God of War Reveals Photo Mode – Kratos Can Smile

God of War Reveals Photo Mode – Kratos Can Smile

During a recent livestream for the God of War launch, Sony Interactive Entertainment showed off some unique features of an upcoming photo mode which will be coming in a future update.

God of War Reveals Photo Mode

There have been photo modes in the past but not like this, not only will you be to alter filters, depth of field but you will be able to choose the facial expressions of the characters. Ever wanted to see Kratos smile? Now you can, along with a lot of other facial expressions for both Arteus and Kratos. This unique feature is currently not available with the current release of God of War but will coming to an update some time in the future.

The mode includes a lot of functions to play around with, including more atmospheric shots which could start a real photo challenge between players.

You can catch the photo mode live in action in their livestream video:

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    Kratos? Smiling?
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