Free to Play Co-Op RPG Dauntless Announced

At tonight’s Game Awards, Phoenix Labs, a studio comprised of former Blizzard, BioWare and Riot members unveiled their new game, Dauntless. It’s a free to play RPG on PC that takes inspiration from Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. Check out the launch trailer above.

The game is a 4 player cooperative adventure where players take on the roles of Slayers. They craft powerful weapons and travel the world’s floating islands, hunting down monsters and other enemies. Killing their foes allows them to craft even better weapons and items.

Check out some screens below and keep checking back with us for more!



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3 comments on “Free to Play Co-Op RPG Dauntless Announced”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    This looks rather interesting, and coming from former Bioware team members it could have some throwback elements. Color me intrigued!

  2. Avatar Emergence says:

    *Gets out Intrigue colored crayon*

  3. Avatar Emergence says:

    Anyone interested in the beta can register on their website here:” rel=”nofollow

    It was down last night at announcment but seems to be working ok now. :)

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