Genshin Impact: 10 Best Characters to Level to 90 Guide

Genshin Impact: 10 Best Characters to Level to 90 Guide

In this Genshin Impact 10 Best Characters to Level to 90 Guide, I’m going to discuss the top 10 Characters in the game, that’s worth leveling beyond 80, up to 90. This is not intended as a tier list, nor a character power ranking but rather giving advice on resource management, and a way to maximize the output of your daily Resin. Due to the massive spike in the number of resources needed to level each character from 80 to 90; and the fact that most characters gain a very negligible amount of damage increase from the very last ten character levels; it’s highly advised to get the final “Ascension”, but not level these characters past that.

That’s not true for every single character though, so this list is meant to narrow down which characters are really worth maxing. If you’ve been looking for whom to spend your very last resources on, then this Genshin Impact Guide is for you!

Genshin Impact: 10 Best Characters to Level to 90 Guide

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This is a continuation of the “Top/Best” series of guides, starting with 10 Best Talents To Crown Guide. These are all meant to help new and older players alike on saving resources, as well as helping to make clear where to spend.

All characters use the same leveling materials in the form of experience books. The amount required to level a character all the way from zero to level 80 is 244  Hero’s Wit, 11 Adventurer’s Experience, and 8 Wanderer’s Advice. You aren’t spending them in one go, as you have to level up your adventure rank (account level) first. However, to get one character from level 80 to level 90, you need a whopping 171 Hero’s Wit. These books can level entirely new characters from zero to 70, or level two characters from 70 to 80, and then some. This renders the decision of leveling any character to 90 difficult.

Experience books are not the only resource you spend, leveling up characters though, as you also need Mora. Precisely 684,800 Mora to level one character from 80 to 90. Between Mora and Experience books, you need roughly 5 days worth of Resin. These days, you mostly spend Resin all on straight farming Leylines, not doing weekly bosses, world bosses, nor artifact domains.

So it’s very costly, and in most cases, not very rewarding. As for characters that scale mostly with the Attack stat, they only gain around 10~20 flat Attack by leveling to 90. This is straight-up a waste of resources unless the character has something else to gain from leveling. This guide is intended to enlighten you as to which special characters gain this small edge from max level compared to others. Note that these characters don’t have to be a better main DPS or carry than others.


There’s only one reason why Venti deserves to be chosen to spend resources to level to 90, and that’s to maximize Elemental Reaction damage. Venti is an Anemo character, who happens to absorb one additional element and keeps applying both Anemo + chosen element in rapid succession. Not only that, he has a huge AOE, and can gather enemies for a shotgun effect on AOE reactions. He’s the perfect candidate to go for a full Elemental Mastery build, and maximize damage dealt by transformative reactions. Especially with the fact that Anemo characters can use Viridescent Venerer to shred enemy resistances, to further increase damage.

Transformative reactions don’t scale with character damage or talent level, instead they scale with Elemental Mastery, and character level. Unlike the Attack stat that gets a very little increase in the last ten levels, reactions on the other hand get a significant increase. You don’t have to spend your Resin leveling up Venti’s talents very high but instead focus on Venti’s character level.

Venti is an SSS tier character, and you can put him in several comps. Even in parties with Amplifying reactions for the main DPS; Venti’s own Swirl effect is still transformative, and will scale the same way, adding so much damage to the team. So if you have Venti, he’s the first character who may deserve leveling to 90.

Hu Tao

If you know how Hu Tao scales her damage, this will come as no surprise to you at all. Contrary to the majority of five star, main DPS characters in the game, Hu Tao has a very tiny base Attack stat. That means she scales poorly with Attack stat, and has to use other methods to build up her DPS. That’s no problem, as all of Hu Tao talents scale with maximum HP stat, and have additional scaling when Hu Tao’s current HP drops below 50%.

HP scaling is way more effective than Attack scaling, and Hu Tao‘s best weapon adds another multiplier based on HP. This makes her one of the strongest main DPS characters, with HP/Pyro/Crit build. Considering HP doesn’t start to give diminishing returns until a very high threshold, Hu Tao benefits a lot by leveling up to 90. HP bonus from 80 to 90 is more significant than Attack, so it goes well with her.

With a character who drains her own HP, and plays on the verge of death all the time, having more HP becomes super important for survival, and at level 90 it makes her a bit more resistant to damage as well.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi scales both her healing power and damage with HP stat, which guarantees her slightly a better gain from leveling to 90. Kokomi own damage is not impressive though, and stronger healing is usually not required against toughest encounters in Genshin. So why do I still recommend Leveling Kokomi to 90?

Well, scaling healing was not only important until the recent 2.3 patch in November 2021. What this patch added is a new set that stores both healing and over-healing numbers, and then unleashes it as damage. So healing a team even at 100% health becomes a source to increase damage done, which Kokomi excels at.

Not only that, but Abyss enemies that inflict a Corrosion debuff ignores shields, and drains your entire party health very fast. Now gone are the days of running teams without a healer. You would need a rather strong healer with steady heals, especially on free to play teams that can’t finish floors in one or two rotations. Among all the healers, Kokomi is the one who can find her way into both Meta and none-meta teams, thanks to her Hydro application. Barbara comes close, but Kokomi will always be better, and more versatile.

Recently, new teams that utilize Kokomi emerged, such as Beidou, Wolf Of Land And Sea Build.


One of the characters that got a massive buff in patch 2.3 is Albedo, as he got both a new best weapon, that’s free to play, and new artifact set. Both of these buffs emphasize on increasing Albedo‘s percentage Def, so now, any increase in his base Def yield greater power.

Albedo has one of the highest base Def stats in the game, and Defense in general has better scaling than even %Attack. That way, Albedo becomes one of the highest characters that gain more DPS from leveling up to 90. He relies on his Elemental Skill to deal damage, and doesn’t lean on an Elemental Burst at all. This allows an 100% uptime of his damage, and with Geo resonance, it comes with Geo resistance shred.

Support characters have a broader usage, and Geo ones have an easier time going into teams that don’t rely on reactions. With Geo resonance being one of the strongest in-game elements, you could easily slot two geo characters in many team combinations. Even in ones that use the main DPS from another element. On some occasions you could use Albedo alone, as he buffs Elemental Mastery, doesn’t have a huge Energy requirement, and now adds a stronger AOE DPS.

The only situation where Albedo is hard countered is against the Abyss Mages’ shields as Albedo needs you to deal damage to enemies to proc his Solar Insotoma.


This surely sounds like a surprise for a lot of people, but Xinyan has evolved over time to have five builds: Physical main carry, burst support, pure Def Shield bot, pure EM Overload, And hybrid shield bot/Overload. And among these five builds, three scales better with levels, and can benefit from level 90. Especially the hybrid build, that gives Xinyan both, a stronger shield, and higher Overload damage.

Xinyan is a character that quickly became overlooked as more DPS oriented Pyro characters became preferredred. However, she still has her own niche, where she still fulfils a decent role. By setting up Zhongli as a main carry build, you can utilize Xinyan as a hybrid role, and use Sucrose’s taser using her pure EM build. While in her shield bot role, she sees serious competition with the new character Thoma.

The good thing about Xinyan is that she frees up other Pyro support characters, who are highly demanded in many other teams. She synergizes with Electro characters and Physical characters. With her EM or Def scaling, she gains decent DPS with very easy to get artifacts, being the only character level at 90 to do so.


Another character than can be built to work with an Overload team is Yanfei. She is the ranged counterpart of the Overload Meta, with less caveats compared to Xinyan. Building full Elemental Mastery is one of the options you can take for Yanfei. However, she has several other builds that rely on direct damage, and Crit stats, so the decision to level up Yanfei to 90 or not relies on which build you choose.

Overload is a strong reaction on Yanfei if played in the right way, especially with her playing as the main carry, and being a good driver for both Fischl and Beidou. Or you could build her for the Over-Vaporize variation, where she does both Vaporize and Overload reactions. Usually these teams are meant for AOE purposes, and the true damage comes from shotgun mechanics of Overload. So even if you only see small increase in damage from level 90 on paper, you have to remember that damage is repeated additional number of times.


Similar to Albedo, Noelle scales with the Defense stat, which gained a new buff in version 2.3 of Genshin Impact. However, Noelle lacks the versatility of Albedo. She can’t play support, and she can’t fit in any team that doesn’t have her as a main carry. That limits her usability, plus the huge requirement of having to be at C6 to function.

If you are a Noelle though, and don’t mind playing Geo main DPS, she’s a very competitive damage dealer. Noelle‘s specialty is AOE, but she is still able to clear single target floors such as a single Maguu Kenki boss. She’s a healer, a shielder, main DPS, and a tank all-in-one package. At C6, all her kit scales with Def, so she doesn’t suffer split scaling anymore. This guarantees that leveling her to 90 will always benefit her. Prior to C6 though, I wouldn’t recommend investing much in Noelle.

Finally, Noelle enjoys Geo resonance, while still having two slots open. They can be either used for another resonance, additional reaction, or just two general off-field DPS. Or another option is to even go for a Mono Geo team with four Geo characters. Regardless of how you build your team, Noelle will always build Def stat, and benefit from level 90.

Kaedehara Kazuha

Similar to Venti, the Anemo support Kazuha will always lean towards a full EM build, or rather an ER/EM/EM build, since he has some energy issues that Venti doesn’t have. Depending on the setup, Kazuha can provide a higher buff to allies, and do similar or slightly less swirl damage compared to Venti. He has lower gathering capabilities, so he prefers teams that don’t rely on the shotgun approach too heavily. But in all situations, Kazuha‘s own damage can contribute significantly to team DPS and that justifies leveling him to 90.

Swirl damage is a transformative reaction, that scales with level. So an Anemo character who can infuse other elements, and do off the field damage, will always be favored for leveling to 90.

Kazuha‘s specialty is increasing elemental damage of team members, so he’s desired more in amplifying reaction teams, such as Melt and Vaporize. More importantly, mono Pyro or Electro teams benefit from elemental damage, as they do not benefit from Elemental Mastery, as they don’t do reactions beside swirl.


The third Anemo in this list, and the third four-star character is Sucrose. She has the advantage of not needing any of her talents leveled, so leveling her to 90 is not costly in terms of Resin by any means, but rather, it’s an efficient decision.

Sucrose‘s Anemo, who can infuse another element, and deal damage off-field. Which is all the qualities Kazuha and Venti shares. However, Sucrose has the additional utility of sharing a portion of her own EM with team members. This makes her a better choice for transformative reactions teams, such as Electrocharged, and Overload teams. Or teams that have tons of reactions rather than just the one.

Raiden Shogun

The Electro Archon is a strong support and burst DPS at the same time. She gives a damage multiplier to her team, recharges their energy and does a joint AOE electro attack with them. Neither of her damage multiplier, nor energy sharing gets a benefit from level 90. However, there’s another version of the Raiden build that goes full Elemental Mastery, to capitalize on Electro reactions rather than direct DPS.

This build usually having Raiden as the sole Electro character and have other elements applied more consistently to establish Hydro or Pyro aura. Then Raiden becomes the one proccing either Overload or Electrocharged reactions with her off-field skill.

Overload is an AOE reaction, and Raiden Skill is AOE, so Raiden is capable of proccing Overload on every enemy in the group. That way, every Overload instance does AOE damage to surrounding enemies, meaning damage goes into quadrable scaling. That’s beneficial against huge group of enemies, especially with an Anemo character capable of gathering.

Raiden is not the most popular choice when it comes to Overload, as her talents dps is decent. However, EM build is cheaper, more free to play friendly, and a good answer for crowded floors in Abyss. And it surely deserve leveling Raiden to 90.

So that’s it for the Best Characters to Level to 90 in Genshin Impact 2.3. What did you think of the list? What are your favorite Characters so far? Let us know in the comments below! See what’s coming in Update 2.4 here.

If you enjoyed this Genshin Impact Guide be sure to check out even more info on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more guides and Tier lists. Be sure to not miss our Kaeya & Rosaria Reverse Melt Build. As well as, our 10 Best Talents to Crown Guide for more ideas on how to save your resources, and spend them efficiently.


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