gets Details on Multiplayer, Storyline, PC Version and More

In an interview with Famitsu Fukuhara share more about the universe of Granblue. Since the mobile game has already been wildly popular in Japan, the world is quite familiar to those who play the title. The upcoming Granblue Fantasy Relink will take place before the mobile storyline, new characters will also be appearing in Relink and may even come to the mobile game in future.

In some of the gameplay revealed by Cygames, you can see something around the character Vyrn’s neck. Fukuhara explained that this item will give Vyrn the ability to communicate with party members through the world. He also shared about the flow of the game, players will travel through different stages and locations to make their way to a boss. On their journey they will encounter subquests and be able to explore the different areas that exist in the Granblue world.

So far, the developer has not revealed the number of playable characters. He did however comment that in comparison to Platinum Games’ Bayonetta, that title has a great number of weapons which offers players a various number of play styles. This means that if you look at the weapon range as a type of play style there are many ways for players to tackle enemies with the different weapon-types available to a character. Characters will also be able to be unlocked which will require players to complete certain requirements in order to do so.

The upcoming Granblue Fantasy Relink will also be getting up to four player co-op. Players will also get to choose their character before quests, allowing you to decide how you wish to progress, either with the same character or another. After the main story line is complete, players will be able to take on more challenging quests which they can take on with teammates. You will also be able to complete easier quests in co-op earlier on the in game if you wish.

Fukuhara shared that Granblue Fantasy Relink’s development is reaching the same stage as Granblue Fantasy Versus. However, Relink is a much larger game by comparison, and most likely Versus will release some time after Relink. As for the PC version, they hope to release on the platform of Steam in the future but will concentrate on console for the time being.

You can check out the screenshots and video below:

Granblue Fantasy Relink was originally suppose to launch in 2018, however the release date has been pushed, so far no release window has been shared.

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