God of War Leviathan War Axe & Combat!

God of War Leviathan War Axe & Combat!

A new chapter to the God of War   “The Lost Pages of Norse Myth” has cropped up from Santa Monica Studio, which takes a look at the game’s new set of arsenal and combat.

God of War – Arsenal

The latest episode is a podcast with a runtime of over 40 minutes long and delves deep into Kratos’ Leviathan war axe and his approach to battle. The Leviathan is a major shift from his usual Blades of Chaos/Athena/etc… as a primary weapon. Then there’s his new shield and Atreus’ bow that gets some spotlight too. You can check them with the images below.

Previously, a PlayStation product listing may have leaked God of War‘s  release date. And below, you can get a tease on the latest chapter or you can head on over to the official God of War  website for the full podcast.

God of War  is set to release sometime in early 2018, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

You can also check out some gorgeous art-work from God of War, featuring the fascinating realms you’ll be visiting, as well as these creature showcases of the Fire Troll and the Undead Draugr, who are some of the enemies in the game.

Also, the developers discuss the Norse mythology that the new game is set in. And aside from the switch in mythologies, there will be changes made to the God of War  formula as well.

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