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Genshin Impact Build: Klee The Short Fuse – Free To Play Guide

In this Genshin Impact Guide I’m going to be showing you my Short Fuse build for Klee, that utilize her Charged Attack to deal very potent damage. Composing a party for each situation in Genshin Impact can be a bit of a challenge, especially with the limited options for those focusing on free-to-play. In this Guide I’ll explain just how to make a premium damage dealer out of Klee, that can be used for open world exploration and mining, and as a second party in Spiral Abyss. It syncs well with my previous party build: Razor Incredible Wolf, and can swap supports between the two parties easily to suit each floor in Spiral Abyss. I’ll go through what Weapons to use, what Artifacts to upgrade and which companions to pick up. If you’ve been looking for a Free to Play a Pyro and Cryo endgame Build then check this one out!

Genshin Impact Build: Klee The Short Fuse

Klee is a limited five star character, which was only available for a short period of time. She had her own temporary Wish banner, where you got a higher chance to get her. With smart resource management, many free to play players managed to get her. She might be your first or second five star character in game, and that’s why you want to build a good team around her. This build focuses on a free-to-play build, meaning players who are looking to build Klee with minimal or no constellations, can still create a viable build without relying on dupes, but purely on items you can gain in game.

This Klee The Short Fuse Build uses a combination of pure Cryo and Pyro, to setup enemies up for massive Melt damage. Because the Elemental Resonance gained from the two Pyro and two Cryo characters are increased Attack, and Critical rate. While Klee’s ascension passive is Pyro damage bonus, and then all Melt damage multiplies by 100%. On top of that, you can use a critical weapon for massive critical hits with Klee‘s charged attack.

Two Cryo characters is barely enough to apply a Cryo element for Klee to proc Melt. She applies Pyro faster than any single character can apply Cryo, with several explosions within a couple of seconds. So most of her hits will not cause Melt, resulting some loss in DPS. That’s one reason to rely on charged attack, to deal damage on single massive hit. Critical hits with Klee Charged Attack also regenerate energy for the entire party, so it’s very good for Elemental Burst rotation. We can use Diona and Kaeya on the Cryo side, and we get can Bennett as a second Pyro character.

Exploration Team

Klee has a passive that provides the ability to see specialties on the map, while Kaeya reduces stamina consumption from spiriting by 20%. This makes them a very good couple of explorers. Klee is also great at mining, and fishing. Characters protected by Diona‘s Shield, have their Movement SPD increased by 10% and their Stamina Consumption decreased by 10%. Additionally, if you don’t mind losing some DPS and healing, you can use Amber instead of Bennett for less stamina consumption on gliding to complete the team.

Klee The short fuse Attributes

Klee can fill either a burst damage role, or a sustained carry role, depending on the frequency of elemental reaction we proc. Our way of playing her has a huge effect on stats we choose. In all cases, we need reliable offensive stats such as Pyro Damage, % Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage. Then we have an option to rely on Elemental Mastery for more Melt damage, or we can maximize the direct Pyro damage of Klee. I will go into more detail about that in the Artifact section down below.

Klee The short fuse Weapon

Klee uses a Catalyst as a weapon, a weapon magical in nature, and all its talents are elemental by default. If you rolled enough wishes to get Klee, you will probably have enough Masterless Starglitter to buy a weapon from Paimon’s Bargains.

blackcliff-amulet-catalyst-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideThe best four star weapon for Klee is the Blackcliff Amulet, which you can buy with 24 Masterless Starglitter. It has a massive Crit damage bonus that goes up to 50.3% at level 80. It also increases Attack bonus the more enemies you kill with Klee, which is good for waves of enemies in Spiral Abyss. This buff lasts for 30 seconds and you can have up to 3 instances.

The Widsith has the same stats, and while its passive buff is stronger, it’s way less consistent. It’s purely a luck based weapon, and might be a little elusive to pursue. If you got it, use it as an alternative option.

In case you have neither of the above Catalysts, I recommend using the three star Catalyst Twin Nephrite. Or craft the four star Catalyst Mappa Mare.

The Ultimate Weapon

The ultimate weapon for Klee is the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and only Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. A five star weapon that doesn’t currently have an increased rate chance in any of the current banners. It was a rate up weapon in the weapons banner at launch, so some people will have it. It’s a good upgrade for Klee, though not necessary by any means. She’s a very strong damage dealer with the free to play options available.

Klee The short fuse Artifacts

Figuring out how to customize your Artifact sets is one of, if not the hardest part of making a Build in Genshin Impact as there are a lot of components involved, and generally takes a try or two before getting it right. In this section, I want to show you how I’ve set this up for a good overall performance with this build for each playstyle.

Lavawalker Set

The four piece bonus of the Lavawalker set is a straight up multiplier for all damage. It will benefit normal attacks, charged attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst. The only draw back is that the bonus only applies on enemies affected by Pyro element, so it will not apply at first hit. It will not help Melt or Vaporize damage, and is not helpful with elemental reactions in general. Lavawalker requires you to stay on Klee for longer, and makes the two Cryo characters in the party less than ideal.

The two piece bonus does a massive 40% Pyro resistance, that’s very helpful on burning grass, and against Pyro elemental reactions. It’s good a defensive buff for an otherwise pretty squishy Klee.

Use it if you are more comfortable with staying on Klee and want to minimize the switching of characters.

Retracing Bolide set

This is surprisingly a very strong offensive and defensive option for our build. The two piece bonus increases effectiveness of the shield, and the four piece bonus gives a massive damage to Normal and Charged Attacks, while having shield. We have a good uptime for shields from Diona, so switch to her often to cast her elemental skill. Retracing Bolide requires investing in Diona’s level, her Elemental Skill level, and her HP stat, all to avoid shields breaking prematurely upon taking so much damage.

The damage bonus only affects normal and charged attacks, so our focus is on animation cancelling, to combo Klee’s attacks faster.

Wanderer’s Troupe set

The Wanderer’s Troupe set buffs elemental mastery to enchant elemental reactions. It synergies if you have a good uptime of the Cryo element from party members, to benefit more from Melt. However, the four pieces bonus is a multiplier to the charged attack, so it’s very competitive even without elemental reactions.

The best way to utilize this set is to combo normal attacks into charged attacks, and then cancel the animation of the charged attack, and quickly start another combo.

Flower of Life & Plume of Death

The main stat on these Artifacts is predetermined. The Flower artifact always gives a primary HP stat, and the Plume always gives an Attack stat. This makes it easier to get an Artifact with perfect stats on these two slots, because you have less variables to worry about. We want any combination of  % AttackCritical rateCritical Damage and Elemental Mastery on sub-stats here.

There’s a high chance you will have a five star Flower or Plume from the Wanderer’s Troupe Set before any other set. It drops from all three weekly Bosses, Stormterror, Wolf of the North, and Golden House. So you can get five stars before hitting AR 40, and you will get several of it over time so you have a good chance to find one with good stats. So double check if they have a couple of good stats, and level them to level 20. Avoid leveling any 4 stars Wanderer’s Troupe  unless it has an absolute best sub-stat, because you will probably get a better 5 star here.

However, if you are using Retracing Bolide, or the Lavawalker set, you can only farm five stars from domains at AR 40 and higher. To have a reliable drop rate, you need AR 45 at least, so it’s a long long road to ascend.

Sands of Eon

The Sands of Eon timepiece is a more flexible Artifact, with the focus being on the main stat. It can roll different stats as a main, and that’s why it’s harder to acquire the perfect pieces, but it also has a higher ceiling. We seek % Attack main stat, then seek couple good sub-stats. These are Flat Attack, Elemental Mastery, Crit Rate and Crit Damage.

Goblet of Enotherm

We need  Pyro Damage Bonus, or % Attack on main stat here. It’s harder to get the right bonus because Goblets can roll every elemental damage bonus, so the pool of modifiers is large. So Goblets don’t have to belong to your 4 piece set. You can have the four piece set on the other slots, and roll the Goblet with best stats possible, without being part of any Set.

Circlet of Logos

Headpiece is as important as Goblet, if not more, because it can roll Critical stats. Get Critical rate or Critical damage, and try to keep 1:2 Crit Rate: Crit damage ratio at all times. So if you have 100% Critical Damage from default stat and weapons, you’re better investing in Critical Rate to push it to 50%.

Get some of good sub-stats on Circlet if applicable, these are % Attack, Crit Rate, Crit damage, and Elemental Mastery.

Animation Cancelling & Advanced Combos

Unlike most characters in Genshin Impact, Klee  actually rewards player skill and smart use of her talents. The way you move, position, and combo her attacks is really what differentiates you from a good and amazing Klee player. Animation cancelling might sound like a complex mechanic, but basically, it’s  just opposite of button mashing. Or in other words, we time our button pressing in certain patterns to achieve good or optimal damage.

Jump Cancelling

The first and easiest way to use Klee attacks faster is to jump cancel her second Attack. It takes advantage of the faster two attacks, and cancel the animation by jumping. This way, we get into another one, two combo very quickly without doing the long third hit.

It goes as follows: Press attack twice, and very quickly jump, then press attack twice again. You can jump in place, or towards a direction. If you jump to a certain direction, you will probably avoid some enemy attacks and keep attacking without having to dash. There are some frame by frame calculations for when it’s exactly optimal to jump, so you don’t need to spend a moment longer in the animation, but it all depends on your ping to the server. So to make it simple, just practice jumping after you press her second attack. If you are jumping too quickly that her second attack doesn’t go out, give yourself a small delay before jumping.

The standard combo dishes out 21 attacks within 18 seconds, while the jump combo dishes out 24 attacks within same 18 seconds. That did arount 14% more damage for me, without optimal ping, nor optimal timing, so it could go even higher.

Movement Cancelling

This one is a little more interesting, and involve much better timing, for much better results. It takes advantage of the first fast attack, and only the first fast attack. We can cancel the entire combo by giving a move forward order, then attacking once again. It requires more precise timing to start the next attack before the character actually moves an inch, so she’s always attacking.

It goes as follows: Press attack once, while holding a movement key, or holding left stick in any direction. Now don’t mash the next attack immediately, but wait for a fraction of second, to let game register the movement order. Then press the attack button once more, and she will use first attack over and over, in quick succession. That’s a very interesting machine gun behavior most characters cannot replicate.

The standard combo dishes out 18 attacks within 16 seconds, while the movement cancel attack dishes out 18 attacks within merely 12 seconds. That’s like 30% more damage for me, without optimal timing, so it could go much higher.

Movement Cancelling into Charged Attack

To take things to the next level, we use the previous movement cancel, apply it once, to dish out two quick hits, then charge our third hit. This new combo is very quick, and guarantees the charged attack costs no stamina and deals more damage. Now with Pounding Surprise passive, each hit Klee does with normal attack, has a 50% chance to grant Explosive Spark. This Explosive Spark is consumed by the next Charged Attack, which costs no Stamina and deals 50% increased DMG. So with 2 normal attacks before charged attack, we have 100% chance to get Explosive Spark, which is great.

It goes as follows: Press attack once, while holding a movement key, or holding left stick in any direction. Don’t mash the next attack immediately, but wait a fraction of a second, to let game register the movement order. Then press the attack button once more, then very quickly press and hold the button a third time to get the charge attack going immediately. The whole three attack starts and ends within 3 seconds. That’s so far the best way to weave a charged attack into your normal combos.

Cancel Charged Attack into Normal Attack

This method is similar to the previous one, but in reverse. Instead of cancelling normal attacks, we cancel the charged attack into normal attack, to charge an additional charged attack very quickly. This cost uses some stamina, but only 50% of the time, so it’s safe to pull it off, if we have high stamina. This combo’s not suitable for all situations, because some enemies will fly away after the first charged attack. It’s more suited for larger single target enemies who get knocked down in the first charged attack, so we can hammer them with as much damage as possible while they’re down.

It goes as follows: Press and hold your attack button, then before animation ends, release and press once quickly, then press and hold, and so on.

Low Plunging Attack

This one is a surprisingly strong attack that many people sleep on. The plunging attack typically is when you are flying high in air and press attack, so the character plunges down with their weapon, dealing AOE damage. Klee is the same as every other character, but due to being a very short character, she can do this from very low heights. She can use any tiny difference in elevation to make her plunge attack into enemies. Even taking one step on the stairs is enough to do a plunge attack. It have bigger AOE, and better damage multiplier from her charged attack, and doesn’t consume stamina. So while shorter characters may have drawbacks such as needing to swim in shallow waters, they can take advantage of their short stature in combat.

This sums up all of the ways to utilize Klee normal, charged, and plunging attack. A final note is that you don’t have to master all of them to become good Klee player. You can stick to whatever you find easiest and more fun, I just wanted to showcase all the ways to improve your damage and performance with amazing Klee.

Klee The Short Fuse Talent Skills


This attack sends a bomb towards enemies from a short distance, that have a very unique combo pattern. First, Klee will throw a small bomb from her left hand, then she will throw another from her right hand, then she twirls around and throws a much larger bomb. Klee’s Attack speed isn’t that fast to begin with, and her third attack causes a high delay before attacking. It also causes another delay before Klee can start another combo, which turns off most players from her normal attack. However, it’s not the sole way of playing her, there are creative ways to turn Klee into a machine gun!

Her charged attack hits hard in a small AOE, and causes a really heavy impact that can knock back smaller enemies, and knock down larger enemies. To measure how impactful is it, compare it to the 4th hit of a Claymore combo. The Claymore knocks back small enemies on the 4th hit, but is not able to knock down a Hilichurl Chieftain. Klee knocks them down if they have no shield. Her passive Sparkling Burst causes critical hits with her charged attack to regenerate Energy for the whole party. This entices us to build around her charged attacks.

Note that both Klee’s attacks, normal and charged, are considered explosions. Therefore, she can blow fish out of the water, mine any mineral, and cause a Shatter reaction on frozen enemies. This way you can effectively use Klee for open world exploration and general activity.

Jumpy Dumpty

When throwing, Jumpy Dumpty bounces thrice, igniting and dealing AoE Pyro DMG with every bounce. On the third bounce, the bomb splits into many mines. The mines will explode upon contact with enemies, after a short period of time, or when a second Jumpy Dumpty is thrown, dealing AoE Pyro DMG.

The Elemental skill has two charges by default, and can either be used in rapid succession, or separately. It’s all about doing more Pyro damage on enemies every 20 seconds. It’s also a good idea to leave lay mines behind enemies first, then knock them back with charged attack into these mines. But note that these mines always ruin any elemental reactions you have planned. There are so many, and they all can hit the frozen enemy you you want to deal heavy melt damage upon. Their damage multiplier is smaller, so they waste a good opportunity to deal massive charged attack damage in their stead. However, they are a good crowd control tool, and they make Klee a little more safe.

Sparks ‘n’ Splash

Klee’s Elemental Burst is Sparks ‘n’ Splash, which is a great single target DPS. For the duration of this ability, continuously summon Sparks ‘n’ Splash to attack nearby enemies, dealing AoE Pyro DMG. It has a specific number of hits, and if you only have a single target, then they will all hit him. Switching Klee out will cancel the skill, with no energy refund. So when you use it, be prepared to stay with Klee, as it be active for 10 seconds. It’s always better to charge Diona’s Elemental Skill before doing so, as you will have her shield for the longer duration, as you need to stay on Klee.

Klee The short fuse Party Composition

Genshin Impact has a unique playstyle that depends on switching characters, and chaining combos across these characters. So a solid part of Klee’s build is knowing which characters will accompany her, and what roles they will play. In this section, I’ll fill you in on some of the best characters that synergise well with this build. I’ll only use Four Star characters here, to make sure it’s achievable for free to play players.


Diona provides a crucial shield with her elemental Skill, to help klee stand her ground while charging her attack. Interrupts in Genshin Impact are very annoying, and can be dangerous, so having a shield to counter it is always good. It’s a good way to have shields without dedicating one character with a Geo element. Getting Diona was easier to gain from the recent Childe banner during November, so you could get her and some of her constellations open.

In this party, we will build Diona for support, and support only. She’s also good with other Cryo characters to provide Klee with a Critical Rate modifier


We need HP, and more HP. As both her healing with Elemental Burst, and shields with Elemental Skill scale with HP. So we need HP as the main stat on everything, it’s way better than the healing bonus, or anything else.


sacrificial-bow-bows-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideAs Klee’s attack value doesn’t matter, we need an Energy Recharge Bow for Diona. Both Favonius Warbow and Sacrificial Bow are good at that, but Sacrificial Bow is far superior due to the ability to reset Elemental Skill cooldown. Diona’s skill hits twice if pressed, and 5 times on charged, so the 40% chance to reset CD on un-refined Sacrificial Bow is close to 100% chance. It’s great to switch to Klee with a shield on, knowing there’s another shield ready if this one takes too much damage. So if you get lucky and gain a Sacrificial Bow, your Diona is twice as strong.

You don’t need to level up a Bow for Diona, as a low level Bow will do just fine, save your resources for other characters.


As a pure support, the healing from Maiden Beloved is just sufficient. Or you could go one step up with Noblesse Oblige. But I’d recommend prioritizing Artifacts with HP as the main stat over the set bonus. The set bonus while a nice bonus at that, we’ll focus more on her shields, and there’s no way for the set bonus to increase her shields. Even the bonus from Retracing Bolide doesn’t carry over to other characters after switching, so it’s useless on Diona. Just stick with the best HP artifacts, and she will do her job nicely.


Our second Pyro character is none other than Bennett. We focus on his Elemental Burst, which creates an Inspiration Field. The Inspiration Field inflicts all enemies with Pyro, and interacts with characters depending on their percentage HP. If a character has less than 70% HP, it heals them with the same amount based on Bennett‘s Max HP. If characters get their HP higher than 70%, they gain an Attack Buff, based on Bennett‘s Attack.

We can build Bennett as another support, a backup heal, and backup damage buff. He’s available to purchase with 34  Masterless Starglitter from Paimon’s Bargains, if you don’t roll him. If you don’t have enough Masterless Starglitter, or prioritize getting a weapon for Klee from the shop, use Amber instead, and build her as Energy recharge battery.


Contrary to previous belief, Bennett‘s attack buff only scales with his Base Attack, rather than total Attack.  Base Attack of any character comes from exclusive two sources, character base attack from leveling up and ascending characters, and base weapon attack, from leveling up and ascending weapons. So none of the Artifacts affects this stat.

It took the community some time and testing to figure this one out, and the result is having Bennett lean more on HP and Energy Recharge, rather than Attack. So that’s how we will build our Bennett, all out on HP.


favonius-greatsword-claymore-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideSame as Diona, we need an Energy recharge weapon for Bennett. Both four stars, Favonius Sword and Sacrificial Sword are great for the job. It does more damage and healing for the entire party if his Elemental Burst is up on cooldown, and Energy Recharge is great for this. If you can’t find four stars weapon, just use the three star weapon Skyrider Sword, as it has Energy Recharge as well, and better than any pure damage sword.


If you don’t use Noblesse Oblige on Diona, use it on Bennett. Otherwise, use The Exile to have Energy Regeneration for the entire party. Stick with HP main stats as much as possible, and get Energy Recharge where applicable.


Kaeya is guaranteed to join your party after doing the quest Crash Course during The Outlander Who Caught the Wind Prologue Chapter. He’s the easiest Cryo character to get, so we will be using him from the get go. We need a second Cryo character for the Elemental Resonance, so we will stick with him.

Kaeya‘s a melee character, using a sword type weapon. His elemental skill deals a small Cryo area of effect, with a short cooldown. If you got a duplicate Kaeya from Wishes in any banner, his first Constellation Excellent Blood is extremely good. It grants 15% Crit rate over the 15% Crit rate from Elemental Resonance, giving him total 40% Crit Rate with zero investment. That affects Normal hits against enemies affected by the Cryo or Frozen status effects, so we need to build his physical damage and rely of normal attacks.

Having him in your party, decreases all party members’ sprinting Stamina consumption by 20%. A huge factor in our exploration team, and goes very well with Klee’s ability to see specialties on the map.

Building Kaeya as DPS

Kaeya can be good DPS substitute for Klee on enemies that are immune to Pyro (a.k.a Pyro slimes, Pyro Regressive, and Pyro flowers). With a Physical Crit build, he can outperform many physical builds, simply because of his high damage modifier on his normal attacks. Kaeya normal attacks have 85~140% multiplier at skill level 7, which is considered highest modifier for swords. While a five stars character like Keqing have 64.9~106% multiplier on her normal attacks at same level. And Jean have 76.4~125% modifier.

So Kaeya with one Constellation can have very strong normal attack, that competes with five star characters. If we are building this party for the second team in Spiral Abyss, it’s a good idea to have him ready to do some damage. Even if played as a pure support, he’s there to apply Cryo to enemies, which doesn’t contradict with building him for damage.


For all purposes, Kaeya can entertain Attack and Critical damage stats, even as support. His elemental Burst persists after switching characters, so it’s beneficial for it to deal some damage anyway. Energy Recharge is a good fit for secondary stats if you go DPS, and primary stat if you go support. Kaeya has a natural high Energy Recharge from Ascension, so his Elemental Burst will likely be ready before anyone else in party. You need Physical Damage if you are going for a DPS build.


prototype-rancour-sword-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideThe choice of weapon for Kaeya depends on how much you are willing to spend on a secondary niche DPS. If you have the resources, then surely optimize his weapon and level it up. Otherwise, you will likely leave this and focus on more important areas.

I recommend using the free weapon Prototype Rancour. You’re not only going to get a copy for free, but you can craft other copies to refine it for more damage and Def. It provides Physical damage multiplier, and a small Attack buff after you’ve attacked few times. Overall a good melee weapon for all purposes. However, if you got The Flute from a random wish, it could also be used for more AOE damage


The Scholar is a good support Set to recharge Energy for the the party, not just the characters equipping it. All characters using Bow and Catalyst weapons will get some Energy when Kaeya gains Energy, so you get both Klee and Diona covered.

If you focus with Kaeya on dps, then use Martial Artist four pieces, or mix it with the Berserker set.

For main stats, get Attack, Physical Damage, Critical Damage, on Timepiece, Goblet, and Headpiece in order for Maximum damage. And for sub-stats, look for more Crit, Attack, and Energy Recharge.

Hopefully you have gotten a better idea of how to build Klee with this build. Be sure to check our more Genshin Impact Builds and for everything else check out our Genshin Impact wiki.

Genshin Impact is available to play on PC, iOS, Android and PS4. If you enjoyed this Genshin Impact Guide be sure to check out more on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more guides for Genshin Impact 1.1, and be sure to not miss our Genshin Impact Getting Started Guide, as well as our Razor The Incredible Wolf  Guide – Free To Play Guide.

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2 responses to “Genshin Impact Build: Klee The Short Fuse – Free To Play Guide”

  1. Overload is less damage than Melt or vaporize, and it pushes enemies away. And it’s totally different build.
    Beidou support is nice for normal attack playstyle, (her ult proc only on normal and not charged attack) so I surely wouldn’t use “Wandering troupe” , and might consider “crimson Witch” in that case.

    I’d also swap the Ice (Cryo) unit in your team for a Hydro unit, or a second Electro.
    Cryo + Electro = superconduct, which reduce enemy PHY resistance, and totally useless for Klee.
    Hydro + Electro = Electrocharged, which is just good damage and help regenerate electro particles.

    The best Hydro support would be Xingque, because his ultimate works like Beidou , and attack every time with normal attacks. (check my Razor guide for in-depth explanation of how he work with Electrocharged).. Also he would allow Klee to do more vaporize damage as well. it will alternate between clashing reactions, but it’s still good damage.

  2. Hey, sweet guide I like the catalyst help a lot been mulling over what would be best for her. My only qualm is what about the fire witch set for her I tried wondering and few others for her but I found I was getting about 10% more damage with my buffed charge attacks with the fire witch 4 set then I use the fire crown as my 5th to reduce any self harm while running around seems to happen a ton lol. But I run 2 pyro 1 electro and 1 ice for harder abyss and such the electro I use is Betto for her ult makes Klee an overloading killing machine.

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