Genshin Impact Build: Noelle, The Invulnerable Maid – Inazuma & Abyss Ready Guide
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Genshin Impact Build: Noelle, The Invulnerable Maid – Inazuma & Abyss Ready Guide

In this Genshin Impact Guide I’m showing you my Invulnerable Maid Build for Noelle, for Abyss, and exploring Inazuma. This is a flexible build, that can be done in several ways, and it utilizes the Geo element to its maximum potential. We will build two Geo characters for Geo Resonance, which will give it a great level of synergy to start with. Then we aim to get a decent elemental reaction from the other two character slots, be it Electrocharged, Overload, or Freeze. But for the purpose of exploring the new region, Inazuma, we will go with Electrocharged in this guide.

In this Guide I’ll explain just how to build the Invulnerable Maid to face a wide variety of content, deal potent damage, and counter all situations Genshin Impact has to throw at you. On top of that, it makes a perfect team to finish the Spiral Abyss. So it’s one wild card build if you’ve been looking for a Free to Play Geo build. With only one small obstacle that is needed, C6 Noelle, which is more achievable for veteran players who have played Genshin Impact from the start. I’ll go through what Weapons to use, what Artifacts to upgrade and which companions to pick up, so check this one out!

Genshin Impact Build: Noelle, The Invulnerable Maid

Noelle is a four star character that has been heavily featured in so many character banners. In one of these banners, she was paired with the best support character to wish for, Zhongli. That gave many people so many copies of her. She’s also one of the guaranteed characters you got by wishing on the beginners banner, back upon starting the game. These factors made it easier to have Noelle at C6, even unintentionally, and it inspired this build, that rely on having all her constellations unlocked. Noelle plays a good Geo DPS, but more importantly, she’s both a healer and a shield source at the same time, so her team is flexible. On top of that, she scales with Def stat, so she doesn’t compete with many other characters for best artifacts.

We need a second Geo character for Geo resonance, and for generating Geo elemental particles to recharge Energy for Noelle. They play as a Geo battery, and the best characters to fulfil the role is either Zhongli, or Albedo. Both are five-star support characters, and both can be a sub-DPS or burst DPS in the team. Albedo provides AOE and higher Energy regeneration, while Zhongli shreds Geo resistance and is able to be built for with a stronger shield. Geo Main characters work as well, but require constant switching to cast an Elemental Skill on cooldown.

Outside of the Abyss, you can opt to stack the team with Geo characters, and this will be perfectly fine for other content. So you can play three Geo characters or even four Geo characters. They all will provide higher Energy regeneration for each other, and making gameplay much smoother. However, in the Abyss, you will need to have additional elements to counter the Elemental shields of the Fatui, Abyss Mages, and Heralds. So we pick up Xingqiu, and an Electro character like Beidou, Fischl, or even an Electro Main character.

Noelle, The Invulnerable Maid Attributes

As we need to build a C6 Noelle, she scales her damage in her own unique way. First, she converts all her normal and charged attacks into Geo damage, so we can scale her with Geo Damage Bonus. Then she adds another layer of damage that scales with the Def stat, which is easily done reaching heights that even the Attack stat can’t reach. Also, we go for Crit Rate and Crit Damage. Finally, if there’s room in sub stats, you should add Energy recharge as much as you can without sacrificing other DPS stats. Attack stats are not wasted on Noelle as well, as they still increase her damage slightly.

Note that Def affect shield strength as well, so if you aim to build a true Invulnerable Maid, you should be generous with the Def stat. The ideal way is to use the Def main stat on a Timepiece, Geo damage on Goblet, and Crit Rate/Damage on Headpiece. However, in some cases, you can use Def as the main stat over Crit stat on Headpiece. This is especially useful if it’s impossible to balance your Crit Rate to Crit Damage on a 1:2 ratio.

Noelle, The Invulnerable Maid Weapons

whiteblind-claymore-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideNoelle is a Claymore user, a strong Melee weapon with slow but wide and impactful attacks. During her burst, Noelle takes the AOE of Claymore into a whole new territory. She has the widest AOE among all melee heroes in the game, and that’s why Noelle excels at floors with high mob density. Her starter weapon should be the craftable Claymore, Whiteblind. It has a Def sub stat, and its passive increases both Def and Attack with every hit, up to four times. However, you need to have these passive stacks active before activating Elemental Burst to benefit from them.

Whiteblind‘s a strong weapon, as well as an easy and simple powerhouse. If you plan to stick with Whiteblind through to endgame, you can craft 4 additional copies and refine it to refinement level 5, for a higher Attack and Def bonus. However, if you plan to make an upgrade, don’t waste your prototypes on it, as there are stronger options out there.

Battle Pass 4 Star Weapons

The next milestone for Noelle is the Battle Pass weapon, Serpent Spine. That weapon is not free to play, as you have to pay 10$ or equivalent for the Battlepass. But if you already do, Serpent Spine is the best in slot Four Star weapon for many Claymore users, and especially best for Noelle. The thing that makes this weapon shine over all others, is the damage bonus multiplier, which doesn’t add to attack nor Def, but multiplies them. The condition with this weapon is taking more damage, and removing one stack when you take damage. But if you build enough Def, you can counter all of this with the shield Noelle generates. It’s just what Noelle needs to compete with top DPS characters.

The Ultimate Weapon

skyward-pride-claymore-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideIf we say Serpent Spine is the king of DPS for Noelle, we wouldn’t be so wrong. It’s indeed better than every Five Star weapon with one single exception, that’s Skyward Pride. This weapon beats Serpent Spine, not by a lot, but still better, because of the higher base stat, and unconditional damage multiplier. On top of that, it performs 8 additional physical hits after using the Elemental Burst. Use it if you are a heavy spender and have this weapon already, or if you are a free to play player who got Skyward Pride from the either the standard banner, or from losing the 50:50 chance on the limited banner.

Noelle, The Invulnerable Maid Artifacts

Gladiator’s Finale Set

Gladiator is one easy pick for any character that relies on Normal Attacks to deal damage. While in the past we used to not have the best pieces for the Gladiator’s Finale Set because it only dropped from world bosses, and weekly bosses. However, with the introduction of version 2.0 Inazuma, there’s a new mechanic that allows you to get more pieces for the Gladiator’s Finale. All you need is to sacrifice three of your five star artifacts with bad stats, for a guaranteed piece of the set you want.

The added attack from 2 pieces bonus is not the best for Noelle, but we still get the full benefit from 35% normal attack damage at four pieces. It’s the best pick if you have good pieces.

Retracing Bolide

This set is only good if you have 100% uptime of shield, which is hard without using Zhongli as a shield bot. Noelle has her own shield, which can be very strong, but against the new harder content in Inazuma, you will likely lose her shield before its duration ends. On top of that, she has a much longer cooldown on her shield than its duration. So when she loses her shield, you get a drastic drop in DPS. But if you manage to keep the shield up all the time, you can enjoy a 40% damage multiplier for Normal and charged attacks.

Defender’s Will/Archaic Petra

This hybrid combination is quick to get, and it will not do much worse than the full 4 pieces of previous. Defender’s Will is a four star set, so only use it on Flower and Feather slot, otherwise it’s a huge stats loss. You get a 15% Geo damage bonus from Archaic Petra, and a 30% Def bonus from Defender’s Will, which is decent but suffers huge diminishing returns if you use Whiteblind.

It’s worth mentioning that the new set coming from Inazuma domains, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence is not ideal for Noelle. It’s an Artifact Set for burst characters, with a short cooldown for their Elemental Skill. Noelle has 24 seconds of cooldown and is reduced by 1 second every 4 Normal Attack, which needs at least 3 seconds to perform.

Noelle, The Invulnerable Maid Talents

Favonius Bladework – Maid

Noelle‘s Normal Attacks consist of four time combos, which is slow and takes 3 seconds to execute. When it comes to numbers, she doesn’t have the best modifiers on her normal attack damage. That’s why we don’t build her as a physical DPS, nor focus on her before C6. After C6 however, she gets a whole new modifier from activating Elemental Burst. That modifier is very strong as it makes her a good DPS, and able to clear most content without much of an issue.

The best way to execute her combos in an AOE situation is going for full four combos, no matter how slow it is. Then cancel the recovery animation after the fourth hit by a quick dash. In Single Target situations though, you might want to go two or three attacks, dash, and start a new combo.

Note that Noelle’s Normal Attack outside of Elemental Burst scales with Attack and Physical damage. While added damage on her Normal Attacks during Burst scales with Def and Geo damage.


Noelle’s Elemental Skill is kind of a combination of a mini Zhongli, and mini Qiqi skill squeezed into one skill. Upon casting, Noelle gets a shield, and while the shield is active, hitting enemies heals herself and the entire team. Both healing, and shield strength scales with Def. It’s a fantastic kit for one skill, and can save two team slots to use however you like.

Only downside with Elemental Skill, is the long cooldown, which causes Noelle to struggle with energy regeneration on her own.

Sweeping Time

The name of the talent is one of the most expressive terms you can find in Genshin Impact. upon activation, Noelle literally turns into a sweeping machine, with huge AOE, and high impact Geo hits. With good positioning, Noelle can attack melee enemies on the front line, and archers at the backline at the same time. But that’s not the only good thing about her Elemental Burst as she adds a new damage modifier that scales purely with Def, making her entire kit scaling on one easy to get stat.

Damage from Sweeping Time is calculated in a separate layer from Normal Attacks, even if it shows as a single number. So you have zero obligation to increase Noelle’s Attack stat to get the strongest DPS output.

The duration of the Burst is 15s, and the cooldown is 15 seconds. But on top of that, every enemy defeated during the skill’s duration adds 1s to the duration. So in theory, you can recharge her Elemental Burst long before it expires. However, as Noelle struggles to generate elemental particles on her own, she needs a very specific setup to recharge her energy. That’s why ER on sub stats is valuable, and another character playing as a Geo battery is highly recommended.

Noelle, The Invulnerable Maid Party Composition

Genshin Impact has a unique playstyle that is dependant on switching characters, and chaining combos across these characters. So a solid part of Noelle‘s build is knowing which characters will work best with her, and what roles they will play. In this section, I’ll fill you in on some of the best characters that synergises well with this build.

In the current game version 2.0, it’s universally recommended for you to use a five star support character such as ZhongliVenti, Kazuha, Jean, or sometimes Albedo. Each of these offers a slightly different playstyle.


Yes, both of Zhongli and Albedo are limited five star characters, and yes you will use either or both of them to support a free four star character. That’s how MiHoYo designed the Geo characters so far, with Four stars being DPS, and Five Stars playing support. Especially in Noelle‘s case, where she wants to stay on the field to deal sustained damage, and needed off the field for support with a turret. Both Zhongli and Albedo leave a turret, with Albedo having more AOE and energy generation, and Zhongli giving better damage and protection.

For the purpose of Open world, we can use both together. But for an ideal Abyss team though, we will go with Albedo, and leave Zhongli for Abyss second team. That way, both teams have resistance shred and shield. But if you don’t have Albedo, just give Zhongli to Noelle‘s team as she gets a huge benefit from him.

Albedo is the cheapest Five Star character to build, as he only needs a Three star weapon. He also relies on Def stat to deal damage. We use Albedo to put his Elemental Skill down, and then switch out. His skill lasts for 30 seconds, and deals AOE Geo damage to all enemies in a huge radius every time they take damage (on 2 seconds cooldown). That’s the main source of Geo particles generation in the Noelle team. However, his skill requires you to deal damage to enemies to trigger, so it’s not effective against shields of the Abyss Heralds and Abyss mages. So we need to make sure Noelle’s team doesn’t go into the rooms with Abyss Heralds, but go to other one instead.


For pure elemental skill scaling, we only need the Def stat. Albedo is amazing at this because he can do off field damage that without having to worry too much about him. After that, we need the Geo Damage BonusCritical Rate, and Critical Damage. He doesn’t even need Energy Recharge, because his Elemental burst is less important and deals less damage. It scales with Attack, but we don’t scale for attack in this build.


harbinger-of-dawn-sword-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideIt has been long ago established that best in slot weapon for Albedo is the three star weapon, Harbinger of Dawn. It’s excellent for him, because it provides a massive Critical Rate and Critical Damage bonus while HP is over 90%. The thing is Albedo will not be losing HP if he’s off the field, and for the time he’s in play, he has some good invulnerability frames. If players mess up and he takes damage, he can be easily healed while off field by Noelle.

This weapon needs to be refined to max level of 5, but that’s very easy to do, as three stars weapons are abundant.

Alternative Five Star

The only five star worth mentioning here is Mistsplitter Reforged, known as Ayaka’s signature weapon. The weapon has the highest Base Attack stat in the game, which encourages the Attack build for Albedo that focuses on Elemental Burst. But it also provides pure Elemental damage bonus relevant to character elemental affinity, which in Albedo’s case is Geo.

It’s also the only one handed sword that gives Crit damage similar to the Harbinger of Dawn, so you get overall better stats, even in a Full Def build. That’s especially true if you have optimized artifacts with very high sub stats, which you should have if you are going out of your way to wish on weapons banner to get Mistsplitter Reforged.


We use the Def main stat on Timepiece, Geo Damage Bonus on Goblet, and Critical Rate or Critical Damage on Headpiece. For a set bonus, the ideal setup is 2 pieces of Archaic Petra for Geo damage and either 2 pieces of Gambler for Elemental Skill damage, or 2 pieces of the Defender’s Will for Def bonus. But note that using four-star artifacts is only good if you restrict it to Flower and Feather pieces.

If you would like to play full support, and don’t care about Albedo’s DPS at all, you can go with 4 pieces of Tenacity of the Millelith Set. It provides an Attack bonus to the whole party, and can buff the other two characters besides Noelle and Albedo. But it also increases shield strength to ensure Noelle’s shield endures.


The good thing about Xingqiu as a support is the multi-role he can play, as well as the diversity he brings to the team. He can heal, reduce incoming damage, and apply a good Hydro element while off-field. He can also deal some decent damage with his Elemental Skill. But we mainly use him for an Electro Charged reaction in this build. Electro Charged have been buffed before Inazuma update, and it have become good reaction to go if you ahve spare two slots. It stuns enemies, and can proc twice if procced by Hydro. Xingqiu with Sacrificial Sword can generate very nice elemental particles, which helps with Noelle’s hunger for energy.

His Elemental Burst will shoot down rain swords on targets alongside normal attacks of any character on the field. His Elemental Skill reduces incoming damage, so it will allow shields to stay up longer.


We don’t need any healing from Xingqiu, so we build him for a full burst DPS. We go with Energy Recharge on Sands, Hydro damage on Goblet, and Crit Rate or Crit Damage on headpiece. These are the main stats, and for sub stats, we go with Energy Recharge, Attack, and Crit.


sacrificial-sword-sword-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideFor Energy regeneration, we need to use the Sacrificial Sword for Xingqui. The Sacrificial Sword‘s major benefit is that it can reset the cooldown of Xingqiu‘s Elemental Skill. A 21 seconds cooldown is a really long time in this rotation, and reducing that is great for DPS and defense increase. If the Sacrificial Sword allows the use of one more Elemental Skill, it’s doubling the effect of Xingqiu. But also, doubling the energy generated for Noelle.

It gets better with a higher refinement level, so make sure to get more copies of this weapon if you have a chance.


The newly introduced artifact set, Emblem of Severed Fate, is good for Xingqiu‘s DPS and battery role. It gives him more Energy Recharge, and scales his damage with the e Energy Recharge stat, which we will build anyway. It’s a great pick for him but requires some time to farm.

If you don’t have good Emblem of Severed Fate set, Xingqiu still scales well with good old Noblesse Oblige.

Beidou/Electro MC/Raiden Shogun

In Electrocharged teams, we usually need a Fischl to exploit the Electro reaction to proc her Ascension passive off field. However, since our DPS here is the Geo element, Fischl is fine, but her potential goes down slightly, allowing other Electro characters to come close. If you are building Electro with Fischl, you better have her in an Overload team with Yanfei, typically with our Smoky Scarlet Witch build. So in a Noelle team, we use either the new Electro Main Character, or Beidou. Both having a turret with their Elemental Burst, with the MC able to regenerate a lot of energy for Noelle, and Beidou doing a lot of AOE damage. Both have 80 Energy cost for their Burst. I’ll not go into much details about building an Electro MC in this guide, as it requires a lot of testing and optimizing. But I’ll say it goes well with mostly the same build as Beidou.

Raiden Shogun share similar build, but more suitable for Noelle teams, since she gives more energy recharge. If built right right, she can do great burst dps as well.

Beidou is usually is built around her perfect counter. But with Noelle taking up most field time, you might not use Beidou Elemental Skill on cooldown. So we instead focus on an Energy Recharge build for her, and get most out of the Elemental Burst. It also goes well with Xingqiu‘s hydro application, for a constant Electrocharged reaction. The Elemental Burst of Beidou allows her to attack with Electro with each Normal Attack, and this persists after switching. The Additional attack jumps between two enemies, and with her Second Constellation, it jumps up to 4 enemies. This creates an effective AOE at a range with just Normal Attacks for Noelle.


We need an Electro Damage on Goblet, Energy recharge on Sands, and Crit Rate or Damage on Headpiece. Then we aim for more Energy Recharge and offensive stats on sub stats. The Sands can change to Attack bonus if you can get Beidou‘s Elemental Burst up to 100% of the time without Energy Recharge from Sands. It’s hard to obtain, unless you have the perfect sub stats, but it’s possible.


weapon_sacrificial_greatswordWe don’t use a crafted weapon on Beidou as to not compete with Noelle over the Northlander Claymore Prototype crafting material, which is necessary to refine the Whiteblind Claymore as well. What we do instead is pick up either the Sacrificial Greatsword, or the new Inazuma claymore, Katsuragikiri Nagamasa. The Katsuragikiri Nagamasa comes from a quest in Inazuma, and brings one Northlander Claymore Prototype with it, so we will be able to craft one copy for free. This sword is great for generating Energy for Beidou herself, which is very important to keep the Electrocharged combo going.

At the base refinement level, it consumes 3 energy on Elemental skill use, but generates 9 energy on the next 6 seconds. It also has a higher Energy Recharge than Sacrificial Greatsword, but has a lower base attack. Though it gives a straight damage multiplier to elemental Skill, so it’s not a bad trade off. If you use it, ensure to collect Electro particles on Beidou before switching, you will likely recharge energy fast enough.

Another four-star weapon choice for Beidou is the Sacrificial Greatsword, which plays as a battery for self and for party as well. That’s especially noticeable at high refinement level, as you get near guaranteed chance to use Elemental Skill twice. Each use generates particles, which Beidou can collect. It also has a higher base attack, and allows a perfect counter twice, for decent damage.


Beidou can make perfect use of the new Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set, because of the Energy Recharge bonus. But you can also give her the good old Noblesse Oblige set. But since Noelle doesn’t benefit a lot from attack bonus from Noblesse Oblige, we can build Beidou for more DPS with 2x Thundering Fury, and 2x Shimenawa’s Reminiscence or 2x Gladiator’s Finale.

We hope you found this build useful, and hopefully it gives you a good idea of how to maximize Noelle potential.

Genshin Impact 2.0 update is now available to play on PC, iOS, Android and PS4 and PS5. If you enjoyed this Genshin Impact Guide be sure to check out more even more info on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more guides for upcoming 2.0 and be sure to not miss our Yanfei The Smoky Scarlet Witch build. As well as, our Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Crystallize (Geo)

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