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Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide: Ghost Wire Build which uses the Monowire and Stealth to dispatch enemies, while also excelling in melee. If you cannot figure out how to use the Monowire effectively in Cyberpunk, then check out this Build!

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Love the monowire. Went Toxic with it, though. Didn't put much into body at all, mostly cool. Cold blood and poison nodes. Hacking and stealth accentuate it well. Using the deck that spreads quickhacks to additional targets and contagion. Mop up with the wire.


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Love the monowire. Went 18 Int/20 Cool/20 Tech with it. Took a ton of Cold Blood and Poison perks. Also heavy on crafting. Got the deck that hits multiple targets with your quickhacks too. Equip the toxic mod on the monowire. Sneak in, Cast contagion, then mop up with the monowire. Harder fights, just hit them while crouched with the monowire and duck behind something. The poison finishes them off fast. Couple of bosses were hard as they zipped around faster than me, but not too bad. Beat the game on Very Hard with the build.
It should be noted that charge attacks do not work with the Ninjutsu perk. Personally I spent a good portion of the first part of Act 2 wondering if my Monowire was bugged because I was doing very little damage with charged crouch attacks using this build. The first time I let a quick R2 tap fly I one shot the guy in front of me and got Street Brawler and Stealth progress