God of War New Trailer – We’re Not Trolling You

God of War New Trailer – We’re Not Trolling You

With God of War fast approaching it’s release on April 20th, a new trailer has appeared featuring combat with a giant troll and all it’s brutality.

God of War New Trailer Shows Epic Troll

In the latest video shared by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Game Director Cory Barlog, Principal Character Artist Raphael Grassetti and Gameplay Designer Jason McDonald share their experience creating the troll and even how they fared when fighting the monstrous opponent:


Some advice for players who plan to tackle the troll should note:

It’s fun to watch people fight the troll because some people are just so scared, they just run away all the time and throw their axe at him constantly. However, since you can aim your axe at his head and aim your axe at his arms and legs – there are certain parts of him you can aim at – I would advise just getting in their and kicking his ass because Kratos can handle anything.

Jason McDonald – Gameplay Designer

God of War is still available for preorder before it’s launch on April 20th, to read more check out Rumour: God Of War To Be A Huge ‘Epic On Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Scale’God Of War Soundtrack and God of War news here.


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