Godfall Gets New PS5 Gameplay Video

Godfall Gets New PS5 Gameplay Video

At Sony’s State of Play today Godfall gets a brand new gameplay video showing nearly 9 minutes of the action on PS5.

Godfall Gets New PS5 Gameplay Video

In the latest State of Play, that featured games coming both to Playstation 4, PSVR and Playstation 5, Godfall gets nearly 9 minutes of the looter-slasher in action. Godfall is an action combat game that is confirmed to be coming to Playstation 5, said to be a mix of Dark Souls with Monster Hunter World co-op feel.

The new gameplay video showing combat on PS5, features a lengthy video that is narrated by the game director for Couterplay Games, Keith Lee. The video not only shows enemies, movement but also some of the locations. It mentions both single-player and online co-op which allows up to two additional players to join you.

The director also promises there are no microtransactions, and all gear is acquired through the intense combat. There are a number plates, that can be equipped to suit your playstyle. The intention for Godfall was to bring together RPG progression with third-person action combat, which the devs call a looter-slasher. It also looks like that while Armor is an important factor to the game, skill is also a focus, meaning you will need to bring your A game to take down these foes.

From what we can see, the combat is fast paced, with a hack ‘n’ slash feel. Lee shares although a defensive strategy to combat will help you with mobs, the game will reward players for “dominating the combat space” with a more aggressive approach.

We also get a quick look at the 5 weapon classes, the long sword, the dual blades, the pole-arm, the two-handed warhammer and the two-handed great sword. The combat is primarily melee so you won’t be finding any staves or long-range weapons here.

Your weapon class choice will be dependent on the style of play you prefer, for example choosing dual blades offers fast, fluid combat, allowing a combo of light attacks to deal some decent damage. What’s cool about the dual blades is the use of Mortal Coil, allowing you to grab those enemies, pulling them closer to you, and unleash hell.

Toward the end of the video we get to see the character face off against a boss, showing some of what players will face. Each weapon class has their move sets and set of combos.

Previously it was confirmed that there will be no cross-gen, no plans for releasing on PS4.

Godfall will be releasing on Playstation 5 and on PC in the holidays of 2020.

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