Godfall Reveals First PS5 Gameplay Trailer

Godfall Reveals First PS5 Gameplay Trailer

Godfall got a gameplay trailer today featuring the god-like Valorian Knight in action.

Godfall Reveals First PS5 Gameplay Trailer

Godfall got a new trailer today during the PS5 event which features the Valorian Knight with some gameplay. Counterplay Games the developer behind the Action-RPG inspired by titles such as Dark Souls and Monster Hunter World, finally share more of the action players can expect from this high melee combat title.

Previously we had only a glimpse of some early footage to preview what to expect in terms of close range combat, but now with the latest trailer we get better idea of what Godfall will look like. From the trailer the combat shows a number of weapons including shields, swords, polearms and more. It also shows a mix of dual-wielding and two handed weapons.

The video description explains that Valorian knights are “god-like” fighters that can use Valorplates which are legendary armor sets that grant wearers with immense melee power.

The Playstation Blog also shares a few new details about the backstory of Godfall. The world of Aperion is about to be turned into rubble, and as a Valorian knight you are the last standing defence.

Players will gain access to five weapon classes, be able to unlock a number of Valorplates through gameplay, level up their character plus learn new skills. You don’t have to go it alone either, there is up to three-player co-op with PvE online. It also shows a few formidable bosses which look about ready to crush anyone in their path.

Previously the developer shared that the gameplay system features  a “drop in and drop out” system similar to that of Destiny or Monster Hunter World, but with a heavy Dark Souls influence.

More details will be coming for Godfall, so watch it this space as the news releases. What do you think of the gameplay trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

Godfall will release on PC and will be a PS5 launch title this year 2020. Check out our Godfall wiki for all the latest.

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