God of War Release Date Potentially Leaked!

God of War Release Date Potentially Leaked!

A recent product listing on the Chilean and US PlayStation Stores may have just revealed the release date for the much-anticipated God of War  action-adventure game.

God of War – Still Coming Next Year!

The upcoming title’s release date was shown as March 22nd, 2018, which is inline with the first God of War  game that launched back in March 22nd, 2005.

And if true, will not only pay homage to the original entry, but will also coincide with Sony’s intended release time-frame of Early 2018.

However, it wasn’t long until the dates were later changed to December 31st, 2018, a likely placeholder date. Nonetheless, there are still the upcoming The Game Awards 2017 and PlayStation Experience 2017 events that may provide a clear answer to this.

And in the meantime, you can tide yourself over with God of War‘s  latest gameplay trailer.

God of War  is set to release sometime in early 2018, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

You can check out some gorgeous art-work from God of War, featuring the fascinating realms you’ll be visiting, as well as these creature showcases of the Fire Troll and the Undead Draugr, who are some of the enemies in the game.

If you didn’t know, Santa Monica Studios hosts a podcast discussing the Nordic mythology God of War  is based on. Also, the studio will be making changes to the God of War  game mechanics, which brings in the creators of ‘Thors Hammer.

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