Genshin Impact Build: Lisa The Thunderstorm – Free To Play Beginner Guide 

Genshin Impact Build: Lisa The Thunderstorm – Free To Play Beginner Guide 

Last updated on October 18th, 2020

Composing a party for each situation can be a bit of challenge, especially with the limited options those focusing on free-to-play. So in this Genshin Impact Build: Lisa The Thunderstorm Beginner Guide, we’re going to be taking a look at a party composition around Lisa, creating a good starter build for exploration, playing the main campaign quests, as well as choosing characters which will best complement her playstyle.

Genshin Impact Build: Lisa The Thunderstorm – Free To Play Beginner Guide

The purpose of this build is having a team for leveling up, playing campaign, and exploring the vast world. It’s not specialized towards endgame dungeons on higher world levels, but it can take you all the way to reach endgame, and a higher adventure rank. Having four elements in a party is pretty good for solving the majority of puzzles, but gets no offensive buff from Elemental resonance.

The buff we get is rather some elemental resistances, on top of Noelle multiple shields. This build will be able to endure tougher content, but at a bit of slower pace, so this will be more suitable for early to mid content for Genshin Impact.

Lisa is a four star character, who’s guaranteed to join your party after doing the quest Sparks Amongst the Pages during The Outlander Who Caught the Wind Prologue Chapter. In this guide we will compose her party with other guaranteed, or nearly guaranteed characters, such as Noelle, and Xiangling. Lisa’s talents are all ranged, and her Electro affinity can cause strong explosions that knock enemies back, for a good CC. However, the stronger version of her Violet Arc talent requires charging, which can be dangerous in the middle of a group of enemies. We will solve this by using Noelle‘s shield before channelling   her Violet Arc, or by standing on higher ground.

Lisa excels at spamming both attacks and spells, with all her talents being Electro. When paired with a source which applies constant Pyro talents such as Xiangling‘s elemental talents, it will help to trigger the effect “Overload” multiple times.

It might sound weird, but character height actually has a part to play in gameplay and exploration in Genshin Impact. Lisa is tall, so in the open world her height helps to tread water better than shorter characters, not having to swim where other characters will be further immersed. It is also generally easier to climb, pick fruits from trees, and Lisa spends less stamina in general because of this.

Lisa The Thunderstorm Attributes

As a main damage dealer, we want to dish out the most damage in a short amount of time. So we focus on getting all offensive stats, such as + Attack, % Attack, Crit rate, and Crit damage. There is also Electro damage bonus that can be found on some Goblets, which tends to be a bit stronger than Attack stats. Towards the endgame, Critical is better than Attack, because it’s multiplicative while Attack is additive. Also, a percentage Attack is better than flat Attack.

Elemental Mastery is nice to have, and helps the damage of status effects like Overloaded and Super Conduct. But it’s way less effective, so we save items with it for support characters.

Lisa The Thunderstorm Weapon

In this section we’ll be covering the type of equipment that you want for the Lisa, The Thunderstorm build, and how to get the best out of her.

Lisa uses Catalyst as a weapon. These weapons are magical in nature, and all their talents are elemental by default. At early game, and without spending real money on Wishes, you will be using 3 star weapons. They are easy to find, and there are an abundance of them around the world, and through free wishes. We want to use the Catalyst with the most Critical possible, so the best three star weapon is Twin Nephrite. Use it or use the more common Amber Catalyst until you find your 4 or five star weapon.

I’d recommend leveling up your three star weapon to level 20, as it’s the main source of damage in your party. However, I wouldn’t prefer spending precious materials on Ascending the three star weapon. And don’t forget to use your leveled up weapon in upgrading the next weapon you get, as it gives almost 80-90% of EXP spent on it.

Crafting A Four Star Weapon

If your damage is struggling, and you didn’t get any 4 star Catalyst through your Wishes, then you can try crafting the weapon yourself. To do this, go kill the Weekly Bosses for Northlander Catalyst Prototype drop. Explore around Stormterror Lair and mine some White Iron Chunk and Crystal Chunk. These will allow you to craft a four star Catalyst at The Blacksmith.

When it comes to the choice of which weapon to craft, you won’t find a Critical or pure Attack variant, so go with Mappa Mare instead. It’s a good that it gives a nice buff to all your damage when you trigger an elemental status, which is all the time. If you find yourself stuck with it, craft another copy, and use it to refine your weapon.

The Ultimate weapon

With the Wish system in Genshin Impact, you have to deal with RNG, depending sometimes on luck to get the best equipment. But if fate determines that you get one of these weapons, then you are in for a treat. The best four star Catalyst for Lisa is The Widsith, as it gives a huge critical damage multiplier, and some of the best temporary buffs “Debut”, which increases Attack or elemental damage for 10 seconds, every 30 seconds when you switch to Lisa during combat.

To Ascend The Widsith, you will need Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth. So make sure to farm Cecilia Garden in Tuesday/Friday as this domain will drop this item. You will also need to farm Dead Ley Line Branch from Abyssal mages. You can navigate to these encounters from your Adventure Book.

Finally, the five star Catalyst Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is good upgrade to have, but not necessary for the build to excels against all content.

Lisa The Thunderstorm Artifacts

Figuring out how to customize your Artifacts sets is one of, if not the hardest part of making a Build in Genshin Impact, and generally takes a try or two before getting it right. In this section, I want to show you how I’ve set this up for maximum performance in this build.

Berserker Set

We go straight to the Berserker full set, with 4 pieces for the set bonuses “CRIT Rate +12%” , and “When HP is below 70%, CRIT Rate increases by an additional 24%”. This will give you straight 36% critical chance, and allow us to scale critical multiplier.

Keeping life below 70% is not hard, if you are using Lisa more than other party members, which you should be doing. If she stays in combat longer, the more likely she will take some damage, causing her health to drop. Don’t heal with food, and only heal with Noelle from time to time to keep Lisa’s health from dropping too much.

Flower of Life & Plume of Death

The main stat on these artifacts is predetermined, with Flower always giving HP, and Plume always giving Attack. This makes it easier to get stats with these two pieces, because you only need worry about sub-stats. We want any combination of Crit Damage, Crit Rate, flat Attack, and % Attack on sub-stats. Plus other passable stats like % Energy Recharge.

Note that three star Artifacts start with only one or two sub stats, and gain another stat every 4 levels when upgraded. Four star Artifacts start with two or three sub stats, so seek an Artifact with one or two good stats, then upgrade to level 4 or level 8 and see where it takes you. If you hit desired stat, you can keep upgrading to higher levels like 12 or 15 and gain more power. Otherwise, hold on to it, and upgrade Artifacts in other slots until you get better Artifact.

Sands of Eon

This timepiece is a more flexible Artifact, with the focus being on main stat. It can roll different stats as main, and that’s why it’s harder to acquire the perfect pieces, but it also has a higher ceiling. Again, we seek % Attack stat, with one or two good sub-stats. The other passable option is Elemental Mastery, if you can’t find the Berserker Timepiece with Attack, but don’t spend too much on resources in terms of upgrading it.

Goblet of Enotherm

Goblets can roll a Electro damage bonus which is the best stat in this slot, with % Attack being second. Get either on main stat and then some Crit sub-stats and you are golden. You can get a three star Berserker Goblet from the Temple of the Falcon, so you can target farm it.

Circlet of Logos

Headpiece is the most important Artifact in our Arsenal, because it rolls either Crit damage or Critical rate as a main stat. The main stat can be scaled rather high by upgrading the Artifact, so you can have a huge bonus from this stat alone. I do recommend having your Berserker set in the other four slots, and keep the Circlet as a wild card, to use the strongest piece you have, regardless of its set. Or if you want a three star Berserker Circlet, you can farm it from the Temple of the Wolf.

Lisa The Thunderstorm Talent Skills

Lightning Touch

This attack sends a spark of lightening towards enemies from a distance. If enemies are wet, the lightening will strike other enemies in range. If you charge the attack, it deals AOE damage in a shorter range. Best way to use it is to weave two Lightning Touch attacks between two Violet Arcs. If enemies are affected by Pyro, it will trigger an Overload explosion. If they are wet, they will get Electro-Charged, a damage over time debuff.

Don’t forget to upgrade this talent after reaching level 40 and complete the second Ascension.

Violet Arc

One of the most flexible elemental skills in game. It can be pressed once, to send a slow moving lightening ball towards a target, and applies a Conductive debuff. You can build up three Conductive stacks, then channel Violet Arc to deal a really massive AOE damage. The usage of charged Violet Arc depends on the situation, and you most likely want to be protected by Noelle’s shield while doing so.

Lightning Rose

This deals an elemental burst from Lisa, or an “Ultimate”, which needs to accumulate energy before being available. It creates an area, which lightening strike all enemies in rapid intervals. It doesn’t do impressive damage on its own, but is great in conjunction with an Anemo element, such as Sucrose‘s elemental burst. This way, it rapidly causes Swirls to all enemies caught in the wind. It’s also good with Xiangling‘s elemental burst, for a similar reason.

If upgraded, this skill reduces enemy defense, so it’s a great DPS boost.

Lisa, Thunderstorm Party Composition

Genshin Impact has a unique play style that depends on switching characters, and chaining combos across these characters. So a solid part of Lisa build is knowing which characters will accompany her, and which roles they will play. In this section, I’ll fill you in on some of the best free to play characters that synergise well with this build.


Currently there is a sale/promotion, and Noelle is a guaranteed find in first 10 Wishes of the “Beginners Wish” banner, for 8 Acquaint Fate. She’s a melee character, using a Claymore type weapon. Her elemental skill puts a Geo shield around your character, it absorbs damage and prevents status effects, this scales with Def. The shield persists after switching, so it’s the best way to give Lisa a chance to charge her elemental skill and release it to deal massive damage upon enemies. During the shield duration if Noelle hits a target, there’s a chance to heal all your characters.

If you get a duplicate Noelle, you can use to open up the first Constellation which improve her chance to heal to 100% during her elemental Burst. Another great benefit of having Noelle in your party setup is even when Noelle is not in combat, when a character’s life drops below 30%, she pops up another shield that absorbs more damage. So overall, Noelle is a good damage dealer and defense support character, that’s a great addition to any party. She’s free and available for everyone, so make sure to utilize her.


For stats, I built Noelle towards Defense and Attack. Defense scales her shields, and her heals, while Attack helps her do some damage when she’s on battlefield. Her 4th normal attack knocks enemies down, which is very good to crowd control any enemies not protected by a shield.


Look no further than Whiteblind, it’s a great weapon that scales both Attack and Defense. It also buffs Attack and Def further when you attack with Noelle. Use the lesser 3 star version White Iron Greatsword until you are able to craft Whiteblind.


We want two pieces from the Lucky Dog Set, for a huge base Defense. Then we are free to use what we like with our three other pieces until late game, when we are able to get two pieces from Defender’s Will Set. Make sure to get % Defense as a main stat on your Timepiece, Headpiece, and Goblet, then another flat Defense stats on your sub stats. Don’t try to get the perfect Artifacts for Noelle, as she’s there to support, and she will do this job regardless of best gear.


You have an increased chance to get Xiangling by using wishes in “Venti Ballad” banner, and you have a guaranteed chance to get her by beating floor 3 in the Abyssal Event after reaching AR 20. She has a heavy affinity with fire, and definitely a better choice for Pyro element than Amber. Because Pyro is a perfect match with Electro, we build her as a damage support for Lisa. Though she can be made into a main damage dealer in other iterations of the build.

Xiangling‘s elemental skill summons her companion, Guba, who will keep breathing flames repeatedly for a duration. This skill is good at reapplying Pyro status, for the purpose of triggering status effects by Electro and Anemo elements. Use it on cooldown, and switch between Lisa and your Anemo character to trigger their elemental skills as well.


Because Xiangling‘s elemental burst has great synergy with our main damage dealer, in this composition I’ll scale Energy Recharge mainly. It’s meant to spam Elemental Burst all the time, and break all of the enemy shields, especially Abyssal Mages. Other stats that are worth having is Elemental Mastery.


Either Favonius Lance or Prototype Grudge will work fine with Xiangling, as both increases Energy recharge rate. With Prototype Grudge being available through crafting. I suggest leveling and Ascending your weapon, and you will notice the difference, as game play will become much smoother.

For the 5 star variant, Skyward Spine is an absolute beast, and will make Xiangling do great damage as well as support.


There are several Energy Recharge sets available for us, with The Exile Set being the best at recharging energy for the entire party. While Scholar Set is good for parties with only Bow and Catalyst weapons.

You can get the Energy Recharge stat as a sub-stat on every Artifact, and as the main stat on Timepiece. This makes the Timepiece the most important piece for Xiangling, and the most rewarding to level up, so keep that in mind.


In the current state of the game, there’s no guarantee to get Sucrose when making wishes, but you get best chances opening a “Standard Wish” banner. I’ve created two characters on two servers, and I’ve got Sucrose on both servers without spending any money. That’s the beauty of four star characters, they are not that rare to find. Either way, if you can’t find Sucrose, just play with your Anemo main character, or replace with a character of your choice. You might even have a chance of scoring a five star character which is even stronger than Sucrose. But for the purpose of this guide, we will stick with Sucrose.

She’s another Catalyst user, with her magic being Anemo, or the power of the wind. Anemo damage will always trigger “Swirl” which spreads the element it comes into contact with. That’s how you turn Lisa‘s single target attacks into a good AOE that affects most enemies. Especially with Sucrose‘s elemental skill, which gathers enemies together and knocks them up in the air. Her Elemental Burst, applies Anemo and launches enemies multiple times, not just once. In normal gameplay or less challenging content, you can switch between Lisa and Sucrose to make multiple swirls as necessary, but it’s best to only switch to Sucrose for the elemental skill, and elemental burst. She’s only there to support your damage afterall.


We only need Elemental Mastery for Sucrose, and we need to scale it very high. This way, it increases damage of all Swirl types. Second to that, I choose to add some Energy recharge, for better elemental burst uptime.


You might get lucky and have multiple 4 star Catalyst from your Wishes, or you might have no spare weapon to give to Sucrose. So be prepared to go a long way with only a three star weapon for her. Magic Guide is the most suitable three star weapon, as it has the highest Elemental Mastery, and it buffs all damage, not Attack damage only. I don’t hesitate to upgrade her weapon if I have  spare weapon materials, as I know I’m going to use this weapon for a long time. Another perk of using three stars weapon is the ability to refine it, using other Magic Guide weapon duplicates you find throughout your journey. This increases the damage bonus of the weapon passive.

A 4 star option is the crafted weapon Mappa Mare, or even better the Sacrificial Fragments which gives a chance to reset Sucrose’s cooldown, which can prove very useful in many situations.


As a support role, I like Sucrose using the Instructor set, because it buffs herself and all party members with free elemental Mastery. Or at the very endgame, get the Viridescent Venerer Set from the Abyssal Domains to increase Swirl damage and reduce enemy resistances.

You can get Elemental Mastery as a sub-stat on every Artifact, and as a main stat on the Timepiece. Anemo damage on the other hand, can only be acquired on Goblets, and it affects your elemental Swirls. This makes the Timepiece and Goblet the most important pieces for Sucrose, and the most rewarding to level up.

Final Tips

Use Violet Arc for all intents and purposes, because of it’s homing nature, it’s perfect for targeting flying targets, far targets, and moving targets. It has greater range than your default attack, and can shoot hard to reach targets. Xiangling‘s Pyro is helpful to solve many puzzles, and Sucrose’s Anemo is suitable to trigger winds to carry you higher and explore higher grounds by gliding. We chose a party suitable for most situations for the open-world, and the single reason you might want to switch parties is to have an archer to snipe balloons. So you will be fairly comfortable exploring world with this build.

If you have Elemental Burst ready for all your characters, trigger Xiangling‘s last, after using every other burst. This way, you utilize the energy recharge to get the burst for you in no time. It will be more obvious when attempting Abyssal floors, where multiple enemies keep coming at you. Don’t forget to use these bursts to break enemy shields, because these can make the fight much longer and harder.

Don’t save your character level up materials, but rather use them as they become available. Your characters get stronger by level, and you can finish content faster and safer that way.

Genshin Impact is available to play on PC, iOS, Android and PS4. If you enjoyed this Genshin Impact Guide be sure to check out more on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more guides for Genshin Impact in the upcoming weeks, and be sure to not miss our Genshin Impact Getting Started Guide.


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