GOD EATER 3 New Aragami & Protagonist Details!

GOD EATER 3 New Aragami & Protagonist Details!

Bandai Namco has revealed new information on their upcoming Monster Hunter  like action-RPG, GOD EATER 3.

GOD EATER 3 – New Info!

The new information revealed compliments the previously released screenshots for the game. And gives us a better idea on the Aragami, the protagonist and more.

The Protagonist

God Eater 3’s  protagonist wields dual-bladed God Arcs and has bracelets on each hand that forms into handcuffs, which also has a story of its own. This makes him stand out from previous God Arc users. His attire is worn-out and is patch up in places, with a cape donning an image of a broken Fenrir emblem.

New Fields

The set pieces in GOD EATER 3  has been significantly upgraded and in combination of dust particles, light and other details, they create an depth and atmospheric immersion.

A canyon field where the sun shines through the dust hanging over. The protruding rocks have been broken, and their insides have dissolved and are illuminating as if they are eroding. Human-made objects can be seen here and there.

A ruined field covered in a grey emptiness, where crumbling buildings are lined up one after the other. A huge hole is visible in the slanted buildings, which emits an ominous light as if it was eaten into and inflamed. There is truly no feeling of human presence here.

New Aragami

The new Aragamis will be far more dangerous. As the one showcased below utilizes aggressive attacks on God Arc players, that deals massive damage. It also shifts its phase from quadrupedal to bipedal with new attacks and an even more aggressive behavior. Players are recommended to adjust and adapt their tactics accordingly.

Players can combine their blade’s hilts into a two-handed weapon. There are also laser-type projectile weaponry available in GOD EATER 3.  Furthermore, the protagonist has Oracle Cells seeping out his right arm and whether this is an indicator for Burst Mode or for something else has yet to be explained. Combat in the game will be flashy and stylish as always.

More Aragamis

More details on the Aragamis below will be revealed later, along with a number of new fields.

GOD EATER 3  is currently under development, with a release date that’s yet to be announced. Also, the game will be officially coming to Western shores.

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