Genshin Impact: Your Next Addiction to get that Tier List Best Team

The free-to-play online-RPG Genshin Impact servers went live this week, meaning the waifu collector is now available on a number of platforms which includes PC, PS4, iOS, and Android. However, you may be wondering if this game is more than just about collecting characters, and if it has more to it? In this article, we’ll go into just why this open-world action-RPG has a lot to offer fans and new players alike, and why it will be hard to put down once you start playing, and it’s not only because you can continue playing your save on mobile when you step away from your PC!

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Genshin Impact: You’re Next Addiction

Genshin Impact has been making waves since it’s announcement, as it has promised an open-world experience with Zelda: BOTW combat, but with a characters galore twist. Yes that’s right, you can play your favorite party of waifus/husbandos to your heart’s content, and we’re going to share our top reasons why this anime themed RPG will be your next obsession.

Genshin Impact Features

  • Gacha character unlock system
  • Action-RPG combat with elemental combinations and hack ‘n’ slash
  • Open-world exploration
  • A story driven game
  • Free-to-play with cross-progression between PC/Android/iOS
  • Online Co-op with cross-platform (play with friends no matter their platform choice) unlocked at Adventure level 16
  • World events, queueing system to join timed events with random players, or invite friends

What is Genshin Impact?

To give you a better idea of what Genshin Impact is about let me give you a quick intro. It follows the story of a brother and sister, twins in fact that possess some rather remarkable abilities and can wield Anemo. Think of it as a super power which can manipulate elements such as fire (Pyro), water (Hydro), electricity (Electro), frost (Cryo) and so on. Depending on which character you choose (male or female) your sibling gets sucked into a different dimension, leaving you alone in a world unfamiliar to you. Here is where the adventure begins, meeting your cute and loveable side-kick Paimon, and a host of other playable characters to join to your party.

Genshin Impact is an online Action-RPG, and free-to-play, so unlocking characters is a mix of story progression and RNG. Genshin provides you firstly with fire archer Amber, then icy sword wielder Kaeya and so on. There are more characters to gain, some through weekly events, and through the Wish system which has in-game currency or real-money payment options. Beyond the ones Genshin provides you, which characters you unlock will be the luck of the draw for the most part, as it relies heavily on a gacha-based system, which frankly is part of the fun, as you don’t know which character will drop next.

Genshin Impact Monetisation

One of the big questions for any free-to-play game is monetization model, and how reliant is it in terms of progression. I played through two different betas (PC/PS4) and played a good 8 hours so far on PC after launch (plus a little on mobile), so I think it’s safe to say I’ve played Genshin Impact quite a bit. But something I haven’t seen yet is endgame, so I can only tell you my current experience with the characters I’ve managed to successfully unlock.

Genshin Impact has in-game currency, Primogems which can be earned by adventuring, doing quests, discovering Waypoints, through the daily login bonus, and doing in-game activities. These can be used to purchase other currencies such as Acquaint Fates that are used to purchase Wishes, and can even be purchased with real-money. The banner promotions will probably change over time, offering different rewards on a weekly/monthly basis, with different odds to collect rarer characters. There are also options to use currency to purchase characters straight up from the shop, if they’re on offer that week, for those of you who feel they have bad luck and don’t want to chance it on Wishes.

There are a few different Wish types which will have different promotions. Beginner wishes for example may grant you a 4 star characters or possibly more, but it’s all luck. The drop rates are lower for higher rarity characters. This makes the whole gacha system quite addictive, but still with options to use your in-game earned currency.

There is however a really good beginner promotion offering 1600 Primogems to celebrate the launch, and there is a further 10 Acquaint Fates (once you reach adventure Rank 10) to celebrate the global Pre-Registration Milestone Reward, so you do begin with something without ever investing any money.

Open-World Exploration

The world is pretty big, with a number of regions to unlock and discover. You’re free to roam at your leisure, unlocking Waypoints as you go along, with some of Genshin’s areas unlocking through the game’s story. I feel this is great for anyone who loves to just explore and discover the little puzzles/mysteries that this game has to offer, and you can spend countless hours just on this one aspect.

Each region has a different theme/culture almost, and it makes the world feel very immersive and wonderful to explore, and you can climb really tall structures such as mountains or trees, (as long as you have the stamina). This makes Genshin feel a bit like a playground built just for you, that has many ways you can interact with.

There are a number of NPCs that are dotted around the world, and some of them are just interesting to start conversations with. You may also be rewarded for having conversations with them, so it’s worth talking to a few NPCs as it may lead to something to gain.

Elements & Parties

In our Genshin Impact Closed Beta Preview we talked quite a bit about how the combat works, so if you want to learn more about that you can check out that video/article. But here we will focus a bit more on why the combat is so fun and I think that’s down to the Elements. While Genshin Impact has some similar combat to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it mixes things up with the elemental factor. There are seven different elemental types:

Swirl: This element absorbs the first element in which in comes in contact with, and makes for some interesting effects.

Pyro: Fire element

Hydro: Water element

Cryo: Frost element

Electro: Electric element

Anemo: Wind element

Dendro: Nature element

Geo: Earth element

I encountered most elements on the list above, but it will really depend on the enemies you face, and the characters you unlock. These elements interact with each other, for example you can freeze water to either make a bridge to cross over or even freeze enemies in their tracks. This makes for fun gameplay, choosing characters that are going to work well together or building parties for certain situations.


You can create parties of up to 4 Characters, each party can be deployed while not in combat, and you can mix different characters together depending on your playstyle and the elemental mix you feel will work best. You can even Overload enemies by crossing elements together resulting in some major damage from an explosion by using Electro crossed with Pyro.

Even though you get good mix of elements in the beginning of the game, because each character has their own abilities, it changes up the gameplay quite a bit. Some characters have AOEs that can take down packs of mobs, while others will great for targeting the bigger “badder” enemies themselves. The flexibility of endless combinations makes collecting more characters pretty addictive, and it’s always exciting when you add a new member to the team.

Playable Characters

Each character has their own set of abilities and weapon that they are versed with, and you can’t change their weapon type (for example use a sword instead of a bow). However, you can forge upgrades and find different weapons with different benefits, so their is a decent amount of customization here.

While abilities alone are a good reason to collect more characters, their personalities, animations, and overall cute designs are just more reasons to go full Pokemon and try to collect them all. This will likely end up costing you some real-life currency, but I think it will depend on how fast you want to obtain your favorite waifu/husbando.

Character Stars/Tiers

I was pretty happy just to use in-game currency and rewards from the launch celebration, and got pretty lucky when to came to my first roll, gaining a couple of 5 star characters, which are higher in rarity. As far as I can tell, these are better than the characters you start off with, offering better stats and abilities. But if you’re willing to put in the time and upgrade your starting characters by leveling and acquiring gear etc., I don’t see this being a huge difference (maybe just the time spent or if you favor a different moveset).

There are definitely favorite party combinations I’ve had so far, and having characters that have elements which work to Overload or even Melt can cause some nice damage in the process. I’ve yet to get to end-game so this could change but this is my experience from the past betas/live build so far. So you’ll definitely want to experiment with this, and see what you like best.

Collecting Them All

Each character is unique, from their appearance, to abilities, to their voiced lines. Genshin Impact has done a great job in providing a number of characters, each standing out on their own and just adds to the purpose of trying to collect more. If you’re someone who prides themselves on having a complete collection of in-game items/characters, you’re going to obsess over Genshin Impact.

Yes there is a chance of gaining duplicates, but these are swapped for an in-game item that will let you unlock a passive skill tree called Constellations, adding further boosts to your character’s main abilities, so this can be good thing, if you’re trying to improve a certain character.

There are some in-game events you can take part in to unlock specific characters, but they may require a high enough Adventure Rank to partake in, so it will be up to you to decide if you want to grind or take a run at some Wishes.


While Genshin Impact is a single-player game through the main story and quests, you can co-op with friends or random players to do world events and dungeons. The best part is that because the game is cross-platform, you can play with friends even if they’re on PS4 or playing on their phone. This makes the game a really fun experience as you can team up to do some co-op combat.

Co-op is a bit limited though as you won’t be able to do main questing, or exactly progress together, but you can gain some good rewards by doing the world events and dungeons. You will need to get to Adventure Rank 16 (a sort of account level) before you’ll be able to join anyone, but I think you’ll enjoy the adventure to get there, plus it will give you a chance to learn how to play characters so that you don’t look like a noob in front of your friends.

Genshin Impact on mobile (android)

Probably one of the biggest draws for this title is the flexibility in which you can play it. Want to play on PC and then later play on your phone? You can do that. I tried both PC and Android with the same account and it was pretty nice having the option to do that. However as someone who likes to play on keyboard, I prefer playing on PC. I found I liked doing the story/combat and general adventuring on PC, but later opening the game on mobile to sort out character Artifacts, leveling or even party combos was a nice way to spend some time on the couch.

While I didn’t get a chance to try co-op before writing/recording this on live servers, I did try out some of the activities in beta and it was pretty fun to experience Genshin with others and take down enemies together. My only wish is that the developers will add more co-op opportunities, as this is something I think a lot of people will enjoy, especially with cross-platform online co-op.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a fun Action-RPG with a decent story and solid combat, the Genshin Impact is worth checking out, particularly since it’s F2P. It features many options in terms of choice of characters, and you’ll have a great time comboing together a number of your favorites to devastating results.

Genshin Impact has a colorful, vibrant world to explore and the sheer size of it will likely blow you away. You’ll have a great time taking on the many enemies that Genshin has to offer, with different elemental challenges to figure out, and puzzles to solve. If you’ve never played a “gacha” game before, and never had any plans to, I think Genshin Impact might change your mind. Because from all appearances, it seems to be a F2P game done right, and I’ve seen almost no complaints in all our hours of streaming about its monetization model!

Thank you to Genshin Impact for sponsoring this video! Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, Android and iOS, and you can use our link in the description to download the game for free, and our Promocode to get some free in-game loot!


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