The Future is “Rust” – Officially Launching Next Month

The Future is “Rust” – Officially Launching Next Month

Facepunch Studios’ Rust is leaving Early Access soon, despite its rather lengthy stay of 3 years. The game was first released (in its Early Access form) in December 2013, and on February 8th we will finally see Rust Version 1.0. Players have been assured that despite Facepunch moving on to their next project, Rust will see updates and improvements to the game. However, these updates will be scaled back from weekly to monthly and in addition, the game will be divided into 2 versions:

  • Main Branch – Monthly tested updates with smaller irregular hotfixes between them.
  • Staging Branch – Daily updates and bleeding edge.

Statement From Facepunch

“Finally, a big thank you from the whole team to everyone that helped us out during Early Access.

Thanks to all the people that have reported and patiently helped us reproduce bugs. All the people that have made gameplay suggestions, spotted imbalances and expressed their opinions. Thanks to all the people that have reported cheaters, given us access to private cheats or pointed out exploits in our code. Thanks to all the people that have made new skins and gamemodes for the game, allowing other players to enjoy the game even more. Thanks to all the server admins that have spent their money and time to rent and administrate servers for the benefit of other players. Thanks to all the youtubers, streamers and comic makers, who have entertained millions of players outside of the game.

Thanks to everyone that took the risk by buying our Early Access game. It hasn’t always been the most stable, optimized, balanced experience – but we hope you don’t feel like we’ve let you down.

Thank you for making our game better.”

Rust’s price will be increasing from $19.99 to $34.99 upon release, so players on the fence about the game should purchase it now to avoid the price increase.





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