Gaming News – FFXVI DLC, Dragons Dogma 2 Patch, No Rest For The Wicked, The Witcher 4
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Gaming News – FFXVI DLC, Dragons Dogma 2 Patch, No Rest For The Wicked, The Witcher 4

Gaming News for Week 4 of March 2024. This week there were alot of notable titles and studios with some relatively big news, like Final Fantasy 16 announcing the Rising Tide DLC release date, Dragons Dogma 2 confirming patch updates, The Witcher 4 being in development and more. Find out all the latest Gaming News for Week 4 of March 2024 in our article!

Gaming News for Week 2 of March 2024

Final Fantasy XVI Announces “The Rising Tide” New DLC in a Trailer

Square Enix has announced that the upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy XVI, titled “The Rising Tide,” will be available for PlayStation 5 starting April 18.

The news was revealed at the end of a game panel held at the PAX East fair, where the premise of the DLC’s story was introduced: “An unmarked letter arrives at the hideout with a very curious request: the Dominant of Leviathan, Eikon of Water lost long ago, needs to be rescued,” reads the description accompanying the new trailer, which can be seen above.

Unlike the previous DLC, which already included battles, weapons, accessories, new levels, and more, The Rising Tide is a larger expansion in which Clive and his companions travel to Mysidia, a land hidden under a blue sky, where they will discover the tragic story of a forgotten village.

It is worth remembering that the game by Square Enix was fully planned, so its base game already offers a content-filled experience. However, since alot of players demanded it , Creative Business Unit III’s prepared these DLCs, which are expected to be the only ones the game will receive.

This new content will be priced at $19.99, however, it will be part of the game’s expansion pass available on the PlayStation Store for $24.99, which also includes Echoes of the Fallen, the expansion released last December.

Sworn, The Coop Roguelike, is Coming to Consoles and PC This Year

Windwalk Games and Team17 Digital have announced Sworn, an upcoming co-op action rogue-like launching on PC and consoles, also available to play in closed playtest.

Set in the heart of Arthurian legends, players will team up in a fallen Camelot under the control of a corrupted King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

You’ll be able to play with up to four-player co-op, battle Arthur’s corrupted forces in deadly biomes, upgrade abilities with over 200 unique Blessings of the Fae, and take enemy upgrades and knowledge beyond death to progress further each run, ultimately, reaching Camelot and slaying King Arthur himself.

Swear loyalty to the Fae Lords and choose from over 200 unique blessings to unlock their full potential. A beautifully designed cosmic world: Experience the charming hand-drawn world of Arthurian legend that brings Sworn to life.

You can combine the blessings of the Fae Lords with unique characters, weapons, and abilities to create thousands of configurations on the journey to become an experienced knight.

Those eager to take up arms against King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table can apply to participate in the closed beta test through the link in our article. For now, it’s only known that it will arrive later this year.

Capcom Announces First Patch for Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has already been released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The highly anticipated title is finally here, but its reception has been polarizing with some praising the vast open world and some criticising various aspects of the game, such as the singular save file, the performance, missing graphical options and alot more. 

The thousands of criticisms that Capcom has received have had an effect, and the company has spoken out. The new update will include a bunch of fixes targeted at some criticisms. We already covered this in a recent video, so we’ll just read out the list of updates for all platforms:

Updates for all platforms (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam)

  • Adding the option to start a new game when there are existing save data.
  • Changing the number of “Art of Metamorphosis” items available in pawn guilds in the game to 99.
  • Making the mission that allows players to acquire their own home (where they can save and rest) available earlier in the game.
  • Various text display fixes. Various bug fixes. Updates for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S Adding the option* to enable/disable Motion Blur in Options.
  • Adding the option* to enable/disable Ray Tracing in Options.
  • Adding the option to adjust frame rate speed to Variable or Max 30fps in Options. *These options will not significantly affect frame rate speed. Frame rate speed improvements are planned for future updates.
  • Updates for Steam
  • Improving quality when DLSS Superresolution is enabled.
  • Fixing an issue where models appeared with low quality in specific settings.

Currently, there is no set deadline for the release for the various updates. Capcom assured that it will come in the short term to address some of the game’s shortcomings in its early days on the market.

No Rest For The Wicked Launches on April at a Special Price

No Rest for the Wicked, the Action Role-Playing Game from Moon Studios and Private Division, is set to launch on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 5pm BST in Early Access on PC via Steam. 

During the first two weeks following its Early Access launch, No Rest for the Wicked will be available at a special introductory price of $31.99 on Steam. Additionally, Private Division will collaborate with various streamers and content creators on an affiliate program for the game. Through these partnerships, players can enjoy an additional $4 off the special introductory price when purchasing through the affiliate link, resulting in a reduced price of $27.99 for the first two weeks. After this initial period, the game will be priced at $39.99.

No Rest for the Wicked seems to be taking a different direction to Will of the Wisps with a much more dark and mature theme as well as shifting into an animated 3D style, a similar situation to Morbid: Lords of Ire. We recently did a first impressions video around a month ago, so if you are interested in the gameplay, you can check it out on our channel.

Microsoft Lays Off 1,900 Activision and Blizzard Employees

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, speaks about the Activision layoffs and confirms that it was necessary for the company “because it’s a business that has to be profitable.”

Microsoft and Xbox started 2024 by announcing massive layoffs, joining the wave of layoffs in the industry due to not meeting exaggerated expectations set in recent years. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, spoke about the issue and explained the reasons, stating that Activision was already planning the layoffs before it was acquired by Microsoft, even when it operated independently from the latter. Also, the changes in the industry regarding the increase in the cost of game development has also played a role in the situation

Phil Spencer officially stated the following:  “we’re a business. I can’t afford to run a business that’s not profitable and growing within Microsoft. I reflect on friends of mine who have been displaced and lost their jobs, and I don’t want this industry to be a place where people can’t confidently build a career. So that’s why I keep looking back: How can this industry grow again? For us as Xbox or any of the teams out there, what we’re experiencing is really the result of an industry that isn’t growing, but can and will grow again. However, the implications have a human impact, and we should all reflect on that and think about it”.

With that, Phil Spencer seems to have made it clear that this wave of layoffs is due to a general restructuring of the gaming industry.

Sega Europe lays off 240 employees

Staying on that topic, President Jurgen Post notified layoffs which will affect around 240 employees of Sega Europe, Creative Assembly, and a small number at Hardlight. At the moment, it appears that Sports Interactive studios , Two Point Studios and Amplitude have not been affected.

According to Jurgen Post, the layoffs are necessary “to ensure the future of our business.”, and “these decisions are incredibly difficult to make and follow careful consideration with the management team.”

“We need to organize ourselves, focus on what we are good at, and position ourselves as best we can for the future. To achieve this, we must respond to the changing economic situation and the challenges we face as we develop and launch our products to the market.”

The new wave of layoffs at Sega Europe comes after a rather turbulent year in the Japanese company’s division. In May 2023, 121 employees were laid off from Relic Entertainment (the studio that has now become independent), in September, Hyenas at Creative Assembly was canceled (which resulted in some layoffs in its development team), and at the end of the year, there were controversies with the releases of Total War: Pharaoh and the Total War: Warhammer III DLC.

Throne and Liberty Sets Closed Beta For April

Amazon Games and NCSOFT have announced a new stage in the development of Throne and Liberty, a highly anticipated MMO coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.

The closed beta will allow a select group of players to immerse themselves in the world of Solisium to experience firsthand the game’s new features, including significant improvements in character progression, combat, and the introduction of the game’s auction house. Unlike previous tests, this version will not have a level cap, thus offering a broader and more complete experience.

The launch of this closed beta is scheduled to begin on April 10 at 22:00 CEST (20:00 UTC) and will conclude on April 17 at the same time. Interested individuals must register before April 2 to be eligible for an invitation.

The game features challenging bosses, extensive dungeons, guild battles for territorial control and loot, as well as many other activities. If you’ve been itching for a new MMO, I recommend checking this out

Earthblade, The New Game From The Creators of Celeste and TowerFall, Has Been Delayed

Extremely OK Games, The team behind Celeste announced a “2D exploration” game in 2021 called Earthnlade, and introduced it with a trailer in December 2022 during The Game Awards, with an approximate release date for 2024.

However, in a statement, studio director Maddy Thorson confirmed that they will not be able to meet that date, even though they had hoped to announce a more defined release around this time.

“First off, we have to face the music: this game isn’t coming out in 2024,” wrote Thorson. “We would have liked to have a firm release date announced by now, but that’s not in the cards yet. We know this will be disappointing to many of you, and we’re sorry.”

The team has grown with the arrival of Kyle Pulver, an independent game designer (and Towerfall world champion, also directed by Thorson) who has worked on games like Depict1 and Offspring Fling. According to Maddy, their intention is for Extremely OK Games not to grow too much so they can iterate ideas quickly.

“Kyle quickly came to us with a big idea that scared everyone involved. But it was clear he wasn’t here to derail the project,” Thorson said. “He’s working with us to identify and find solutions to our vision and the issues preventing our game from realizing that vision. Plus, his fresh eyes inspired us all to look at things differently.”

Extremely OK Games hasn’t been idle though, as they released the free spin-off Celeste 64 earlier this year to celebrate the game’s sixth anniversary.

CD Projekt RED Places The Witcher 4 as Its Top Priority

The Polish company, CD Projekt RED, has shown that the vast majority of its development team is focused on the new instalment of the successful series The Witcher.

As shown in its latest fiscal balance talk of 2023, the Polish company revealed that at the moment, most of its efforts are focused on the development of The Witcher 4, the next instalment of its popular fantasy RPG series born in 2007.

With Cyberpunk 2077 already established as a strong game with a limited amount of DLC that could arrive in the future, CD Projekt RED has disclosed the exact number of developers assigned to each project. In the graph which was part of the fiscal call, 403 out of the company’s 627 developers are currently working on the development of The Witcher 4.

In 2022, CD Projekt RED had stated that the game still had at least three years of work left. Therefore, in the most optimistic scenario, the game could be released in  2025. However, in recent times, speculation has already begun that The Witcher 4 could arrive as late as 2026 or even 2027.

Wuthering Waves Has a Release Date on PC and Mobile

Wuthering Waves has become one of the most anticipated mobile games, also available on other gaming platforms and being hailed as the Genshin Killer.

This game is being developed by Kuro Games, the creators of titles like Punishing: Gray Raven. After several closed betas and a lot of user feedback, an official release date has finally been revealed for Wuthering Waves in their recent live stream. They talked about the significant changes and improvements made to the game based on all the comments, suggestions, and feedback they received after the last closed beta, as well as the release date at the end of the stream; May 22, 2024. This means that in almost two months, we will be able to delve into this fantastic world and get the full experience of the incredibly anticipated RPG.

However, Wuthering Waves is not seeking to replicate everything Genshin Impact does but instead aims to have its own identity through a visually stunning game that also integrates new mechanics and wild gameplay, reminiscent of their other mobile game, Punishing: Gray Raven.

Wuthering Waves will be available on all of the most popular platforms, so you can enjoy it from any device. Additionally, it has also been confirmed that it will have official crossplay support, and it will feature the ability to transfer progress between devices, thus facilitating the experience of being able to play and continue your game from any smart device. And all of this for free! Definitely a game to look out for.

So that’s about it for this week’s news, if you’re interested in supporting a channel, be sure to leave a comment, let us know what you think about all the news, and check out our VIP subscription on the website for some exclusive supporter benefits. We will be seeing you next week!

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